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Evan L Jun 10
I used to trace the acne scars down your back
Like a blind man reading a poem in braille
Evan L Oct 2019
Never knew I could hurt
Like I hurt with you.
Become the darkest
Shade of midnight blue.
But that’s love, ain’t it?
Evan L Sep 2019
You’re not the one that has
To explain to people what happened.
Your slate is clean
And you love it that way.

You’re not the one that was upset crying. Ever. You’re not the one that has to
Pick up any pieces because you
Never left any behind.

You’re not the one.
Evan L Sep 2019
Swimming in the dark
You stare me down
Treading water
You’re refusing to drown
I sigh and sink deep
Evan L Sep 2019
Falling in love with someone
Who cannot reciprocate
Will surely be the hardest
On your heart and mental state
Evan L Jun 2018
You went to sleep beside me.
Upon awaking, you had strayed.
I don't know what hurt more;
You scattering without answer
Or the warmth still upon me from your unruly body.
Evan L Dec 2016
His face brings a volcano
Erupting from my mouth.
How I wish he would get his time
To suffer.
How can a person be in bliss
When they tear down others?
And with such ease,
He succeeds.
Even after it was me
Who ****** his.
Spitting seeds into the ground
To grow into hatred and anger.
Fruits I can do without.

— The End —