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hayley 7d
why is it that life has to contain
a revolving door of infinite negativity?
i can't handle it anymore...
hayley Sep 1
they said that "i've changed and the things
that i was doing to 'fit in' was hurting them"
but really, i learned to stop trying to please them...
hayley Aug 31
anyone else read old chats with
people and realise how much your
relationship with that person
has changed and you're just like...
hayley Aug 29
the picture never changes
but the people in them do.
  Aug 26 hayley
the suffering i have danced through.
the tears i have bathed in.
I rejoice my survival
  Aug 25 hayley
I broke my walls down for you

but then you reminded me

why I built them so high
hayley Aug 25
an honest enemy is always better
than a friend who lies.
pay less attention to what people say
and more attention to what they do.
their actions will show you the truth.
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