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H Apr 4
my harsh friend
you’re scared to love
bitter to the idea
you come off heartless
i see deep cuts
but i know your heart craves it
it hurts deeply at times
allow yourself to love
although it seems painful
when it is flourishing the feeling is amazing..
romance may seem unnecessary to the real word, but love is comfort and warm to the heart
it sparks the soul, breathtaking
you will learn many new emotions
and grow new understandings
something you need
i love you
love always
H Apr 4
dead end people
you’ll try to satisfy them with all your love and support
but they’re trapped inside their own mind
fighting demons...
it’s impossible for them to be satisfied
but when the time comes... and it will... when they make you feel like you aren’t enough
you have to remember you were everything and more
this is on them
they’re being suffocated within
and you’re trying to hold onto baggage that isn’t yours
you will always find yourself empty with them
trying your best to prove something
when you should already know your worth
walk away
they can’t be your person
let them go
H Feb 8
your smile is better than any word i’ve ever heard
my heart is where your love is at
your warmth hugs my soul
my home, my happy place.
H Jan 30
i love you

i love you more than you could ever imagine...
the flaws that bruised your mind
the scars that made your life change
my heart sinks at the thought that we were so far apart
my soul feels pinned down and strangled at the thought of you getting lost
because i finally found you....
nothing else matters now that i have you here with me
every bone in my body will snap for you
every muscle in me will fight for you
for you to never get lost
for you to never feel empty again
the world has been so cruel to you
but the universe had a route for you
a route that led you to me
we love you
so let the pain go
let the hurt heal
forgive...because i promise
i will never let you go
H Jan 24
i thought my mind was at ease
i thought it was all better
but my heart still aches
and peace is disturbed..
heart in my throat
my chest hurts
the sadness is heavy
pressing against my body
the pain wants to rip out of my skin
the pain still stings
but a little less
H Jan 18
perfection; the condition, state, or quality of being free or as free as possible from all flaws or defects.

something that has haunted me my whole life or should i say i’ve haunted it my whole life...
i’m the one who is chasing it
it has what i want
i’ve chased it to exhaustion
but it has want i want
self fulfillment...satisfaction...
so many questions
when i look in the mirror, i wonder
my belief of everyone expecting perfection and nothing less has corrupted my mind..
it has rotted my self esteem
the reason being acceptance
a desire of being desired
terrified of rejection
i torture myself wanting to reach perfection
i hate perfection
perfection is an illusion
but we crave satisfaction.
H Jan 14
broken people break people
times when i couldn’t figure out where my broken pieces were..
meeting new people trying to find them
sometimes confusion, sometimes relief  
broken people break people
i would never
significant others i had to leave behind
to gain knowledge about myself
left with love
all in love
healed people heal people
i fell in love with my solitude
no disappointments, so addictive
in my room, heart full of love
all for myself
healed people heal people
advice i gave to others
don’t be afraid to be alone
an amazing feeling i told them
healed with love
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