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Sheik Hazi Apr 2020
I feel you in my
every sense,
I know you are
my essence,
I need you
at your best,
Whenever my
eyes are wet.

I know with me
I always carry you,
like in veins
blood runs threw,
I wear you
Like my skin,
in my soul you
always live in.

Nothing more
I have to do to feel you,
Just I have to touch
my skin to touch you. .
Essence, touch, skin, soul, blood, veins, eyes, wet.
Sheik Hazi Apr 2020
I wish I could stay
With you everyday,
I wish I could walk,
every step on your way,
but I will wait for that day.

By seeing you,  
I am alive,
By hearing you,
I survive,
You are my prayer,
What I breath
you are that air,
Oneday I will stay
by holding your hand,
I live with you
till my last day.
Wish, walk, alive, survive, breath, air
Sheik Hazi Apr 2020
Never forget me,
never ever
forget me,
All I want
just remember me,
thats enough for me.

Till the day
you remember me there,
I will live here you aware,
Don't do
anything for me,
Just say my name,
I will burn here
for you like a flame.
Forget, remember, name, flame
Sheik Hazi Apr 2020
You are my Mother, 
you are my Father
You are my love, 
you are my friend
You are my beginning,
you are my end.

And I love you so much, 
I want to see you in me,  
You have so many
but you are the
one for me,
I want to touch you, 
I want to feel you,
I want to serve you
all the time,
You are  my song
you are my rhyme.
Father, mother, friend, love, feel, touch, song, rhyme,
Sheik Hazi Mar 2020
I miss you like
a child misses mother,
Except you
I don't have any other.

Deep in my soul
I will hide you,
As my skin
I will wear you,
So that I can
Never miss you,
Whenever I see mirror
I can see you....
Mother, child, deep, soul, hide, skin, wear, mirror
Sheik Hazi Mar 2020
I know without you,
I will break into pices,
But I don't feel pain,
You are in my every vain.

I know without you
I will cry,
Slowly I will die,
But still I smile
As I die,
When my lips
Say your name.
Pieces, smile, cry, die, lips, name
Sheik Hazi Mar 2020
Wear me like your bangle,
I can see you in any angle,
Put me like hair pin,
To touch your skin,
Make me your anklet,
Cover me like blanket.

All I need is you,
Let me always touch you,
Let me hide in you,

Wear me like shoe,
always to walk with you,
I want to be a tree,
Infront of your home,
Every morning to see you,
I want to be the air
That you breathe,  
Always to be in you.

All I need is you,
Let me always touch you,
Let me hide in you,
Smin, anklet, air, hide, touch breathe
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