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Ellie Phant Aug 2018
A cat’s purr provokes a precious symbiosis
as cherished old bones rattle
haunches wrapped in warm white velvet
press gently against
my half-broken hummingbird heart
soothing two souls at once
Ellie Phant Dec 2017
We with warped minds
frolicked under those lights,
hanging loyally
like cold, sparkling jewels
in the humid night.
"These nights are sacred,"
I would say,
and the ripe summer air
would roar through every vein
in our
Ellie Phant Dec 2017
My father was born a man of the earth,
I refuse to wear a bra,
and I shake off like a dog after every shower.
So why is it that I roam this sacred beach
cursing at the sticky layers of sand,
searching for a single slab of concrete,
a place to call home?
Ellie Phant Dec 2017
Moments soaked in passion,
vibrations between our hearts
felt deeper than the marrow of my bones,
and unforgettable memories of your smile
still bring me to my knees.
A part of you will forever glisten upon my lips
just as a part of me will upon yours,
and despite you having shattered my dreams,
let me say
the lights in Paris were never as stunning
as the stars I saw twinkle in your eyes.
Ellie Phant Dec 2017
These feelings are so loud
I cannot hear anything else.
Determined to drown them out,
I dare you
to do your damnedest
to demolish my eardrums
with decibels meant to devastate.
I want to be crushed
by a falling wall
of bone-breaking,
surround me
with suffocating blankets
of sonic booms.

— The End —