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cosmos Dec 2019
My second Christmas without you
Never knew or understood how holidays
Make you feel the most lonely
Until I was forced to spend
my holidays without you
It’s no wonder I haven’t been
In the holiday spirits
Feeling more and more like the grinch
Developing a better understanding
Of his feelings now that I know
Holidays **** especially when
You’re missing a loved one
cosmos Dec 2019
**** your feelings
Does your feelings matter more than mine?
Is that all you can think about?
Are your feelings on high volume,
Drowning out the way I feel?
**** your feelings
Because it seems that’s all you care about
Making you feel sorry for me?
Ha, that’s what you said right?
How can I make you feel something
When you’re too focused on your own feelings
**** your feelings
cosmos Nov 2019
was it my pride that prevented me from going to you?
was it the heartache I felt thereafter?
or was it the knife I couldn't pull out from my back?!
who knows? I can no longer remember
my selective memory has given me release.
release from all the pain that I carried with me
cosmos Nov 2019
"Toxicity love language," you say
ha, I don't think the two mix
do the way I talk hurt your feelings?
or are you too sensitive to understand?
either way, it doesn't matter
I'm gonna say whatever I want
it's up to you how that makes you feel
I'm just being honest

don't cross that line!
you'll regret it soon after
you shouldn't enter places
you're not welcomed
I can't control my actions
or the "toxicity love language"
you claim I express
this side of the room was not meant
for you - I don't want your affection
cosmos Oct 2019
under so much stress
the pressure is just too much
so many expectations to face
why can't I just be me
an unapologetic version of what you portray me to be
let me be me
an indecisive individual who likes to just be
an individual who is complicated and loving
Facing the challenge of the expectations set on me. Trying to live up to the point of view that has been pushed on me. Can't I just be? It's too much pressure for little ole me.
cosmos Oct 2019
one day I would like to be okay
I wake up wishing it would be today
one day I would like to be okay
every morning is a struggle to face the day
one day I would like to be okay
each day there's a lie I tell myself
one day I would like to be okay
I just don't think that will be today
cosmos Sep 2019
Hello again
to all of my friends
this is a note for you
and it's not meant to be rude
I am not sorry for the things
we have been through
I am not sorry for
moving on, but
I am sorry that we can't
move on as friends
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