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Pale blackbirds fly in and out of my life
Each more beautiful than the last
I spent all day driving to places. To relax I went for a drive.
Five hundred texts a day
Take the hearts away
After your name
Just “name” in my phone
How can a phone contact
Be a ghost
Can a text be in a poem??? Cool
How can two people love each other
And be the most
Important things
To each otherforages
And the next day
Be complete
I think so
I cant sit
that I'll never
the giraffe tree
for the first
time again
now it's just a memory
like you
I am transcendental
I am the sun and the moon
And the stars
I am energy
I am the duality of the person
In the mirror
And I will carry no malice
Towards who I just saw
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