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nothing left
I am
Unknown Girl Jan 22
My new love meet me in the graveyard so I can finally see who you are, and who you will soon be.
I will carefully approach you so you dont feel you have to hide your face, meet me in the graveyard our secret hiding place.
You can be my undead lover and I will be your corpse bride so meet me in the graveyard, and I will be yours tonight.
Unknown Girl Jan 20
The boys want to hold my hand only to break my heart.
They kiss me slow then leave me fast.
They say those 3 words then back out when they see the real me.
But Im a fool for the boys.
Unknown Girl Jan 14
That word it hangs in the air like her cold lifeless body.
It rolls off your tongue like his eyes did when he overdosed.
The idea washes over you like the tears their families cry.
They say it was because they were sad.
But really they were in pain and they want it to stop.
Suicide it live in the darkest parts of us.
Dont say it was a mistake or foolish because it was the only way.
The only way they saw so the took the chance for it to all stop.
Suicide it take us and breaks our hearts.
For those who suffered or are suffering you are not alone.
Unknown Girl Jan 12
You lured me in with sweet lollipops but now Im be taken away.
You say that the money I will make can help people like you survive.
Im rented by the hour they drink and do drugs I get hurt a lot.
the man says I will never leave because I was full of greed.
so now im his and the lollipop dreams of a child will wither and die.
because of the bad men who want me to do these bad acts.
If I could I would take it all back.
to all the poor kids stolen away
Unknown Girl Jan 12
You found me in the rain.
You held me in your arms.
Gave me warmth and love.
You said pretty lies that made me cry.
Held my hand then pushed me down.
You told me you loved me then you would leave.
Because you are the cold and the rain.
But I miss and will always stay.
Im kinda  a fool for my cold whether boy. I hope you never find yours because they break you.
Unknown Girl Jan 12
You came home enraged slamming the door as you yelled my name.
I hid afraid but you found me, your ice cold fingers wrapped around me.
Clawing at my clothes forcing your mouth on mine I tried to push you away.
With that you explode my body goes numb as you ignore my pleads.
I cry silently as you force yourself on me you act as if im a new land.
Waiting to be discovered then you leave me a hollow shell of a girl I was.
Now im numb.
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