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Jan 7 · 28
Merry Christmas
Sheik Hazi Jan 7
We were not two,
We were one,
Oh you never know this,
You never know this,
Here one more christmas comes,
One more christmas,
Every time when I saw you,
I thought I am blessed with you,
All the love I gave,
All the pain you gave,
You kicked me to my grave,
But still I love you,
still I need you,
Every time I forgive you.
Come and reach me,
Honey I am dying for you.
Merry christmas to you
May God always bless you..
Christmas, Love, pain, grave, dying, forgive
Jan 7 · 69
Broken soul
Sheik Hazi Jan 7
I am a broken soul,
At the end of my role,
Scattered into pieces,
Each piece is your reflection,
Dying for your affection,
Counting my days,
Looking at your ways,
Trying to breath,
Through the ashes you left,
Still I am burning,
Burning like a willow,
Waiting for your last blow..
Soul, broken, willow, breath
Dec 2018 · 201
Happy new year
Sheik Hazi Dec 2018
Nothing in this world is worth,  
You are my love and treasure,
It's you who gives me pleasure,  
I always wanna touch you,  
hug you and kiss you,  
I am blessed to be with you..
I loved you in past,
I love you in present,
I love you in future,
I adore you always,
And I will..
I was with you in 2018
And I will be with you in 2019 and forever..
Happy new year
And many more...
Mar 2017 · 1.1k
Happy women's day
Sheik Hazi Mar 2017
Honey I carry you in my heart,
If you want I can tore it apart,
My dreams are alive coz of you,
My hopes will raise when I think of you,
In my mind I draw your face,
Your memories are on my life's surface,
I hear your laughter in my voice,
Bringing tears to my eyes,
I can read my future on your face,
For me you are a book of God's grace,
So Far away yet so near,
You are the reason I alive here,

I know one day we will dance,
Sharing a blissfull glance,
Tears of joy flow from our eyes,
Nature will sing in divine voice,
Stars will salute, blessings will shower,
I know soon our day will come,
On that day Angels say "Hazi
Here is your women, here is your woman,"
Yes Honey you are my woman,
You are my woman.

Happy women's day to my Gorgeous woman.
Aug 2016 · 735
Goddsess of spring
Sheik Hazi Aug 2016
Once my life was not in my hand,
I was burning like desert sand,
Lost my everything I was sad,
Like a dream everything was going bad,
I became like dead tree,
No leaves, no life to see,
Standing alone with bleeding eyes,
Lost all hopes, ready to demise,
Dragging my life so hard,
I was in grave yard,
Then a lovely Goddess came,
With her, rain of mercy came,
Leaves of hopes started growing,
Dead tree started flowering,
Fruits of future started glowing,
She is my Goddess, Goddess of spring,
Oh I am singing, she is my everything.
With my leaves I will make her bed,
My flowers are crown on her head,
Her mercy and love is only for me,
Oh I am singing, she is my everything,
She is my Goddess, Goddess of spring,
Goddess of spring, Goddess of spring.
Jul 2016 · 2.6k
One day you will be mine
Sheik Hazi Jul 2016
One day you will be mine,
Dark clouds will go the sun will shine,
From God blessing will rain,
One day you will be mine.

One day you will rise,
To see this world with my eyes,
Our bond is divine,
One day you will be mine.

One day you will be mine,
I will hold you for life time,
So give me your sweetest smile,
Let me dream for a while,
My world will be like heaven,
Coz oneday you will be mine.

Say forever you will be mine,
Our love will win over the test of time,
Black days will run away,
Our life will be a brighter day,
Forever I am yours,
Promise me forever you will be mine.
Jul 2016 · 1.1k
A flame of your name
Sheik Hazi Jul 2016
Dear Honey,

You never said any thing to me,
But your soul whispered to me,
You are not finding your way,
In your silences I know you pray,
You are passing through darkest nights,
Your lips are closed but face describes,
So I started burning like a flame,
A flame arises by your name,
Showing you the way to your home.
Jul 2016 · 632
Guardian Angel 2
Sheik Hazi Jul 2016
My guardian Angel,
Just spread your wings,
To reach me you have to fly,
Hug me, never let me cry,
Shine like a star for me so bright,
In my dark ways you are the light.
Jul 2016 · 483
Invisible Angel
Sheik Hazi Jul 2016
My Honey

