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Feelings so powerful
Learning to embrace
The highs and the lows
Together we create
This life that lies before me
One of wonder and love
Am I going to quickly?
Why does love come on so fast?
This heart of mine is beating
Feeling things I cannot explain
But I march on through the darkness
Fear will not remain
No, I push through it now
For, I have become much stronger
I know what my heart is saying
I cannot hide it away
Truths being spoken
Heart melting and blown away
Responses are breath taking
I need to stop and breathe
Breathe in the beauty
Of the words before me on the page.
We have stared at each other through 3 seasons now
I have seen your beauty as rare, raw and bare
Now you are this beautiful white splendor with
Dazzling green dancing from your limbs.
I saw your beauty before you bloomed
You were always amazing to my eyes
Now, your contrast of green and white
Forever glowing in the night
The eye that has stared upon me over many moons
I will never forget you
I sat at your roots, I felt your strength
I needed exactly what you could give me.
I leaned on you when I was falling apart
You shifted my thoughts, you cleared and grounded.
For, I hope someday all will understand
Your beauty and grace and what you offer
All of us humans, here on this earth
I wish for the day that they all see and feel your magic
I thank you great eye and all that beholds it.

— The End —