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Henri Words May 2019
I plant seeds by buring them hoping
they grow up to be bitter drugs curing
the self-modifying deseases aiming
to decease the last human kinds

Strokes on paper 
none strokes in wise minds
once familar but now in strangers uniforms
walking on pure lands footprinting 
phrases on top of grassroots 
imaging from a distance of 
trees in the deep forest
the leaves, branches and hidden

birdsongs being interpreted as joy
even when it rains
green leaves turn to earthly brown
dry lands go wet and muddy
beautiful scenes, rot and vanish until
becoming wealthy soil again feeding
the uprising fresh newborn
after a long-awaited

spring. sprung, spun
threads dyed with veg and flowers 
dried on rocks, under the sun
then being hung on a wooden-framed
chamberlike knitting machnism
women sitting alongside days and nights
recounting detailed stories of innocence

comets appeared and gone
flowers blossomed and withered
days dawned and darkened
nights shaded and shallowed
the unspoken came and stay
the unsean arrived and reside
the remains of the remainers
live in dead, smell poison while
the ending begins there

May 22, 2019
Henri Words Jul 2018
time to jump off the boat and swim
swim to the faraway island and sing
sing high until i am floating in the sky
pretend i am a kite, connecting myself slightly to the earth
and never say goodbye

you have to search me on the island from tomorrow on
if you cannot see me, i must be hiding in the lake
when time comes the lake surface is still
lonesomeness might bring me down to the deep
save me by walking on the bank, little breeze would keep me alive

i might still feel the warmth of light at the bottom
i also know the water is penetrating everywhere
like roots of a big tree reaching and crossing over
the lake is indeed a beautiful eye
green grasses are eyebrows dancing in the wind
life is nature, now and here
i will be wearing those beautiful clothes even after I disappear
Henri Words Jan 2018
Life starts from an innocent place of blindness
living long in others memories
A withheld breath at the neck of
a less than full bottle

When all these are to be emptied
it becomes the last lucky drop
sticking to the bottle firmly
at the bottom
Henri Words Jan 2018
We each got one chance to
dream a dream, and the next day
will be like it as promised

Look at what's happening today
I realise I have failed
Hence I come to let you know
the secret privately as the murmuring
into my ears five hundred years ago
Henri Words Dec 2017
i might die innocently
without knowing you
your wits and pain

you might live ignorantly
without recognising me
my pain and presences

we might come across
one day after you also die
no need to introduce
either in darkness or light
neither reversible

Dec 4, 2017
Henri Words Nov 2017
heavy windy day we parted
my cold got worse that night
kept dosing tablets for days
still missing you but relieved

forever apart was realised after
forever happened
Henri Words Oct 2017
lots of good things on earth
embarrass me such as
those blooms and blossoms
amongst the greens  
i cannot tell even one as
they were named
but call them flowers
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