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Sep 2017 · 541
Hello World Sep 2017
At first I thought you were just a friend
Then we touched
A friendly way--
This happened every day
Then one day you held on--
Would you hold on if I was yours?
And you were mine?
I see you in the halls,
and sometimes you say hi,
or sometimes don't notice me.
Your three years my senior,
and we see each other almost every day.
Inside and outside of school,
if only we could have time alone, to talk, to pretend I am home,
in your arms.
So I'll keep holding on,
to your hand,
until I know for sure.
This is the ends
May 2017 · 1.1k
Star Wars
Hello World May 2017
When you hear the opening credits
And you hear the audiences reply
Some softly sigh
To fill that void
To see the lightsabers flash
It glow soaring through the air
The sound of a blaster
Filling the galaxy
A planet imploding
In one quick blast
Crying to see your favorite character die
It's amazing
And I love to see
The millennium falcon fly
I did not create the title of the poem
May 2017 · 299
Star Wars
Hello World May 2017
When you hear the opening credits
And you hear the audiences reply
Some softly sigh
To fill that void
To see the lightsabers flash
It glow soaring through the air
The sound of a blaster
Filling the galaxy
A planet imploding
In one quick blast
Crying to see your favorite character die
It's amazing
And I love to see
The millennium falcon fly
I did not create the title of the poem
Dec 2016 · 829
Gossip Girl
Hello World Dec 2016
Stop being a gossip girl
You little

Your words spread everywhere
Like a winter cold

I heard you where leaving my school
A rumor you spread to give yourself attention

