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 Nov 2018 Helen
 Nov 2018 Helen
My words don’t always come out graceful and tamed
That’s when I usually get myself into trouble
Maybe a little rebellion is needed
Just now and again
I told you truths we laughed off as just another one of my moments and to me you knew when even could not say.

Words left apon a page are meaningless without the insperation to support them.

Are troubles many but to this friendship  I owe everything never worry how it sounds just read it and know .

We all get sideways sometimes .
Love you sister.

Remember my words long after the silence tears us apart .

This will always be for you.
Dedicated to Helen.

You know what others cannot understand .
And for that i owe you more than i can ever express .
 Nov 2016 Helen
SE Reimer

over the edge of tomorrow lies,
either an uncertain surprise,
or more of what yesterday wrought;
but if one’s seeds are well sown,
either is a priceless flower...
a gift that cannot be bought!


*post script.

seeds sown wholly well sew the holes in one’s well.
 Nov 2016 Helen
 Nov 2016 Helen
The ever optimistic fool sits with sapphire teals rolling frantically from eyes which see too much
The heart that has been torn, tread upon and dragged in the dust can not bare the burden
So it rips apart,spilling it's ragged contents Into the gutter
There is nowhere left to run and your not really sure there's a need to leave
But a return back from this pessimism would be a delightful notion
As thoughts twist and turn
Like a never ending last spin on your noisy washer
Faster, more fragmented, frantic and free
The land has been freshly ploughed
The arguments are over
You have used your voice so as not to be seen as invisible
You may have spilled it all and god knows where we go from here
But it's certain that we will take not a step backwards in our endevour to be heard
Scratch an itch and it will get bigger
Keep picking at my scars and I will not be able to give you my free thinking happy mask that I manage to wear so well
So well indeed that I truly forgot this part of me ever existed
To stand upon the highest hill in the middle of a storm that could match my own
To meet my match in natures force
This alone will help me sleep
The dreams are so haunting
And I'm drowning in the neglectful thoughtlessness of  clowns
 Nov 2016 Helen
I See You
 Nov 2016 Helen
I see you

Please don't stand too close
The devil has broken free from the shackles of his cage and is threatening
To take from me anyone that comes near

Stepping back quietly with grace would be your best option
But even then I can't promise your get out of this in one whole piece

Fragmented pieces falling
You crumble at my feet

If only you'd listened

The devil within
The Angel within
He fell
In darkness as in the light
As in day
As in night

Shh place your finger to your lips
Silence breads contempt you say
But I say it just serves to keep you safe

In shadows we find ourselves
As sunrise appears
We thank god we have survived
Never down this road did I sing within a tune
Never while I wandered
did I ever think of you
Ever as I walked, I ached right down to bone
Never once your name is whispered
Walking too far from home

Break the spirit spill the wine
flood the river before my time
You can't predict the future when you can't see the past
I yearn for the groove and the rest of the **** that will never last

Take me down I simply do not care
We rebound with others in which we simply do compare

The Summer is gone now
its here for you
Spring is my jester
now I'm playing the shrew

I'll keep on walking until the end of day
With no companion
nor fair sense of play
Just walking down this endless path
Not leaving a trace for others to mark

No telling story where I might have laid
No fleeting glory in this trek I've made
I'll not speak outside the lines
as I walk on down
this great divide

Sit you down with a drink to sip
but beware the bottomless of the cup
for degradation that way lays
as noted by walking
these endless days

Tomorrows a birch boy the **** never seems to end
Old friends past
no trace remains
Happiness is a grand disillusion so let's not pretend

In those pines down
in that humid breeze
is where the past does exist
Buired are my thoughts
somewhere unmarked
is the grave underneath the leaves

From Carolina to Brisbane the weather's different
and always the same
Words passed between poems stories are all just different solutions to the exact duplicate game

No one knows where the wind blows
driving needles from the pines into veins that are on fire
But we keep on walking
Bare feet on black tar
Walking on until we tire
Me and Helen have that rare ability to do what we do that suits the other perfectly its always a true blast writing with her
Nobody had herd from him in two weeks time.
I knew Bob was a lot of things a drunk a recluse a self exiled outcast.
But one thing he never was had been silent .

