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we often like to convince ourselves
love can conquer all

love is medicine
love is the answer

love is a hello
and goodbye

we like to convince ourselves
love is enough

it's a lie

love is alive
it dies
 Aug 8 Ayesha Jimenez
how ironic is it
that a girl
who gets so easily seasick
and is terrified yet hypnotized
by deep waters,
is so perpetually
in love
with the ocean?
I love you
never going to tell you

I love yous

she doesn't have to know
I dream of you
walking in
it's small little things

Slipping away
longing for you to stay
I can't look at you
bite my tongue
I don't show
I never tell

If I spill my darkest secret to you
will you keep it
take it
into the melting moon
chase the night
before dawn blooms
If I am a rose, then let me be your bouquet.
If I am your bouquet, then let me be your garden.
If I am your garden, then let me be your field.
If I am your field, then let me be your happy place.

And if you get weak, and sleepy, and blue,
then let me be your flower bed, so I can hold you.
I love you.
 Jul 31 Ayesha Jimenez
i am madly in love with you
so please
treat me well
whether you love me back
or not.
 Jul 31 Ayesha Jimenez
it was then that i realized
if he couldn't bother
treating me like a queen
then he had no right
to stand in my kingdom.

let another queen
decide your fate,
my love.

you waste my time.
I'm afraid
you answer the call
I send a cold message

I'm a big baby
please don't raise your voice at me
I look away
far from the rage in your eyes

I'm happysad
happy you've reached the possibilities
sad you're doing nothing

cold messages
excessive tears
I'd give you all my thoughts
know how I feel

don't tell me

cross the invisible line
my ghost follows behind
I'm sad

the pain never ends for you and I
I think that coffee helps.
It’s still really hard.
The only thing keeping me going is not letting you down.
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