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  Aug 2017 Hayden S
Kelly Rose
Beware the sighting
of the Raven

They are her messengers
of salvation or doom

pay homage to her
to avoid the tomb

But she walks alone...

Mists swirl around her
as the battle
rages on

Mortal men
are wise
to honor
or flee her

She has the power...

The power
to heal
to protect
to choose...

To choose
life or death
for you
Celtic Goddess
  Aug 2017 Hayden S
Has black wings,
and dusty feathers.
Brings dire winds
and awful weather.

Flies in packs,
dark news wearer.
The skies rats,
heavens tearers.

The grim  shadow,
Morrigan's arrows.
With greed they'll shallow,
and feast on the gallows.
Hayden S Aug 2016
peeking through
slowly, carefully
through the cracks
in my brain
the cracks
of reality

how would it feel
being present in
my mind and my body
feeling real, feeling safe
my brain is vicious,
seeping poison running
through black tinted veins

i am Alice
falling down the hole
Hayden S Aug 2016
you wish that you could fix everything
but you are just one human living one flawed existence
you've made your mistakes
and I can't believe you managed to do this

you left the girl who wrote i love you's in the snow and kissed your cold lips for six months over an ill-conceived thought formed by the disease devouring your brain

you let the impulsive mania take over
quickly devour all the love that she had for you
all of the time she gave to you
and spit it all back in her face

and left me with the mess that you made
i wrote this a while back, we have since gotten back together and are coming up on one year
  Aug 2016 Hayden S
They come in waves.
Kamikaze planes or
lovely flowers and sweet lullabies.
Blood boils,
slapping against my skin,
My love is seasonal,
It won't stay.
Don't expect anything from me.
You will be bitterly disappointed.
I've been super bipolar lately. I'm sorry to all of my friends.

— The End —