LS Martin Jun 14
It all adds up the
Lies multiply stories
I divide my heart forget your name
The common denominator
alone and in
LS Martin May 28
I hate today
Five years ago today my professor at my college hosted a party and then put something in my drink

And when I woke up...
When I woke up...

I kiss boys harder
I turn up music louder
I drink wine faster
But I still can't wash away the memory
The unfortunate secret to my sharp memory is that I'm always trying to forget
"What? You actually thought you were smart? You thought that's why you got elected Secretary? No. Your just a pretty girl. Your so cute. You know that? Your a cute girl. I had to have you."
LS Martin May 21
In my darkest hour
You shined a light on every
Minute that passed
LS Martin May 11
Between that second glass of wine
And that first kiss from
I was found in your
But lost in the
LS Martin May 5
The moon hung like a pendant in the night sky we stare out into the Galveston ocean you take my hand in yours and im eager to share my hopes and dreams the very things that drive me even the experiences that have shaped me into the person I am.
"You have too many thoughts
in your own head maybe you should stop reading so many books."
It was almost as if because these parts of me were too complex for you to understand suddenly that made them invalid...
I had never felt so misunderstood
LS Martin May 3
There were no stars out that night
but there was nothing to dream of hope for or wish upon
With you by my side
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