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The hospital lights blink and open their eyes
It's alright
I'm here in disguise
The fever is rife
It spreads in the walls and the life
It falls in a trice
I don't do enough talk
But  I hear you after all
Why do you cry
When the world isn't right
And there's red light in your eyes
Where's your god from the skies
The window at the end
Has a halo that was sent
And it lies, in the dark
With the fireflies
Do you find it alright
That the dark isn't right
And your night doesn't seem to arrive
Well you do enough talk
And I'm still in your sight
So why don't you just write
Out, your heart on my rock
And I'll be here by your side
While you wait for the sky
To give you all the good signs
And I won't be singing in song
But you won't be waiting for long
Till I give you all my love
Good Evening,
I hope your journey was pleasurable
Would you like any refreshments?
A hot cup of blood perhaps,
Or some freshly brewed darkness?
Radhika Krishna Dec 2020
Deep under by the beautiful waters
Hidden away from the gloom and fog
And the sound of the throbbing earth
People have gathered to live
For in life they wasted away
And the spirits, they formed restlessly
They seek to avenge themselves with immortal fervour
Salvation awaits and song thrums from their airy hearts
The water sparkles, the trees whisper no secret past their leaves
The ground is beating its drums to the beat of their feet
Dun Dun Dun-Dundundun
Dun Dun Dun-Dundundun
Hear them sing
A song of love and peril
A song of courage and passion
A song of the living and dead
Harken their cries
For in the land of the dead
There shall be no fear, no sorrow
And eternal damnation be ******
In the dark of their strongest creation
Where the blood doesn't flow
Their souls will  be forever alive
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