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I'm the wind you feel on your skin,
The burn you're feeling within,
The hate engulfing your heart,
The pain that's making its mark,

Sparkin a flame in your brain while you sit in the dark,
Makin' its way to you, change or I'll rip you apart,

Tame it,
Quit complainin,
I'm stayin,
I'm the idea behind everything that you're sayin,

You think that you're free but you're mine,
I'm the evil inside deceiving your mind,
You keep thinking you're believing a lie,
But in time you'll see that I'll lead you to life,

Without me you'd be incomplete,
Face it, it's meant to be,
Take it, depend on me,
Everything you thought you knew,
Erase it and leave the rest to me,

Open the door to your mind and let us in,
You've been chosen to endure a new life you'll never comprehend,

So here we are,
I'm in your head,
And I'll be there until the end,

To whisper in your ear,
Grippin you with fear,
The shift in every gear,
The pain in every tear,

Your influence in movement,
Uninvited improvement,
To undermine you, intrudin',
Run inside you, confusin'-

I'm stuck in a mental loop,
Drink blood from the devil's spoon,
Breathe but need drugs to help it soothe,
Feel the need to speak up but don't know who to tell it to,

Listenin to whispers while it slithers in your thoughts,
See me pourin rivers cuz he hits you when he talks,

So here we are,
You're in my thoughts,
On and on it goes and never stops,

Blossom like a rose and birthed from death,
Crawl on burning coals, it hurts to sweat,

I'm caught in an endless fight,
Take my life in the breathless night,
Maybe I should repent this time,
Before I go completely blind,

Is it life or is it death?
Is there light in eternal rest?
All these questions feed my head,
Will I ever sleep again?

Why the **** do I need a test?
Life's just better when we pretend,
Cuz when it's not what it is,
Maybe I can deal with this ****** ****,

It hurts to think,
These are more than just words to me,
Maybe we can learn through dreams and define the true feeling of what burning means,

You make death so appealing,
But then again it depends on the feeling,
Make me believe that this place is worth it,
So that I can fulfill my painful purpose,

You can never know too much-

So what's it gonna be?
Come with me,
I'll make you what you wanna be,
But nothins free,
You'll have to pay,
Let's make a trade,
I'll make it all go away-
In case you don't figure it out,
The first part is the demon, second is me, and the short part at the end is also the demon...thanks for reading.
Mirrors reflecting
The cages within
Truth behind
Curtains of sin
I told you over the phone
That you were as beautiful
As the stars that dotted the sky
But you lived in a big, bright city
And could only see a few dozen
While I could see thousands
You couldn't know the half of it
So I told you over the phone
That you were as beautiful
As the stars in your new lover's eyes
And you finally understood
"Normally, about 2,500 individual stars are visible to the human eye without using any special equipment. But because of light pollution, you actually see just 200 to 300 from today’s suburbs, and fewer than a dozen from a typical city." How sad is that?
it's the way
you look
at me
that ignites
a fire
so intense
it could burn
an entire

its been a while. haha. :>
 Oct 2014 Havannah Myburgh
We lost the time,
the hours,
that were once ours
those moments of time can never be traced,
they can never be replayed
were they ever there?
time doesn't care,
and we proved that right,
by showing the same,
we lacked the strength,
to allow our hearts to show its nakedness,
our love,
the feeling that once shone out like light day in and day out.
so we left,
we walked away locking away our hearts in chains,
to never open up again,
we walked away with bare hands,
bare hearts,
bare minds,
bare, hours, secs spent in vain.
we lost time for each other.
 Oct 2014 Havannah Myburgh
Everyone said that I have commitment issues...
That I'm too scared to fall in love...
That I think I'm better off alone...

They just have no idea,
That your voice still echoes through my mind...
That the mark of your fingerprints still lingers on my heart...
 Oct 2014 Havannah Myburgh
When you
Are no longer
To someone
Who made you feel
Like you are
The most special
People do change.

20W :)

Not my usual. This one is quite sad and heartbreaking. Just tried to write something different. Anyways, thanks for reading ;)
If you looked closely,
You might notice,
The dark circles under her eyes,
The creases in her forehead.

If you paid attention,
You might notice,
Her bitten down fingernails,
The dead look in her eyes.

If you really looked at her,
You might notice,
The tear streaks beside her eyes,
The tiny scars on her arms.

If you watched her,
You might notice,
The way she looks sad when someone says love,
The frown she wears when no one is watching.

But if you didn't pay attention,
You would see,
A kind, humorous, and loving girl
Who has so much ambition.
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