I want to be with you,
in all your ways,
like a mother protecting you,
from all the evils that comes near you,
I want to watch you,
like an invisible Angel always beside you,
I want to lift you up,
to make you fly, to touch the sky,
I want to hold you,
Like wind that rounds you up,
I will be there whenever you call me,
Till the time you reach me.
Jul 2016 · 691
Who am I?
Sheik Hazi Jul 2016
I am not a man,
not either a human,
No flesh no bones,
No heart beat, no blood,
I don't know whether I am dead or alive,
Always laying on borderlines,
Of love and pain,
Kicked by people, kicked by fate,
Oh myself I hate,
I bear storms and winds,
With no motion that defends,
God made me to face and survive,
Struggling always to revive,
My body is a story,
full of wounds and pain,
Depends upon God's glory.

Who am I?
I am Hazi the unknown,
Dying for care like road side stone.
Jul 2016 · 380
An Angel from Heaven
Sheik Hazi Jul 2016
It was dark and late at night,
I sat for prayer without sight,
I couldn’t see but I could hear,
A divine sound it was so near.

I was afraid and all alone,
hearing something top of my home,
Voice came closer and I feared,
Then a lean light appeared.

Through the roof I saw a glowing light,
The rays touched me I felt pure delight,
The divine voice became more clear,
There was something coming so near.

Through the roof she appeared,
A woman drenched in light and I stared,  
She was blooming with heavenly beauty,
She was sent by God to full fill her duty.

She was an angel in the airwaves,
For me gracefully she arrives,
An answer to prayers I have made,
For the tears  on my bed I have cried.

She is my Honey,
Answer for my questions somany,  
I thank Lord for giving her,
I will sacrifice my everything for her.
Jul 2016 · 520
Those hands
Sheik Hazi Jul 2016
Lord thanks for making,
‎those hands that ‎touch me,
I know you sent them to save me,
my wounds were bleeding,
my eyes were crying,
I know you gave the power,
to those hands to heal me.

Those hands saw my poor soul,
crying alone in a dark hole,
they pulled my soul out,
‎they are my greatest hope no doubt,
I will hold those hands forever,
they are your blessings I got ever,
I know you made them for me,
I feel like heaven when they touch me.
Jul 2016 · 959
I guess you wanna leave me
Sheik Hazi Jul 2016
I guess you wanna leave me,  
I can't let ‎you going away from me,
If I have to beg for your mercy,
I don't mind 'cause I know what you are to me,
I don't feel shame to beg and you know it,
On my knees I am asking please don't leave me.

I guess you wanna leave me,
But if I have to cry to keep you with me,
I don't care of bleeding from my eyes,
If I have to live at your doorstep ‎on your way,
Just to stop you from going away
Let people laugh, I don't care what they say,
'Cause I know what you mean to me,
On my knees I am asking please don't leave me.
Jul 2016 · 482
An empty second without you
Sheik Hazi Jul 2016
Without blinking eyes I want to see you,
Each moment I want to hear you,
I know I am not so fortunate,
Every moment for you to dedicate,
I want to be with you in every way,
God should bless me with you I pray,
The air around me is your presence,
Till I live I should not feel your absence,‎
An empty second without you, ‎
is the whole day not lived for you.‎‎
‎I want to dissolve myself in you,
My Honey I Love you.‎
Jul 2016 · 580
Me and My pain
Sheik Hazi Jul 2016
Dark is the night,
End of whole day's light,‎
I fear even moon is white,‎
I can't share how I feel,‎
Oceans of tears I cried,
To control somany ways I tried,
‎‎‎Deep are my wounds I can't  heal,
So painful, myself I want to ****,
So many empty words I can't take,
‎People are false, promises are fake,
Nobody will come, my life I can't make,‎
‎‎Sleepless nights on bed I roll on,
‎God take my life, I can't move on.
Apr 2016 · 856
My every tear has a story
Sheik Hazi Apr 2016
My every tear has a story,
But I will smile with your glory,
Don't do anything for me,
Just hold my hand and be with me,
Like a Goddess I will treat,
I will pluck my heart to put at your feet,
I am incomplete without you,
My Honey I Love you.
Apr 2016 · 2.2k
My Guardian Angel
Sheik Hazi Apr 2016
My life is like a cyclone, ‎
But I never feared and felt alone.
I know her arms will save me,
‎I know her eyes will follow me,‎
Wherever I go, she is with me,
‎I know Guardian Angel is with me,‎
She is my Honey, always beside me.‎

She is caring my heart,
She is protecting my soul,
She is watching over me,
Healing my wounds, guiding me,
Showing mercy and grace on me,
Showering love and blessings on me,
‎‎She is keeping me alive,
Always showing me a way to live,
I know Guardian Angel is with me,
She is my Honey, always residing in me.
Apr 2016 · 378
My soul will live in you
Sheik Hazi Apr 2016

All my ways are filled with fire,
Call my name when you require,
I am ready to walk on it,‎
Hundred times but I don't quit.

