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Jude Aug 2020
I can’t seem to fall in love with anyone else.

How do you do it so easily?
Jude Jul 2020
She has everything you loved about me.
She’s everything you did to me.
Jude Jul 2020
I found peace in your violence
Jude Jul 2020
I loved you.
but you didn’t know what to do with that...
Jude Jun 2020
2x cancer survivor...can never have children

Meets the love of my life...he’s a depressed alcoholic

Welp, that’s life
Jude May 2020
It’s been 3 years.

We’ve become strangers.

I’m still in love with you.
Jude Jun 2019
Try to help only to get hurtful words.
Walks away, two months past.
You come and it’s like a never ending cycle.

When will I stop letting you hurt me in this never ending cycle.
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