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hannah Jun 5
there are flowers inside that decay
wither, in the month of may
even as the new bloom arises,
the abyss settles, and within
a bleak abomination of incarnation.
hannah May 15
‪it physically hurts‬
‪feeling the love of your life ‬
‪rattling in your bones ‬
‪yet you don’t even know their name.
hannah May 13
i fell and refused to stand up
i cannot take more of this beating
i refuse to live as a creature under a shoe
do the bruises sickening you with desire?
my fragile casket rotting your redemption,
at your knees, an intruder and saint,
you took everything from me.

i fell and refuse to stand up
i died so you didn’t have to
the crippling burning in my lungs
has set an ablaze within me that i cannot control—
that rage isn’t mine.
at my feet, blisters turn upright,
and the glint in their irony shatters my soul.

i fell and refuse to stand up
the shadows, collapsing my chest,
suffocating with pleasure,
can laugh without no consequence.
the gods were at my throat,
screaming ****** !
when i cut my lip on a blue moon night
oh ! how i felt happiness that i had so craved —
and so desperately lost.

i fell and refuse to stand up
may the gods reign !
in rejoice ! i become a shell of nothingness
sweet sweet divinity, unsettling inches away
one more breath of poison,
i shall be forever undone,
the taste of my own tears
such like a delicate petal decaying, withering
a back broke,
paying for the sins inflicted upon me
the taste of cruelty at my tongue
with each lie i splutter:
the gods who mock my agony

i fell and refuse to stand up
i cannot dare lift my head
the shadows are so pretty
yet their secrets bite with envy
and i will succumb to their dreadful acts of mercy

i fell and refuse to stand up
i am a puppet, a fraud, a tool  
i am sick with sadness,
and the heart i have slain is barren,
and empty— loneliness ! it’s only inhibitor.
hannah Mar 29
forget it all.
forget those words.
let them be buried under the snow, forgotten.
only leave footprints as a reminder of what was there.
please please please

the sound of a camera,
and the crackling of— a heart?
how it drove a wedge between galaxies,
could’ve sworn the ice cracked,
a harsh reality shining in the sun’s glow—
surely, is wasn’t that doom, was it?

dark rings under heavy eyes,
chapped lips, "stay a memory",
"it will be bitter", sad eyes whispers,
constellations shattering,
erupting with dead cherry blossoms,
saturn had died when the window broke it’s latch.
hannah Feb 21
i have breathed all your lies
cut my throat a thousand times
saw the devil in your eyes.

you’re a metaphor for lust
destructive, poisonous;
cruelty cut your down,
a piece nothingness for now.

hit my head with those words
aching heart now turned to dust.
hannah Feb 15
perhaps i’ll just long for you, forever,
and perhaps, i’ll die with decaying flowers,
knowing to love me, and to leave me,
must had only been a moment for you.
hannah Feb 13
i write
to rid
pain of
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