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Sheik Hazi Jan 7
We were not two,
We were one,
Oh you never know this,
You never know this,
Here one more christmas comes,
One more christmas,
Every time when I saw you,
I thought I am blessed with you,
All the love I gave,
All the pain you gave,
You kicked me to my grave,
But still I love you,
still I need you,
Every time I forgive you.
Come and reach me,
Honey I am dying for you.
Merry christmas to you
May God always bless you..
Christmas, Love, pain, grave, dying, forgive
Sheik Hazi Jan 7
I am a broken soul,
At the end of my role,
Scattered into pieces,
Each piece is your reflection,
Dying for your affection,
Counting my days,
Looking at your ways,
Trying to breath,
Through the ashes you left,
Still I am burning,
Burning like a willow,
Waiting for your last blow..
Soul, broken, willow, breath
Sheik Hazi Dec 2018
Nothing in this world is worth,  
You are my love and treasure,
It's you who gives me pleasure,  
I always wanna touch you,  
hug you and kiss you,  
I am blessed to be with you..
I loved you in past,
I love you in present,
I love you in future,
I adore you always,
And I will..
I was with you in 2018
And I will be with you in 2019 and forever..
Happy new year
And many more...
Sheik Hazi Mar 2017
Honey I carry you in my heart,
If you want I can tore it apart,
My dreams are alive coz of you,
My hopes will raise when I think of you,
In my mind I draw your face,
Your memories are on my life's surface,
I hear your laughter in my voice,
Bringing tears to my eyes,
I can read my future on your face,
For me you are a book of God's grace,
So Far away yet so near,
You are the reason I alive here,

I know one day we will dance,
Sharing a blissfull glance,
Tears of joy flow from our eyes,
Nature will sing in divine voice,
Stars will salute, blessings will shower,
I know soon our day will come,
On that day Angels say "Hazi
Here is your women, here is your woman,"
Yes Honey you are my woman,
You are my woman.

Happy women's day to my Gorgeous woman.
Sheik Hazi Aug 2016
Once my life was not in my hand,
I was burning like desert sand,
Lost my everything I was sad,
Like a dream everything was going bad,
I became like dead tree,
No leaves, no life to see,
Standing alone with bleeding eyes,
Lost all hopes, ready to demise,
Dragging my life so hard,
I was in grave yard,
Then a lovely Goddess came,
With her, rain of mercy came,
Leaves of hopes started growing,
Dead tree started flowering,
Fruits of future started glowing,
She is my Goddess, Goddess of spring,
Oh I am singing, she is my everything.
With my leaves I will make her bed,
My flowers are crown on her head,
Her mercy and love is only for me,
Oh I am singing, she is my everything,
She is my Goddess, Goddess of spring,
Goddess of spring, Goddess of spring.
Sheik Hazi Jul 2016
One day you will be mine,
Dark clouds will go the sun will shine,
From God blessing will rain,
One day you will be mine.

One day you will rise,
To see this world with my eyes,
Our bond is divine,
One day you will be mine.

One day you will be mine,
I will hold you for life time,
So give me your sweetest smile,
Let me dream for a while,
My world will be like heaven,
Coz oneday you will be mine.

Say forever you will be mine,
Our love will win over the test of time,
Black days will run away,
Our life will be a brighter day,
Forever I am yours,
Promise me forever you will be mine.
Sheik Hazi Jul 2016
Dear Honey,

You never said any thing to me,
But your soul whispered to me,
You are not finding your way,
In your silences I know you pray,
You are passing through darkest nights,
Your lips are closed but face describes,
So I started burning like a flame,
A flame arises by your name,
Showing you the way to your home.
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