Stop acting like little Ms.Perfect

How the heck do you even have friends?
Dec 2016 · 275
Hello World Dec 2016
People can be so f-ing annoying
If ****** was legal that would be good for me.
Get out of my business.
Get off of my personal space.
Don't talk to me.
It will make me hate you less.
My work space is my work space not yours.
Parent's shouldn't decide for us.
Yeah I write poetry as I rant.
A glass half empty.
Thats my view,
and you.
Get out too
Dec 2016 · 170
Hello World Dec 2016
I finally though I had you
You are the best
No Imperfections
I am falling in love with you
While watching you fall in love with her
Feb 2016 · 459
Star Wars
Hello World Feb 2016
I don't know you anymore, your breaking my heart.
Your'e going down a path I cant follow.
But together we can rule the galaxy together, father and son.
I loved you, you knew.
But if you strike me down, I will become more powerful that you will ever possibly imagine.
Do or do not, there is no try.
Curse you rebel ****!
Feb 2016 · 174
Hello World Feb 2016
Crystal clear,
Shining bright,
Reflecting the suns light,
So calm,
So cool ,
Blue and bright,
Ocean light.
I was inspired to right this poem by a water bottle.
Feb 2016 · 272
Roses For Noses
Hello World Feb 2016
Your name was Noah.
A little ****.
A black little tabby cat.
You were 17.
Way too lean.
We love you dearly.
I wish you would come back home to me.
We called you "Rose" for no reason.
You wouldst let us read.
You would lay on our chest.
Head on my neck.
You were prettiest first.
Thats all we had to say for you to stop terrorizing me.
I forgave you.
Some of us didn't.
Now your head pet.
And Ill member you for the rest.
I recently lost my black tabby cat, Noah Rose, on the 11th of January 2016. I miss her so much. But it was her time to go and she passed peacefully.
Feb 2016 · 1.4k
Snitches Get Stitches.
Hello World Feb 2016
Im Laughing.
See you down there.
Staring right at me.
Asking for the answers.
When you dont know the questions yourself.
Your so pathetic.
Its not my  fault you went and became a snitch.
I would say something else.
But I dont need stitches, or my mommy's kisses.
You can go tell your clique.
To spread rumors about me.
But thats not my problem.
Ill say you got stitches because of me.
Hello World Feb 2016
Be careful who you are friends with.
Watch who you work with.
They will have you do all the work.
And it wasn't easy.
They say there doing work too.
Then they say well thats you too.
They say they wont help if you dont do anything.
Should have said ok.
Have fun struggling.
You do all the work.
Then right in front of me.
Tell people you did all the hard work.
Add you give it all to them.
Snitches get stitches.
Read my next poem, Snitches get Stitches.
Feb 2016 · 390
Hello World Feb 2016
Im on crutches.
Im on stilts.
Im on air.
Im on flying above you.
I get rights.
Sign my cast.
You think im so cool.
But now my body is the past.
Its not cool  to have crutches. Don't act like it is. I dont have crutches though.
Feb 2016 · 190
Hello World Feb 2016
There all optional.
Fill in a shape,
Pick a letter or number.
There options in options themselves.
Choices in choices,
and decisions in decisions.
But becareful,
They are life changing.
Notes (optional)
Jan 2016 · 2.2k
Hello Hawaii
Hello World Jan 2016
Hello Hawaii
My Home Sweet Home
Where Palm Trees Sway
And Were Birds Fly
The Green Grass
Or The Light Blue Sky
The White Or Black Beaches
And The Feel Of The Sand On My Toes
Goodbye Hawaii
My Home Sweet Home
Where I call home.
Dec 2015 · 1.8k
Hello World Dec 2015
Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday,
We all think of it as just a cycle,
But when it hits December,
And its almost winter,
You open the chocolate calendar,
And pop out a sweet chocolate,
You listen to Christmas music,
or light the Hanukkah candles,
Buy the Christmas tree, and light the simple candles.
Then you count down the days, to Christmas time.
Oct 2015 · 205
Hello World Oct 2015
Your the king of my dreams
Your support my dreams and give me motivation
You move like a model
Yes, can you here me calling,
In the shadows of our love
Your my one solution
'Cause you make me stay strong
Your right there in my corner
All these other guys are tempting
And they ask me,
Hey your kinda pretty,
We live in the Holy City
You can make me change my mind quickly,
He asks, "Are you cheating?"
And i'm like no not really.
Because your the one that is.
Get outta my hair.
Oct 2015 · 220
Hello World Oct 2015
Welcome To Poetry
An Art Of Writing
For Yourself To Make A Point
A Story About Romance
Or A Story About A Breaking Apart
Make A Creative Title
Or Rhyme
You Have Plenty Of Time
Oct 2015 · 316
Clear The Air
Hello World Oct 2015
Clear the air,
make it crystal clean,
replenish it,
make it safe,
make it easy for me to breathe,
it won't hurt,
fights pollute,
freindships end,
but i dont want this one to conclude,
i am trying hard,
i understand you dont trust me,
give me a chance,
ill make the clouds white and fluffy,
the sky will be blue,
no ozone available,
you can see the fog,
push it back up,
,ake me crystal clear.
Oct 2015 · 387
Hello World Oct 2015
I rub my fingers back and fourth,
brush the dust off of the books,
try to wash the stained pots and pans,
swing on a swing,
it creeks as if its in pain,
hopping off,
find a rusty nail,
through it into the sewer,
then it makes a sharp pling,
I try to scrub you off,
you create a deathly smell,
I throw the brush down,
scream, and attempt again,
I find an old chess,
but I can't open it,
the rust binds the lock together,
I get a new key from the locksmith,
its stuck inside the lock,
