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Ace Jhan de Vera
Pigeon Forge Tennessee    Amateur Writer, channeling brokenness through words.
17/My room   
"All things go. All things grow."
17/F/England    hi there, my name is Jennifer, i'm 17 years old. i've loved writing since i was a kid, however i sort of lost interest recently ...
22/Androgynous/Canada    lover of all things/ i try to write on paper instead of my skin/ never about you
somewhere out there    o----- hello! i compose music, write, and draw. nice seeing you on my page- -----o i am learning and putting words to everything i see ...
Willow SR
16/F    Words are endless.
15/Trans Female/Utah    Hey I’m Ashley. I write poetry and sometimes turn them into songs later for my band.
15/F/Cali    let the rain fall where it may.

— The End —