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A boy walks alone under a starry night
and wonders what his happiness is supposed to be.
He remembers his past with delight
for those were the days when he had Serenity.

He forgets all of his happiness
and immerses himself with Loneliness.

The boy runs alone under a starry night
and he locks his heart to hide from Life.
The pain in his heart fills his inner strife
and he meets his new friend, Misery.

The boy jumps away into the Night
and he forfeits his deal with the Light.
The gruesome, gloomy, and two-faced shadows devour him
and then Darkness became his new sight.
I wonder
How it would have been like if you had stayed
Would your parking spot would have been the same
Would your rustic tool box would have been in the shed
Or would an old copy of your favorite Tom Jones tunes,
would have played over and over
Every Sunday morning

It’s the little things we pondered the most
When hitting the ceiling
But we tried it in silence
Allowing the good times to simmer

— The End —