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I wake up to realize that it was only a dream, a nightmare, an forgettable memory… Its strength reduces as long as a minute increases and it’s all gone too early.
  I open my eyes to realize that I am just all right, all by myself on two sides bed…getting over you, I think I am just fine without you. Still smell your sweet sent on my pillow, I won’t wipe it away, I’ll wash as long as it getting disgusting~  
I took a step to the bathroom, while I was brushing my teeth I encountered your teeth-brush which you forgot to take with you last time you were here…I took it and threw it into the garbage... I insist it is too late! And It is completely over, why would I be that stupid to live on your things and memory?!
I put some make up on and dress up to be ready for a funny day, I put that perfume you liked  and once you smell it you will be randomly thinking of me… I know you hate perfumes, and you like it the fact I don’t use them, anyways Love and kiss!
Once I get myself into the district, I smile to the breeze; I hug the air, which carries the odor of spring flowers… Hey! What a lovely day, still I can’t see you…
I check my watch and then look up at the shinning sun, feel the gentle rays tickling my face, I love the blue sky; it inspires me to draw…. Do you miss me because I don’t…not anymore^^
I enter to a café and make out with the first warm gentle coffee cup my lips met, I gaze at the street and smile to every gentleman passed me by. Do you get jealous now? You don’t have too, I am not yours and I never was ;)
Oh you hear this melody, this song, oh yeah! Our favorite song, I still enjoy it! Do you? I guess I’ve written its lyrics on your wall! Oh and I am sorry my memories and my last signs, perfume your entire flat… Each place in this city has a series of our story, each place symbolizes you and I, so do you think we are meant to be together after all? huh I don’t think so…not anymore.
I guess if you break a promise, you are not brave enough to defend this love! So I let it all, I give up… I give up on someone I thought I’m in love with, however, I was in his love alone… Someone who forgets about my birthday, who is not there when I carry all world’s weight on my shoulder, someone who doesn't appreciate me being there, who don’t even share…
It is sweet how you were fighting to get me in your hands while all what you were struggling for was my ego to be down…to get me on your bed, people don’t struggle for ***, perhaps animals do!
I know now that we are done but as you tortured me, I will torture you in my dreams and my writings so you will be recalled of me anyhow ;)
Together, forever…Ops is not you, it’s me and my dreams guy! My love and my destiny, we are walking together in a flawless garden in heaven. Holding each other’s hands and kissing warm kisses thanking the nature, which was all the time beside us… Hey! Are you okay in your darken world? I am worry!
The night has come and I am here sitting on the rooftop waiting for it, a date with fate, I hold my sheet and the cup of coffee you gave me once… I beam to the stars we used to count and the moon I hated because of you… remember those pretty nights? I cried for your depart but I realized that you are not my soul mate. We were just a piece of our memories, filling gaps of time! :/  
I finished… To be continued ^^
Let's meet again
In a different time, in a different place
Let's fall in love over again properly
In a gentle way so you won't hurt me
Let's meet again and live~~
Mother of love.
I love you
I’m sorrowful
I hurt you
Stay by my side
Give me your *****
Give me your hands
I want to be held by your foundation
I need to cry on your shoulder
Don’t leave, please stay
I want to hear your words
Whispers in silence
Touch me wild
You are the only true love I had
The only one who cares for me
I miss you
Take me with you
Never let me away
I deserve a mother love
I worth to see you around
Anytime I weep my tears
Looking at you will melt those sorrows away
Every time I come with a certificate
And announce my success
Share with you my top moments
And hide behind you
When my eyes shows the fear
Laid my head on your knees
To be told a fairytale
Mother No one can take your place
In My heart either in Paradise
I love you
You are not a memory to remember
You will always stay in my mind
And stuck in my brain
from the anthology: Bad-Dream
I knew it indeed, I was a tool.
I knew that your eyes carried a lot, another woman indeed.
I took the plunge as a body not a soul.
I don't have a heart, that is all.