To reach you I am ready to burn,
‎I promise never back I will turn,
I am ready to embrace flame,
‎Still I will smile when I say your name.

I see only darkness, no light,‎
For me you are shining bright,‎
With your love I am blessed, ‎
By your soul I am dressed,
Honey even if I die,
My soul will reach you to ‎live in you,
‎My Honey I Love you.
Apr 2016 · 462
The day I forget you.......
Sheik Hazi Apr 2016
My Honey,

‎I have wrote your name on my life,
Without you for me there is no life,
I want to walk by holding your hand,
Even it may be desert's sand,
Since the day you went away,
My life has forgotted its way,
Come and see how I am dying,
Each night without you I am crying,
I don't know how to live without you,
Come and hug me I love you,
My Honey the day I forget you,
Will be the last day of my life I promise you,

My every breath is remembering you,
My every heartbeat is waiting for you,
My eyes are searching for you,
My arms are always open for you,
I am ‎fighting with my memories for you,
I am ready to face anything for you,‎‎
Come and save me I am dying without you,
Dying is better than living away from you,
My Honey the day I forget you,
Will be the last day of my life I promise you.
Apr 2016 · 1.8k
You are my Queen
Sheik Hazi Apr 2016
My Honey,

With the rays of the Sun,
I will make your crown,
With the fabric of space,
I will make your gown,
With the rings of  Saturn,
I will make your throne,
As you are my queen,
You are my queen,
Honey shower your love on me,
Like a never ending rain,
Never ending rain.
Sheik Hazi Apr 2016
Not enough words are ever told, ‎
I just think she is aware. ‎

I want to look into her eyes,
To tell her she is wonderful, ‎‎
To tell her she is so beautiful.

I want to look into ‎her eyes,
To tell how much I love her,  
To tell for me her smile is heaven.  

I want to look into her eyes,‎
To tell for me she is my living dream,
To tell she is my everything,‎
To tell for my kingdom she is Queen.‎

And what I want, what I expect in return,
Her loving arms around my neck,
A kiss with her sweet lips on my cheek,‎‎
Only for me her everlasting love and care,
I should be only one that she loves deeply,
I will be the one who protects her fearlessly.
Apr 2016 · 669
Those two days.....
Sheik Hazi Apr 2016
I saw people meeting each other,
Now I will see sky and earth will meet each other,
‎Wave and thirsty shore will meet each other,
Heart and soul will meet each other,
Moon and Sun will meet each other,
River and ocean will meet each other,
Me and my Honey will meet each other,
Those two days I want to live hundred years together.

I saw flowers smiling,
Now I will see thorns smiling,
I saw ways reaching destinations,
Now I will see destinations reaching the ways,
I heard birds singing,
Now I will hear entire nature singing,
‎I saw life reaching heaven,
Now heaven will reach the life,
Me and my Honey will meet each other,
Those two days I want to live hundred years together.
This was my feeling when my honey was coming to meet and she was going to stay 2days with me
Sheik Hazi Apr 2016
My Honey,

We are not two we are one,‎
For you and me it is well known,
An invisible chain between our souls,
Like a holy bond it always rolls.

Though we are miles away,
My heart runs for you all the way,
Our every feeling is an essence,
When you breath I smell the fragrance.

I may not always hold your hand,
But with you always my soul stand,
Physically I may not around you, ‎
But my eyes will always follow you,

May you be in a million crowd,
My sight will touch you and I feel proud,
From earth to sky I see only you,
My Honey I Love you.
Apr 2016 · 594
Still I want you.........
Sheik Hazi Apr 2016

I may loose my everything for you,
My heart may break and I will cry for you,
I may get pain and I may die for you,
Remember still I want you
My Honey I love you.

I may not get your arms to rest,
I may not get you at your best,
I may have to give every test,
My conditions may get worst,
Remember still I want you
My Honey I love you.

