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Let us not trade perfection
Let's exchange our flaws
and I will fall in love
with what you really are.

With what you have lost
In the dead of the past
With what you are missing
At this moment's blessing

There is crack in everything
That is how the light gets in.

Then I Questioned myself to my disappointments...

Does she even exist?
the mind has set expectations and limits of what beauty  is
but the heart has none of that
the heart only recognises the language of goodness and love!
just saying
Dear Unsaid Words

Please don't bury me alive!

I bent
I broke
I hid

To level with your

defined by
my flaws,

my imperfections.
If you were absolutely perfect, Would you even bother to even think of working on your flaws..filling the cracks...melding the pieces? What would that make you? Would you grow?
Why do people 'FALL' in love?

Love should't be something you fall in and fall out from

Or is it some sort of mistake in 'wordplay?'

If it is, isn't that a terrible one?
For words and words are the sublime "hope that will save us."

Shouldn't one 'RISE' in love?
Shouldn't you 'RISE' in love?

Seems to me a reasonable question to ask ourselves
Before going out there and trying to
'Fall' yet again
For someone or for OURSELVES.

We are not some 'season'
Defined by a mere rotation of curvature.
We are blood and brains...

Would it be so unpleasant if we tried and lived a little, lived in love, rising in it each day?
live a little! Rise in love, don't fall!
  6d Himaanshh
So much time has passed
Yet so little life has been lived
Oh how life's changed to now
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