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Taylor Adcock Nov 2016
Music is a powerful thing.
     She laid, hoping to sleep.
She had her headphones in.
     The music took her somewhere
No dream could.
The sounds, the lyrics,
      Each flowing directly to he drums,
Took her away from the world
For just long enough
So that she'd feel
Overwhelming joy.
Taylor Adcock Nov 2016
You invited me out
With your best friend.

I rejected because I only
Wanted to hang out
With you.

You stopped texting me.
I assumed you got high.

In return, I got drunk.
I stumbled into the shower,
And the memories flooded
Into my mind.

This is the type of relationship
I fear the most.
  Nov 2016 Taylor Adcock
Matthew Goff
Kiss clash and love sparks
Explode old philosophy
Claw the new romance
Sad in the branches
It’s just rainy day writing
Tears are flying birds

© Matthew Goff
Taylor Adcock Apr 2016
I look back.
A dad, a sister, a brother, a mom.
Moving five, seven, no, thirteen times.
A father gone,
A sister to school.
Another stepdad,
No three boyfriends.
Of all, two criminals.

I look back more.
Three, four, school districts.
You promised one final.
Promise not kept.

I’m sixteen.
My first car, breaks.
My second car, breaks.
My third car, Mom breaks.

One, three, four attempts.

I break; But looking back
It could have been worse.
No dad, no mom;
Just brother and sister.

At least I have three.
I wrote this when my mother was struggling with depression. Every day she would yell at me, and say all she wanted to do was **** herself. Right after an attempt on herself, this poem was written. I keep it to remind me of the dark before the light. She is doing much better now.
  Mar 2016 Taylor Adcock
paint me
persuade me

touch me
degrade me

crown my smitten soul
mark me muse worthy

so i may be ridden
of your ruthless romance
cast queen upon your
rose quartz heart
Taylor Adcock Mar 2016
Write one line at a time.
Don't stress.
You'll come back with better ideas.
Or maybe sometimes,
it is best to leave
After talking to a friend of mine who is a song writer, he gave me this advice. And I have loved it and lived by it since.
  Jan 2016 Taylor Adcock
Blue Flask
Ironic isn't it
The eyes looking back today
We're the same eyes I hate to look at
Ones filled with anger
With a hatred for those living
Harsh eyes
The smooth lines sharpening
The bags growing just a bit darker
More pronounced
The scowl slowly becoming permanent
I can't even say I wish this would stop
Because I didn't see it until the gallows
We're upon me
The noose drawn around my neck
You never notice the things you wish you never did
Until it's far to late
To even wish to change them
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