Not only heart, I may have to give my flesh for you,
I may remain alone, I may get destroyed for you,
‎I may not get rid of the chains of pain for you,‎
Remember still I want you,
Day and night I will pray for you,‎
My Honey I Love you.
Apr 2016 · 594
For me you are everywhere
Sheik Hazi Apr 2016
My Honey,

Every side, every place, everywhere,
For me your smile is there,
‎You are ocean of brightness,  
To drive away my life's darkness,
Earth, sky, sun and moon,
Universe without them we can't assume,
You are my blood, you are my breath,
Without you I have only death,
My honey for you God has given me birth.
Mar 2016 · 578
You are the reason to live
Sheik Hazi Mar 2016
Cut me deep, cut me deep,
Let my blood takes a leap,
Let me never heal,
As now I can't feel,
Every drop of my blood says your name,
‎As it don't know any other name,
Cut me down,
I love the pain,
I will reach you again and again,
My Honey how can I make you believe,
You are the reason to live.
Mar 2016 · 568
Hundred deaths
Sheik Hazi Mar 2016
My Honey,
I don't have words to intend,‎
Me and my thoughts append,
Don't know when everything gets end,
As my Life and death will defend.

As long as my heart wills to beat, ‎
Till that time my life will exist,
Living away from you,
Dying hundred times,
Whenever I miss you.‎‎
Mar 2016 · 826
I live in you
Sheik Hazi Mar 2016
I am in crowd or alone,
I always miss you,
I am in hunger or thirst,
I always remember you,
I feel pain or I cry,
I always need you,
I feel happy or I smile,
I want to be with you,
When I loose or I gain,
I want to be with you,
I am awake or I sleep,
I always see you,
When I breath or blink,
It is only for you,
Either I live or die,
I will be in you,
My Honey I love you.
Sheik Hazi Mar 2016
My love is  river,
My love is ocean for you,
My love is earth,
My love is sky for you,
Wherever you go,
I will be there for you.,
My Honey I love you.

My heart is beating‎,
It is my love for you,
My soul is praying,
It is my love for you,
Like a lotus in pond,
I am always in you,
Wherever you go,
My breath will follow you,
‎My Honey I love you.

‎Always I want to see you,
Forever I want to be with you,‎
‎Like river flows to reach ocean,
I running to ‎reach you,
Honey hug me I am so tired,
I want to live in you,
Wherever you go,
My eyes are seeing you,
My Honey I Love you.

Sheik Hazi Mar 2016
‎My Honey,

My life is nothing it's your picture frame,
It starts with your name,
It ends with your name,
We are not two we both are same.

I don't know how to live without you,
Honey I am faraway from you,
‎The distances if I can't make,
Into pieces myself I will break,
‎My life is nothing it's your picture frame,
It starts with your name,
It ends with your name.
Mar 2016 · 685
I always carry you
Sheik Hazi Mar 2016
My Honey,

I feel it has been ages since we met,
Still I can feel you at my best,
Whenever my eyes are wet.

I know with me I always carry you,
Like the way in veins blood runs threw,
As you are spread under my skin,
Always residing in,
Quietly waiting for my touch,
Nothing more I have to do to feel you,
Just I have to scratch my skin to touch you.
Sheik Hazi Jan 2016
When everybody left me, 
And I was all alone,
When no one cared, ‎
From eyes blood I cried,
I told myself I died,
Then an Angel hold my hand,
And said with you always I stand,
The moment I felt everything alright,
In my dark ways she is shining bright,‎
Like a song I want to sing her name, 
Till I live I will praise her fame.
Why should I fear When I have you, 
My life surrounded by you,
Thanks a lot to God, He gave you,
My Honey I Love you.
‎‎‎You are the reason I live,
You are the One for me, 
You are the One for me.‎

‎‎‎‎I am filled by your everlasting love, 
Dark clouds of depression can't hit me now‎, ‎
Why should I care what people say, 
and how worst they behave, ‎
They don't know what you mean to me,
They don't know what you mean to me,
You are the reason I live,‎
You are the One for me, 
You are the One for me.

