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William D Hearns Mar 2020
i would lay next to you peacefully in our bed.
With a smile
Even if I knew I would die
In my sleep
  Mar 2020 William D Hearns
Mark levitt
She excreted a liquid, a fluid, my elixir.
Theirs a pit between her hips, I fell into the cauldron. A master of alchemy, a wizard of chemistry. She brewed me a potion, maybe it was poison, it felt like ayahuasca. I drank from her lips, punch drunk, I was dreaming. Bruja don’t curse me, take this malevolent spell off of me.
William D Hearns Feb 2020
The headlights in my rear view mirror
Are the eyes of a beast, set to devour me
William D Hearns Nov 2019
Turn out the lights
You’re still hot liquor in my throat
Make me ***** in an hour I love you
Need to be drunk, need you, NEED YOU-
(Utter alone, no family, an adult is.)
I hate how you taste in my mouth I hope we die.
You sound like carousel music in July, my whole body is warm my hair is standing on end, I worship your body, I kiss your lips, comfort me, come to me, come for me, that.
William D Hearns Nov 2019
I open my mouth to speak and I *****
William D Hearns Nov 2019
I am your journal, I am your razor blade, I am your pillow to scream in, I am your father and your mother, I am the blood you hear beating in your ears on quiet nights, I am your guide and your confidante and your consort, I am the one who takes the weight of the world from you, I am anything you need. Wear me like a warm coat, I am yours if you say yes; yours until you discard me, then I belong to the next. I can fix everything, I can be every drug, I can do it all say yes, say yes yes! my love say yes, yours, yours till I’m not yours yours yours
William D Hearns Sep 2019
Pale blackbirds fly in and out of my life
Each more beautiful than the last
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