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hot tears lick my face my heart pumps acid into my veins I'm boiling over and over and over and over again about the same things
when does the healing process start?
are there some wounds that time cannot mend? are there some apologies that cannot take away the hurt? when there are things done that cannot be undone?
You said to love myself
So I left you
I thought becoming a Mother would bring me closer to my own didn't
LS Martin Aug 28
Dear God just make the thoughts stop please
LS Martin Aug 28
your fat
you look like a ****
your not like your sister
and your not like me either
your different
I don't brag about you to other people
I don't miss you
your not very smart
I don't know why your father favors you
your not special
LS Martin Aug 25
I'm pregnant with your baby

You come home I feed you dinner

I fold your clothes I do your laundry

Then got on my knees to **** you off

I don't expect a thank you but Sometimes when I cry it be nice if you didn't swear that I'm crazy

Or Secretly wish I was thinner

Every mistake every wrong move it's always on me

Make it all to stop

Take me back to when I was my own lady

I was my own winner

Nothing stood beyond me

That I couldn't take handle or adopt
LS Martin Aug 25
And I've cried enough tears to know they eventually dry off
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