I have the power of your love,
Nothing can troubles me now,‎
Every battle now I will fight,
With you everything will be alright,
God is listening my prayer,
‎May He shower blessings on our pair,
‎Thanks a lot to God, He gave you,
‎My Honey I Love you,
‎You are the reason I live,‎
You are the One for me, 
You are the One for me.
When I was going through the darkest days of my life, my honey hold hand and said she will be with me for ever and ever.
Jan 2016 · 387
Blessed Love
Sheik Hazi Jan 2016
As my days are passing like waves,
I am dying and nobody saves,
I asked her to be with me till my life end,
I promised her my love will never bend.
She may think I am mad and have no mind,
I know the Angel like her is hard to find.
I told her a million times I love you,
Asking her a chance to prove.

She took my hand and looked into my eyes,
In her eyes I saw Sun rise,
‎With shaking voice she said I love you,
On her face tears roll down,
Flowing all around,
My heart skipped a beat,
My soul felled at her feet.
Blood pumped through my veins,
I got relief form all the pains.

Then I heard a voice from the Sky,
All the birds started to fly, 
It said you are made of each other,
I made you for living together.
Time will remember your love,
‎I am blessing you from above.
This happened when I was in complete depression with a huge loss in my life, feeling all alone.
Jan 2016 · 980
Galaxy of my life
Sheik Hazi Jan 2016
Dear Honey,

You came to my life like light of million stars.‎
slowly and sweetly removing my scars.
Like a creator you filled my spaces.
Forgotted myself with your loving embraces,
On my head you are shining like crown,
My life is not mine it's your own.‎
Whenever I lift my eyes I want see you,
My Honey I love you.‎
Dec 2015 · 765
My loneliness
Sheik Hazi Dec 2015
Honey I want to tore apart,
To show you deepest corner of my heart,
Where the pain is hidden,
Don't know when I will cry all of a sudden,
I pretend like everything is normal
But it is only external,
Just take a glimpse of my eyes,
Deep behind my loneliness replies,
I look like living from outside,
But I am crying and dying inside.
Dec 2015 · 669
I am empty still so full
Sheik Hazi Dec 2015

My mind, heart and soul are empty,‎
Contain nothing, still I am so lucky,
Filled with your thoughts, hopes, worries, emotions,
Trying to reach you like waves in oceans,‎
Some times alive some times dead in my portions,
Waiting for you to hold your hand,
So thirsty for you like desert sand.
Sheik Hazi Dec 2015

How I feel, how can I tell you,
When I don't get a chance to talk to you,
Sometimes when I forgotten by you,
When I am away from you,
I feel my skin is getting peal off,
I miss my body's other half,‎
‎I feel my heart is getting teared off,
My bones are getting broken off,
‎I can't bare these pains, 
My blood has stopped running in veins, 
Before God I will beg for you,
Like a dying person begs for his life.
Dec 2015 · 1.7k
My life is a battle
Sheik Hazi Dec 2015
My life is a battle everyday,
My every step fights for next day,
‎My every breath is your gift,
‎With you only my life persist,
All my ways are dark, no light,
Your name will make them ‎bright,
Without you I can't run,
Without you I can't win,
‎My life is a battle everyday,
Honey with you I will win oneday.‎

Nov 2015 · 1.1k
I need you at your best
Sheik Hazi Nov 2015

As boat needs water for floating in,
My heart needs you for beating in,
I need you at your best,
As my conditions are worst,
Never leave me alone,
As my life is facing cyclone,
Hold me so close to you,
Into pieces I may breakthrough,
At the edges of hell I am crying,
Without you slowly I am dying.
Sheik Hazi Nov 2015
Dear Honey,

Be in my heart for a day,
Be in my mind for an hour,
Be in my soul for a moment,
You will come to know,
How I live away from you,
How much I miss you. ‎

Nov 2015 · 528
Honey I belong you you
Sheik Hazi Nov 2015

Looking outside my window, 
wondering what you are doing now,
Honey I am thinking about you,
Losing my strength day by day, 
Feels like my life is going away,
I am trying to be strong ‎and I pray,
But it hurts me so bad to say, 
God l am far away from you,
Remembering you all days long,
God only to honey I belong,
‎I don't have identity without you,
My honey I Love you.
Nov 2015 · 531
I am all alone
Sheik Hazi Nov 2015
Another day has gone,
I am still all alone,
How could this be?
You are not here with me, ‎
God tell me why, 
You left me all alone to cry,
My wounds are bleeding,
Day by day slowly I am dying,
‎My memories never fade away,
‎Honey even you are far away,
‎Every moment I am crying,
Asking you to hold me in your arms,‎
‎Like a baby and save me from the storms.
Nov 2015 · 905
Always want to be with you
Sheik Hazi Nov 2015

