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You’ve got to love the little old men,
The ones in the coffee shop from three till ten,
The ones who eat cheese and read the news,
The ones who seek the finest wines to choose.
Little old men with long lost cleats,
These are the little old men in the streets.

The little old men who walk around,
Quietly humming adding some sound,
The tock, tock, tock of their cane on stone,
The tick, tock tick of their life long worn,
The little old men who oft hand out treats,
Those are the little old men in the streets.

Some little old men hunched over from war,
Remain so from the packs they bore,
Their muscles and bones ten years have been sore,
But ask them now - what were you fighting for?
The little old man will regain some youth,
Say they were fighting for love,...- freedom and truth.
"But we were young" he'll say-., "My best friend was young and he died at my feet",
Those are the little old men in the street.

With finite wisdom and finite life,
These little old men once had a wife,
And no doubt plenty of children too,
In their day, two was too few.
But age you see, has had its way,
On that younger man of the day, ...
And the little old men in the streets can't stay.

One day you'll wake up and worryingly see,
No men in the shop, no men by the sea,
A stack of newspapers bundled up tight,
And little old men nowhere in sight.
Till one day walking in the fields you find,
No tombstone, no flowers but a burial mound,
And that little old man in the streets’bin found.
Heba Badr-El-Din Oct 2013
Now I have wings,
Let me fly.
Were the birds sing high.
Let me fly up,
Up up high ,
Where there is a big blue sky.
Let me fly,
In a cloud filled ocean.
Where I can see the world.
Now, I have wings.
Let me fly,
Over all this earth
Let me fly,
Or I will die.
Now I have wings
Heba Badr-El-Din Oct 2013
Some days are good.
Some days are bad.
Someday make me happy.
And others really mad.

I know they don’t mean to break me
My sprits will always fly
But the words say hurt
And makes me want to cry

They love me, I know they do
They just want to help
But why can’t you?
Heba Badr-El-Din Oct 2013
Ice and snow
Frozen rain
Falling down,
We all go insane.
Frozen still
Frozen cold
Come inside, before you
Turn to stone.
Heba Badr-El-Din Oct 2013
In the night
When there is no soul around
I close my eyes
and shut off all the sound

In the night
Im always the only one
So sit and wait
For the sun to come undone

I look up to the sky
out from the corner of my eye
its here, the darkness of night has come
keeping me still making me numb

I wait nd wonder
What the darkness might do
I helplessly ponder
Thinking of me then of you
Heba Badr-El-Din Oct 2013
Help me  
Teach me
Learn  for me
Play  with me
Study  with me
With me
Come with me
Around the world, with me
Be happy for me
Sad for me
Feel something for me
With me
Come with me around the world
Heba Badr-El-Din Oct 2013
Never going to love you
Never going to fall for you
Never going to see you
Never going to talk to you
Never going to hold you
Never going kiss you
Never again.
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