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hello Mar 2019
People will use you
Until they’ve gone through you
You’re left wanting
Maybe thinking
They want me too
hello Sep 2018
How do you comfort a loved one
Who has been hurt by their lover?
Does it ever get easier to see the bruises
The scars
The shallowness in her breathing?
I look at her
My blood and my soul sharer
How could he?
hello Aug 2018
I am tired of finding joy in other people
hello Mar 2018
i thought i could replace you
not even a week later i thought
i had moved on
i hurt him for using him and lied to myself
about using his body
i need to be alone
i need to be by myself
just me
i hope i can do this
hello Feb 2018
How is it still possible that I think about you at night
How is it still possible that I miss you still
But now the missing comes mostly at night
How is it still possible that I can’t listen to certain songs or go certain places because I’ll think of you and I still look over to my passenger seat hoping I’ll see you sitting bopping your head to the music and holding my hand
hello Feb 2018
I **** him but I still see you
hello Jan 2018
I scream every night and no sound comes out
I didn’t know my body could produce so many tears
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