I wish I could be your shoe,
Always to walk with you,
I wish I could be the road,
Always to follow you,
I wish I could be your ring,
Always to surround you,
I wish I could be your dress,
Always to feel you,
I wish I could be a star,
Always to see you,
I wish I could be rosary around your neck,
Always to touch you,
Honey I want to be always with you,
My Honey I Love you.
Nov 2015 · 632
My Love is forever
Sheik Hazi Nov 2015

Nobody is like you on this earth,
For me God has given you birth‎,
‎Your smile is shining bright,
To reach you I am walking in the light,‎
If I will die on the way to reach you,
Death will never separate me and you,‎
My soul will never leave you,‎
‎Honey I will be always with you,
My Honey I Love you.
I am there wherever you are,
My Love is forever. ‎
Oct 2015 · 1.1k
Far away lover
Sheik Hazi Oct 2015

I will close my eyes, 
whenever I think of you,‎
I love you so much, 
I don't know what to do,‎
I always feel you are in me,‎
The pain in my heart moves to my eyes, ‎
‎Turning into rain of tears,
So far away yet so near,
You are the reason I am alive here.‎
Oct 2015 · 574
The way I feel.....
Sheik Hazi Oct 2015
My Honey,

I await for the times when can we talk, 
Always want to hold your hand and walk,
Just a feel that you are close to me,
Like I am in heaven it makes me,
I feel proud when you gaze me,
Even if  you are not here with me,
I miss you so much dear, ‎
‎Hug me tight come here,
And then my heart flies, 
When you say I love you, 
by seeing in my eyes.‎
Oct 2015 · 526
Whenever I missed you...
Sheik Hazi Oct 2015
‎From all the pains,
I have gone through with so much strain,
Whenever I missed you,
Felt like my veins have been cut,
In to the hell myself have been put,
Nobody there to listen a single whisper of mine, ‎‎
Neither I got your shoulder to cry,
To reach you nor I got wings to fly.
Oct 2015 · 734
Honey you are made for me
Sheik Hazi Oct 2015
My Honey, ‎‎ 

You are made for me‎,
A fish was made to swim in the ocean,
‎A boat was made to sail on the sea,
A seed was made to grow a tree, 
An apple was made to eat‎,
A candle was made to melt, 
As sure as the Heaven and he'll are above,‎ ‎‎
As sure as there are stars above,‎ 
The Sun and Moon are above, ‎ 
My Honey you are made for me, 
I know you are made for me. 

 It's always been a mystery to me‎, 
How I know you are already in me,
We both were strangers ever, 
And now our love is forever, 
Before that we don't know each other, 
‎‎‎‎Now our breaths are together,   
I believe it's a miracle happened to me,  
God has sent an Angle for me, 
My Honey you are made for me, 
I know you are made for me. ‎‎ ‎ 

I wonder what God was thinking of you, 
When He started creating you, 
I think. He know everything I need,   
He made all my dreams come true indeed, ‎ 
My Honey When God made you, 
He must have been thinking about me and you, 
I promise that wherever you go, 
Wherever life will lead you to go,  
I will be there with you,  
As I can't walk without you,‎ 
My Honey you are made for me, 
I know you are made for me. 

‎‎He made the sun, He made the moon, 
To harmonise universe in perfect tune, 
One Can't move without the other, 
They just have to be together,
And that is why I know before you, 
For me God has sent you,
You are mine since the day I met you, 
And I'll never, never, never,  leave you, 
My Honey you are made for me,‎ 
I know you are made for me.‎
Oct 2015 · 2.3k
Whenever I remember you
Sheik Hazi Oct 2015
My Honey,

Whenever I remember you, ‎
Tears are falling down,
On my face and flowing all around,
Burning like acid rain,
Making wounds on my skin,
I am tolerating this pain, 
Only to see you once again.
Sheik Hazi Oct 2015
I don't have any clue to know,
How far this journey can go,
When the mercy ends,
To where this life trends,
My eyes bears, my soul cries, 
When my breath goes away, 
When I don't have any other way,‎
I fall on my knees, lift my hands to pray,‎
How can my soul rest in peace,
I cry before my Saviour,
‎All I need and my eyes bleed,‎
For a glimpse of you,
I don't wanna die without seeing you,
My honey all I need is a glimpse of you.
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