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459 · Sep 2020
Little Bear on Starseed
Helen Sep 2020
Grammy is an Empath, clairsentient old soul
Mommy is an Indigo, not sure if she knows
I was born a Rainbow Bear to make the planet whole
Together we will change the world, at least that is our goal
Grammy plays with honeybees, loves entomology
Mommy is a healer, she gets it naturally
I'm completely fearless, we all are HSP
At least we’re slightly different, on that we can agree
Grammy hears the trees speak, scream when they are down
Mommy sees the unborn babes by using ultrasound
I sensate most creatures before they come around
We hope to stir you deeply so offer this background
I’ll share my involution with you every now and then
Speak with you of changes by taking up a pen
Together we bee wise ones who work for truth again
The world will be lighter, though I can not tell you when...
(Little Bear speaks of Starseed, from "The Book of the Bear")

— The End —