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I have a broken voice and midnight wounds
And I am my own prisoner
The wounds don't show with your eyes on me
My skin will scream, so look away
They're inside me, lurking behind my face
Toying with strings of sanity
And when the sun comes up, they are lost
Fading to an eerie blank
But the dark steals them back like a criminal
And rips apart the healing holes
Still, the dark is good, the dark is quiet
I'm alone with phantom gashes
The sun is stolen and so is my voice
I only stare at bare stone walls
And I will wreathe my hands around my head
And pull myself to the floor
I will sit down and I will accept
That when the darkness falls, I fall with it
The ocean would blind you, if the sun was strong enough
The water would drown you if the waves ever had their way
In the dark, dark night, the monster with its snarl, coarse and rough
Could bite your head off, and on the sand, the blood would spray
The rocks in the water would bash your head in
Or the pearly white sand would try to bury you alive
If the trees start to whisper, you'll just have to scream my name over the din
In this island, I lie, where the monster has not one head but five
Are you coming, my dear, will you find me here
Or will the horrors take you hostage and make you disappear
Love will give you the sword to fight all that lies in your wake
But fear, the queer thing, will make you question what you have put at stake
My hands, I can feel them fading into the shadows
Don't come back, my love;the ****** have no memory of life
Soon, I'll become a sliver of what I was, a whispering ghost in Asphodel
But will you come find me, we can watch the ocean as the sun bids us farewell
Can thoughts eat you up?
Can they devour you?
Do you have to be dead to stop thinking?
Or paralysed
Or maybe I should just sleep
Then I don't have to think
Yes, I will sleep
I will sleep for an eternity and not wake up
Anything to stop them from consuming me
If you dig six feet deep into the ground
You'll find a little, devil's child
When you pick it up, out of the hole
Even the soil around it will heave a sigh

The infant's deadly silence
Will start to unnerve you
So will its rugged skin
That's midnight black and blue
You will wonder how it came to be
And you will look at all the sand surrounding

Wait, sand? Wasn't it soil on the ground?
No you're in a desert with no one around
What about that thing in your hands?
You look down and there's sludge
Dripping down your fingertips

Now you've lost all your hands and legs
Now you've just faded into a ghost
Now you never existed in the first place
What is happening, where did I go, you ask?
Well you are a figment of my mind, you see

I will mold you, crush you, shape you to my heart's content
In my mind there is no reality or gravity
It's twisted, gnarled and not right
YOU: you are purely a thought of mine
And that child: part of my imagination
And now that you have read this here

It is part of yours too, I fear
This one is a little strange.
I stare at the mirror
not because I'm vain
and not because I'm pretty
I stare at the mirror
because the person looking back
is not me
It's a black, shadowy wisp
that runs away
when I try to touch it
I'm referring to myself as a shadowy wisp because nobody really notices me anywhere and I shy away when someone does notice.
the  four walls are frowning and closing in on me
the doors are all knocking on my head for a change
all the eyes in this room are piercing into me
everything and everyone
they're all counting on me
but i'm just a little tired
i want to lay down for a while
this is good, it's fine
the floor is nice and cold
so is the darkness
that has enveloped my sight
I built a prison
And so often it changes colour
Through its window
You can see the world
So ugly and so vain
You could hold the bars
And stare outside
Yearning for a taste
Of the gloom and pain
But you're bound
With shackles made of silence
From which you cannot recover
It's a lonely place,
This dreary prison
And your mind will turn
Into a foe
Your bones will grow weary
And you'll always be cynical
Your nails will drag down the walls
And the pounding will never stop
Thump-thump, thump-thump
It will pulse through the ground
The torn walls
And flaying tendons
Will flood you with their ichor
You'll want to move,
To make it stop
Stop the life from spilling
But you can't,
You'll lay on the ground
Letting my heart
Take you prisoner
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