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Jan 12 · 192
Harsha ravi Jan 12
I have never liked fictional stories
Their fake and illogical inventories
The possibility of stories never turning into reality
Despite the temporary moments of glee
Eating up children's wild imagination it lives
The pointless hope it gives
I have never liked fictional stories
Sep 2018 · 212
Harsha ravi Sep 2018
There was a time where gifts mattered more than time.
There was a time where the number of friends mattered more than the kind.
There was a time where taste mattered more than the fulfillment.
There was a time where grades mattered more than character.
There was a time where looks mattered more than the heart.
There was a time where self mattered more than another.
There was a time where our minds changed and our priorities shifted and that was the time we matured.
As we grow older our behavior changes as we understand things a little better, not completely, and that is when what used to mean alot starts to lose its significance.
Jul 2018 · 349
At the age of
Harsha ravi Jul 2018
At the age of 12 my aunt said
" No one is going to marry you if you stay this skinny."
She laughed as I felt ****.
At the age of 13 my grandmother said
" Your teeth, they are not right you must fix it"
They nodded in agreement shooting me down with another bullet.
At the age of 14 my mother said
" Your skin is too dark, make it lighter"
She passed a ****** pack as I scrubbed my skin as hard as sandpaper.
At the age of 16, my great uncle said
" Your eyes are huge, go for a reduction surgery maybe?"
My heart sank as I rushed to save every dollar, every penny.
At the age of 17, I said to myself
" You are filthy, not worthy of a second look, not worthy of finding happiness, not worthy of getting married"
I realised my worth was decided, my abilities were limited and my future was cursed at the age of 12, very young indeed.
Parents don't realise every word they say impacts their children in more than 1 way, this is just how my family has affected me. Words do hurt people, we need to be careful of things we say.
Jun 2018 · 401
"She deserved it"
Harsha ravi Jun 2018
He touched her
This random stranger
His rough hands slid up her bare thigh
He wandered higher causing his desire to amplify
She gasped and shuddered
His words making her feel more revolted
She pushed and she ran
Picking her burqa up with her hand
They turned and the spoke
All these women who saw everything as a joke
"She deserved it" one said
For what she was wearing proved just that.
A girl gets ***** and the fault often falls on her. " She was dressed like a ****, she deserved it." No she did not that is not how **** works, people need to learn before accusing the victim.
May 2018 · 177
Send Help
Harsha ravi May 2018
Send help it's too cold
Send help for my broken soul
Send help all that is left is mere
Send help for there is no one here
Send help for I am not living
Send help I am barely surviving
Send help this is too much to bear
Send help this pain I can share
When things get too hard all you need is a little support, a little help.
May 2018 · 55
Harsha ravi May 2018
Maybe we were meant to love those who don't reciprocate
Maybe its the chase
The outcome is not appealing as its process
I know this
But why is it that I can't give up
Why do I still want this although I will leave
I want this not because I love you
I love the process of getting to you
and I will love it with others who come after you.
Apr 2018 · 54
One and Only
Harsha ravi Apr 2018
He didn't go back to her because she was beautiful.
He didn't go back to her because he was treated badly by his new woman.
He didn't go back to her because she was there when he was lonely.
He didn't go back to her because he loved the way she stood up for herself.
He went back to her because he there was no else for him but her.
He went back to her because she was his soulmate
His one and only.
Mar 2018 · 387
Warm Latte
Harsha ravi Mar 2018
We sat at your favorite Persian cafe.
My hand wrapped around the coffee mug while the other interlaced with yours, somehow feeling warmer.
We walked out that day into the toasty September air, you looked at me and your eyes were as brown.
Your pearly smile filling my heart up.
And as we stopped right in front of the crystal blue sea and my toes met the water, you wrapped your hands around me blanketing me with comfort.
And at that very moment as I leaned back into you I remembered just what you reminded me of.
You reminded me of sipping on a cup of warm latte on a chilly december night.
Jan 2018 · 144
Younger me
Harsha ravi Jan 2018
I miss the younger me, she who was comfortable wearing whatever she liked.
I miss the younger me who believed in prince charming and a heartfelt love.
I miss the younger me who craved to grow up and make my own choices.
I miss younger me who was allowed to cry when she fell down.
I miss the younger me who found everything interesting.
I miss the younger me who had hope for a better and brighter future.
I miss the younger me.
Jan 2018 · 95
Dear Friend
Harsha ravi Jan 2018
Dear friend,
You, who I have never spoken to
You who I can never possibly speak to
You whom I shed tears for this morning
How have you been?
Has anyone asked you how you are feeling lately?
Had anyone noticed your absence?
Are these questions getting you tired?
I believe so
Afterall these questions murdered you, literally
These questions who do not understand the importance of life have left you strangled and dead at such a young age.
So, dear friend, I hope you are happier.
and dear friend, I promise to make your absence to good use.
When young teenagers suicide when they do not get their expected results it kills me. Human life means nothing more than good grades today and no one is doing anything to address it.
Jan 2018 · 172
Harsha ravi Jan 2018
Water rushed down his throat almost as fast as the waves that hit them.
