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The uncertainties that divorce hope,
A nun's prayer of guilt
And the absolution of sins be-glorified by a Pope,
Rosary & water for sprinkle
A sermon shared at mass,
A wholesale of faith twinkle.

I know I left you wanting all for it last night
And it's such a shame,
How I poorly but paltry performed to your fierce delight

You were all hot and glittering,Then I doused the flame
Producing a woefully 45 seconds quickie game
I wasn't fortified, and failed to ****** thru them" tight

Behind my walls of guilt, I lay a self-fight
Why didn't you moan nor call-right my name?
I know your friends know, and I sense their spite

The name taggings! Oh how my shame rises to fame.
Beaten, bruised, brushed _ diminished
Tossed, turned, tainted and blemished
But for you and I
He had to go over his limits
Became lowest and his powers denied
Such a rare love from the start to the minute
And a passion so pure till he FINISHED!!!
It needs to go viral. It's a sermon on its own
love !
keep loving
tell your heart desire!
has no mouth
but speaks for its self.
love ! soft love
you will get,
but try harder,
and the real love you will get.
Poetry was a young Bride
Blindfolded only to bath
In a bouquet of bellflowers and an emerald of bracelets
Built for bloom, and built to bring bliss to her groom
But now it's born and baptized in belligerency,
Like a bag of bullets ready for ****** battles
breaking bridges and  burning the old barbaric norm,
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