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Apr 2020 · 872
heavenlyanha Apr 2020
When the rain falls and runs down the perfect curves of your body,
I grow jealous of the sky.
Why? because it gets do to what i long for at night.

-Imitation at its best
Apr 2020 · 840
heavenlyanha Apr 2020
She's the poison i'd consume every drop of.
Apr 2020 · 324
None of the above
heavenlyanha Apr 2020
I've given you every piece of my heart
every drop of my love
yet, from you I possess none of the above.
Apr 2020 · 1.2k
heavenlyanha Apr 2020
Just when I thought I had forever
I got lost in my emotions
and now I cry because I know that you are no good for me.
But I hate feeling so alone
so of course I hit up your phone
You say come over ; you always get the best of me
Yet you bring out the worst in me.
Now we're done and all I can taste is you.
I whimper to myself because was it worth the pleasure?
Before coming here I felt like I diamond
but as I leave I feel like buried treasure.
I always told myself this wouldn't last forever
We eventually lost the real connection.
Then I realized there's no use in all this time we're spending
Holding in all the anger at the bottom of the ocean
I hoped you'd be my savior
the *** had me distracted
unaware of your behavior
I knew that I was drowning but I didn't know you were the

— The End —