We were occasional drinking buddies going back to many years to recall

We were the professional drunks the radicals to those who lived under the illusion playing nice somehow granted you immortality.

I hadn't gone by there in awhile .
Sometimes you just have to go with a feeling .

The last time I went there to his house it was to *******  silent.

The old character that filled that silence was gone .
And I simply knew his place was no longer here .

We lived alone, we lived like pirates with no concern for tomorrow .
And no matter how you view it one day everyone has to ******* die .

It's funny how the annoying characters when no longer around truly let you know how silent the world could be .

I always drank alone and now literally that's how from now on it would remain.

I wasn't one for making friends seemed to much like a dam job .
You had to be a person that wasn't me .

I was a loner it kept me safe I wasn't the type who asked for **** from anyone else .

Still it stung knowing are last drink was are goodbye  .

But life is never planned we sat that evening watched the sunset .
Laughed about old times and sat just listening to music in the dark of a summer night .

I couldn't have written it better myself.

"Man you ever think about stopping drinking"?

I had asked him one morning after one hell of a ****** .

"Yeah when I'm dead cowboy".

He responded with that goofy *** laugh of his .

Sitting here on this night the sound of me and the crickets outside I had to think to myself of my old friend .

Well guess he finally put down the bottle down for good.

No matter the time that passes you will always be missed my brother .

And now I simply continue where you left off .
This is dedicated to the memory of my friend Robert Lee White.

Are miles together weren't long enough .
Maybe it's that marvelous view as they walk away that never seems to compel me to call them back.

Maybe its the happiness of being alone the wind in your hair or the the highways empty embrace that just seems to keep me ruining far longer than the rest.

The bottle the music a simple soundtrack to the existance we only care to forget.

Passion doesn't exit online as machines can't breath life into your lungs but I can't certainly darken your door if only you'd allow me to tonight.

The party we will have only to forget.
You me and the page it's all in secret and  all for them to never truly understand .

Summer may you die.
As all the bad girls sing cheap motels were we gather the ice machine I vist to often underneath the stairs .

I sleep drink repeat .
Trying to find the lines I searched for all the these years past.

From the dust bit in Austin to the Kentucky bourbon embrace I will romanticize the decay only to show you the reality I to often ignore myself .

Another drink shared and hopefully another night with you.

The page can't capture passion .
But I believe I touched upon it more than once with her tonight .
I spoke to you in whispers
but you shouted out my shame
My confidence is now just splinters
I can no longer speak your name

At dawn the sun broke my mask
I wore to dance to your tune
Now I'm just a broken mess
for you look down upon as your due

Can we never hear the music again
that was once our beating pulse?
Why is it you're always the one
that sings more quietly than most?

While we blind ourselves
we simply drown with the tide
Echoes of the past reflect only the failures and so shall it always be

Tomorrows promise is a kiss of remorse
just the same, we shall part
Can we leave what was only,
to pretend what never will be?

As you pull me from the depths
I simply leave you waiting
The nightmares will fade
but will the dreams ever again ring true?

So why do we dance to the same old tune?
When the music goes away
do we simply just nod to each other
knowing there's no other day?
At midnight do we excuse ourselves
to slumber separately with our demons?
Or do we simply hold onto
each other
to survive through the next season?

I taste the goodbye upon your lips
I hear our song slowly fade
Can you not simply follow me
to the shore
where new memories could be made?

In bittersweet reprise is our closing
Here do the credits role
Tonight is a moment and it bleeds the memories
Soon only to be pages from our past

Paint this moments portrait,
and stand back, not see the flaws
It is all in the illusion after all

Except for, in the grains of sand
upon which we danced
are the footsteps of our past
just washing away
Do the pages just turn on?
Because if you asked me in the beginning
I would have told you I didn't dance
But you grabbed me and started swaying
without me having a chance
to tell you I can't hear the music
I just move to a certain beat
The illusion is the only thing
that will move me to my feet

Isn't it after all, the flaws,
that will crack
and we will tumble
You may walk away singing,
while I still fumble with the illusion that we danced so pretty
under a fractured moonlight
While I tried to hold onto you
upon a tortured shore
You walked away from me
Leaving me in the dark of night
As always I give far more credit to to Helen when it comes to these co writes she is a true friend and always a honor to write with her
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