Why did I cheat that pure love?!
to recall, to remember that love is incomplete, nor perfect neither loyal?!
I wanted to have fun no more.
to hurt myself and write, to write no more!
I didn't desire your cursed kisses or your fake whispers.
Thus, I wanted to hurt myself, cut my heart into pieces and broke the mirror!
to realize the fact I am a human being at last.
I am a dreamer in the land of reality! in the reality!
Liar! I would be called if I rambled on, I wasn't affected by this sad memory.
And, that my one and only mistake was a doubt, a truth, a story without any morals and themes....
Heart was not broken simply because it has no words .... words bled on my blog....Lovers lived together trivial love story No more !
We met.
Two lost souls
In the same side of the river
I looked to the reflection of the water
I saw the blue sky
The white clouds
And my pretty face on the truthful mirror...
Then I saw your face pure was that skin
Your blue eyes
An angel fell from the highest sky?!
Oh I'm in love with you
Not because you were sophistically beautiful or imagenary true.
It was the charmness of your brighten eyes
The hidden hurt you behold
I was chosen to carry it away
A mission from the lord
to make you feel delighted again
I want to live with the nature.
Oh... Only Nature.
I want to leave far away, leave this place for good! Move to another area where I can find my lost soul.
I want to discover my destiny which I can't behold.
I want to be alone so no one can disturb my priorities.
So I can feel relax and I can breathe in the Noisy silence.
Raise my hand to none and get the rest I want.
I want to feel no feeling but -sadppy-.
I want to find no love and feel no sympathy .
To look at the darking sky and bethink in the beautiful moon,
Watch the powerful light of the magical stars.
Breathe the pure Oxygen, the plants on earth offer me.
Touch the golden sand with my bared feet.
Look at the natural beauty of this hurt planet and pray to no Lord.
Because I'm the only Godess
Remember no memories but the story of The love I dreamed to fall in,
The illusional devotion my soft, innocent imagination bleeds in paper ever night.
Wait for no one!
Dream of nothing.
Only Imagine to a beautiful end.
She was always hurt. She was always the one to blame. She was alone
She could not bear the way they treated her by.
She was walking in that crowded place, seeing lights melting with tears
Hearing loud laughs and remembering the pain
She was crying flood of tears
Suddenly she couldn’t feel the world
Walked as a ghost in the crowdie road
Cars were coming too fast; they hit her body and set free her desperate soul
She stood still in the middle of the traffic jam
Her beautiful sad eyes could tell the story of her gloom
She was hurt till she couldn’t take a stand anymore
To end her life, would be the perfect thing she hoped
She opened her eyes and saw the light shining up
Angles were holding her gently, taking her to a heavenly place
It hurts
it hurts when you walk alone in a crowded place
Seeing lovers pass by, glance at them, move on and smile
It hurts, the fact that she was beaming to the destiny
A destiny betrayed her, promised her of happiness,
He ran away!
It hurts when she was walking into the hallway
Hearing laugher of ghosts and banshees making fun of her soul
It hurts because she was an innocent dreamer
The devil pushed her into the real world
Smile a second and weep million years
The joy for her comes a moment and forever disappears
It took too long, to bury her bones in the ground
Where she finally could easily take a breathe
Feel nothing but a complete strong relief
It hurts she could endure all the dreadful words
The fake smiles, delusional promises and realistic ghosts
She was always a cute oppressed
Lonely and depressed but pure
She was never strong but weak
Like a flower grows lonely on the deserted high hill
Hidden its beauty under the cover of a bad girl
“Don’t judge people, don’t look at their clothes or smiles and start to assume! There are always many hidden things, under their manifest personalities; there are hidden souls. I am lucky to have the opportunity to see it. I have a sense that makes me see what others can never see. Why I am always nice to people even if they hurt me? Simply because I see the good in them and I do not see the bad, since I always gaze at their eyes, I believe eyes are the center of a human being not his heart or even his crazy mind. Eyes can tell me what he/she is putting out of sight ”
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