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LS Martin Feb 8
I forget the skies
When the constellations
Are in your eyes
LS Martin Jan 21
Loving you was easy
Forgetting hard
LS Martin Jan 18
My eyes wide open
But my mouth is closed with words unspoken.

If only my eyes could find rest and my mouth courageous
LS Martin Jan 18
I saw your picture today
Your feelings for me must have gone away
Because you had a girl around your arm in a doorway
I think I cried all day feeling this way
Then I had a revelation driving the causeway
I could die taking this drive and you'd never know how In my mind I go back to last may
When you said to me: please just stay
But I never listened anyway
The memory goes grey
I conjured up my own decay
When I summoned an angel of regret on doomsday
She said: your sexuality is in your hip sway
But I grow old and forget to pay
And now your with her and there's nothing I can say
Because I saw your picture today
Your feelings for me must have gone away
LS Martin Jan 8
For You
I hoped as high as the heavens
And then I cried the whole sea
LS Martin Jan 3
Tears are words that have not been written
The grief that does not speak
LS Martin Jan 3
The heart dies a slow death
With each hope each desire falling like leaves that drop from trees until there's nothing left but the bare bones of empty branches with what once was....
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