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I'm drawn to your body:
I am the moth, You are my fire.
I caress your arms:
You are the song, I am your choir.
I kiss your lips:
You are the beach, I am your tide.
I lay you down:
I am the seeker, You are my guide.
William D Hearns Oct 2018
burnt dry air,woodfire smoke,crisp leaves underfoot,orangeredyellow in the trees,i wait for fall all year,
William D Hearns Oct 2018
with your sharp nails gouging my chest, and
your bright eyes somehow dark you
crazy girl
black hair pearlescent in the moonlight god
that unbreakable frenzy in your eyes,
drives me crazy
unbound, wanton, a lithe little slip of a thing,
trace my tattoos with that sharp nail again
rest your cheek against my stubbly cheek
wind your fingers  through my hair,
ill do the same for you babe
I'll light your cigarette after,
and listen to you purr my name,
like cheap searing liquor out of a
crystal decanter
youre so decadently  bleak
baby girl
lets be young forever
William D Hearns Oct 2018
when will I forget what your skin feels like on mine? when will I stop smelling your shampoo on my pillow? when will I stop seeing your auburn hair in a crowd? when will I forget you?
William D Hearns Oct 2018
God I want a boring life. Nice Apartment in a big city. One cat. One dog. Big den, full bookshelves on every wall, comfy chair. A bottle of ***** a week, two bottles of tonic. A couple cigarettes, maybe a pipe, I tried one of those. The smell is better than the taste. Fireplace. Snow. My dream job that pays 80 thousand a year. enough to afford that faux quaint apartment and keep me in books. I'll get bored, I just know it. ****. I've got no clue what I want.
William D Hearns Oct 2018
I wish I could love you, or even pretend to, you're great, beautiful, so kind to me. I can't

I'll never love you.

You don't make the ground fall out from under me. You don't make me nervous. I don't marvel at you. I don't cherish you. There is nothing there but ***.

I push off of you. I light a cigarette. You tell me to go outside with it. I stub it out and step into my pants. I throw a glance to myself in the mirror, the once-over. "I was only staying for the cigarette babe, I'm out of here."

I do not want you. It makes me angry that I don't, if I could love you I'd never lose your love. But that doesn't matter.

I guess I'm a ****, I mean I think I am.

I'm gonna drive home with the windows down, breathing out steam and smoke. Man I feel spent.

I love this drive more than you. God it's pretty. If I could do this drive through this little square leading onto the oak tree canopied road forever I swear I would.

sorry babe. Man it's good to be alive.
William D Hearns Oct 2018
She is beautiful, with her hair in disarray. She sets man against man, woman against woman, and both against each other

She whispers into the ear of sleeping children, who awake as adults in her service.

All fear her, for she cannot be known.

She masquerades as order, enticing humanity; the fire that huddled neanderthals gaped at in thanks become the flames that consume.

To fight against her is futile, but it is in our nature.

She has never left us; she will continue without us when we are dead and gone.

All the monuments in the world bow to her in worship or are crushed in submission to time and war.

She played gods and men alike.

She is both the catalyst and the conclusion.

Some marvel as the fires of her destruction dance reflected in their eyes; others weep.

To say that she is coming would imply that she has ever left.

How could we impermanent things ever hope to banish something so primordial.

She breeds hate, mistrust, and strife in those that capitulate; those that resist her only magnify her power.

She bore Hardship and Ruin, Quarrels and Disputes, Lies and Oaths, Anarchy and Starvation,  Forgetfulness and Pain. Manslaughter and ****** were her giggling toddlers. War and Battle took after her brother, their uncle's favorites.

She brings inedible food that is coveted by all who encounter it.

She has bathed in the blood of civil wars, her most decadent vice.

She renders man's efforts futile, to fight or submit is destruction.

She will reduce the universe to an ever expanding hellscape of fire.

She is the secret joy of many.

Nothing will escape her.

She is everywhere.
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