its completely broken inside,
a pile of rust in the corner,
inside a dump,
I feel like rust,
I just can't come off.
Oct 2015 · 272
Hello World Oct 2015
Black and white,
Red, and Black,
Back and fourth,
Am I on track?
The circle round and round,
a unseen pattern,
on a pair of glasses,
or for a game,
the small circular pieces stack up,
you win,
or wait,
now im completely stuck.
Oct 2015 · 164
In The Night
Hello World Oct 2015
A black car creeps around the corner,
flashing its headlights on and off,
Then you think you see it coming at you,
blasting its engines,
you squint you eyes,
please no,
but your still alive,
you try to run away,
but your stuck in your steps,
your throw you shoes behind you,
step on a nail,
and leave a trail of blood,
you think,
now i'm dead,
you try to talk,
but nothing comes out,
you pinch yourself,
wheres the pain?
am I dead,
what are with these mad visions,
you wake up,
your still the same,
all again,
in the night.
Oct 2015 · 193
Hello World Oct 2015
If you have been fighting for a long, long time,
If you could spare your time,
Your like an eagle in flight,
A dream for a wish,
A hug for a kiss,
You've been told all your life,
Trying to make things right,
All the kicks and blows,
Trying to knock you down,
You have a growing heart of steel,
You never let your pain show,
Sacrifice yourself for others,
Every hour of every day,
Taking the pain,
Making it into power,
Your a beautiful script,
I can see the fire in your eyes,
You heart is a lions,
You can take a match,
And make a strong blow,
Its like you have a beast in your belly,
You've got it right.
I based this poem of off one of my favorite songs, Superhero, by The Script.
Oct 2015 · 246
A New Breath
Hello World Oct 2015
You breathe your first breath,
Your soft skin is like lotion,
I wish your were mine,
But only in my mind,
Your my cousins son,
Like a baby brother,
But your older now,
And bolder,
Even though your four,
You like trains,
And dogs driving cars,
You wanted to marry Elmo,
Not literally though,
I watched you open your eyes for the first time,
You are an image of your mother and father,
You like to get in trouble,
And throw things around,
Its funny when your tired,
It's like you just ate a pound of sugar,
I love you baby cuz.
Oct 2015 · 223
Find It In Your Heart
Hello World Oct 2015
I am sorry I hurt you,
I honestly didn't mean too,
I have apologized for what I did,
I am really trying to make a point here,
Please listen to me dear,
We all make mistakes,
One shouldn't change everything,
Let a new bell ring,
I hope you can find it in your heart,
You're very good at art,
So please try to trust me,
If you must,
The wind will blow a strong gust,
You showed me the best,
And morphed me into a better person,
So please,
Find it in your heart,
To forgive me.
Oct 2015 · 287
Golden Branches No More
Hello World Oct 2015
Golden branches no more,
the leaves are fading away,
her hair is sliced,
thinned and diced,
its horrible,
it used to be so beautiful,
but wait there's more,
slicing away the bark,
I find a heart of steel,
stored away inside.
Oct 2015 · 169
Hello World Oct 2015
I stare into the well,
                                          Not feeling very well,
                                              Grabbing the vine,
                                                        Her­e I climb,
                                                               The vine snaps,
                                                          ­         cracks, and makes me trapped,
                                                        ­                      Oh just if,
                                          I could possibly fly,
                                Fly myself out of this dungeon,
                                    I have nothing to defend myself with,
                                                     If I find myself out of this maze,
                                    Press the replay button,
            On my life's screen,
the tears run from my eyes,
if they are even afraid of me,
oh how i try so very hard,
if Possibly,
just possibly,
I could possibly just fly.
Oct 2015 · 184
Help Me Please
Hello World Oct 2015
I feel like a very small person,
crying out,
help me, help me
can you see me at all?
I bang on the windows,
can you here me,
try to get help,
I don't care at all,
I feel like im being squished,
guts and blood and all,
trying and tying nots,
so I can climb my way back up,
they just untangle,
and the thread is destroyed,
my heart is crushed,
I cant even reach a dagger,
a needle or thread,
mother and father are there for me,
but all they can do is sit and watch me cry,
time passes by,
I am lost completely in thought,
God can't even see me,
oh if I was aloud a single wish,
I would scream,
Help me, help me please.
Oct 2015 · 171
Hello World Oct 2015
You can say something awful,
feel it yourself,
apologize over and over,
being ******* yourself,
it all comes around,
the fight is done,
you try to talk it out with a separate friend,
rumors and lies,
no bonding or ties,
you try your best,
to show the person that their the greatest,
they ignore you,
are absolutely awful to you,
they crush your heart,
put others in the middle,
how to show them,
that they can trust you,
they say 1-10 how much do I hate you?
100, they can't stretch it enough,
what can you do?
you've done all you can
talk it over,
feeling like your trapped in a tin can,
do you have heart,
can you try,
its their choice now,
please darling,
don't cry.
How can I earn someones trust back?
I cant stretch it enough, please help
I was rude, but not crude,
So please lend a helping hand.

— The End —