His vision blurred  but he could see her face clear as day, smiling.
It was then he noticed that her smile wasn't a happy one it was sorrowful.
It was asking, begging really for him to hold on.
But his fingers had other aims.
His salty tears became one with the ocean as his wrinkly numb fingers slip off his only chance of survival.
"Please, help" he cried but to no avail.
No avail as they claimed they couldn't hear him. They claimed they couldn't hear the thousands pleading.
They couldn't hear because they weren't listening.
They were too caught up in their own filthy agenda.
They were too caught up making their hands ***** to "build houses" in which these loud people would not get to live in.
100 fishermen have went missing in the cyclone ockhi but the government has barely seen to be doing anything. Families are abandoned and children are crying for their dads. Does human life not mean anything anymore.
Dec 2017 · 265
New year
Harsha ravi Dec 2017
I walk down the lane of misery for the last time this year
Reminiscing my failures
I watch my hard work float away like my lovers who promised to stay.
The self-doubt however lingers
The confidence diminishing like the seconds to a new year
The new year of little significance
For we all know we will never change
We will face the same doubts
We will cry for the same reason
We will fight the same battle
and we will never learn
Not this time, not this year, not this new year
pessimistic much?
Dec 2017 · 495
Harsha ravi Dec 2017
That night the air smelt like cotton candy
The lights a kaleidoscope
I could taste the saltiness of the air
My toes burning from the warm sand
I remembered everything that day
Especially you
Your eyes sparkled like those fairy lights
Your lazy smile, so effortless
Your soft brown hair tousled up by the wind or my hands I couldn't tell
And in that moment it was like everything except for you went out of focus like in a new HD camera.
Nov 2017 · 197
Harsha ravi Nov 2017
Everyone fails, right? Wrong.
No one is allowed to fail, not in my house
Failure is a sin, not a stepping stone.
Failure is a curse, a profanity
Failure kills
and maybe that's why I want to fail so badly
Oct 2017 · 260
Harsha ravi Oct 2017
She has tried her hardest not always but often
She falters on occasions not often
She wants him to see how much she has done
She wants him to stand by her side when she is not at her best
She knows he is willing to do it sometimes not often
She knows that he feels sick just looking at her
She knows that he can't stand her
So, she backs away into silence right beside him
Right where he can see
Because unlike him she would stay at his worst
She would die for him always not often
Been a long time since my dad talked to me, might be a surprise because we live under the same roof
Oct 2017 · 213
Harsha ravi Oct 2017
She was art. The kind that is exquisite and captivating yet cheap as no one, not even he who made her could see how much she was worth.
Oct 2017 · 182
Harsha ravi Oct 2017
She counts the cost of each grain before she buys
She robotically ignores things priced too high
She so badly wants the supermarket flowers
She places them back reluctantly as it's above her budget
I stare in dismay
I stare in annoyance
I complain takes forever to shop
I ramble how we can't buy the things I want
I realise that's all I ever did
I never stopped to realise that she is doing it for us
But all I hope is someday I get to buy her all the supermarket flowers she wanted.
I hope that someday I will take her to shop without her fearing of spending too much
Oct 2017 · 198
Harsha ravi Oct 2017
Sometimes I cry for no reason
The simplest things stress me out
I get so stressed and the dumbest tasks
and no one, not even my parents can understand why
The claim its an excuse for my irrational behavior but is it?
I get labeled as the angsty girl
who gets angry at everything?
Is it my fault? or is it anxiety's?
She never gets blamed
She is a burden the kind that you cant get rid off easily
The kind that weighs you down for the rest of your life
The kind that drowns you
Sep 2017 · 390
Fear is our bestfriend
Harsha ravi Sep 2017
My dad always told me I was useless
At times like this I believe him
Could have stood up for him
Could have pushed the kids who hurt him away
Could have, could have, could have I could but I didn’t
I didn’t because I was scared
Fear is our worst enemy they say
I think fear is our best friend
He stops us from doing things that we shouldn’t
Because if I stood up for him that day
He would not have learned to fight for himself
At least that’s what I say to ease my guilt
The guilt I got after listening to my best friend.
Listening to only what he said
My thoughts are all over the place i apologise
Aug 2017 · 185
Harsha ravi Aug 2017
Words, do you use them to tear others down?
Words, do you use them to make others feel ****** about themselves?
These words, how does it not hurt to say these words to me?
These words, cannot be uttered by me because I know how much pain it inflicts.
These words, I never expected you to say
These words, I think about all **** day
These words hurt so much more when it comes from you, the person who I expect to say otherwise.
These words, that hurt me so much that I want to do exactly what you said. That is to die.
When your loved one says things you don't expect them to say to you. You can't help but feel so depressed.
Aug 2017 · 907
Harsha ravi Aug 2017
I made a child happy once - you failed to see it.
I pulled myself together quick after i was bullied - you failed to see it.
I was the top scorer once - you failed to see it.
I studied all night - you failed to see it
I stood up again and again when I was pulled down - but you failed to see it

I fell down once - you saw it
I took a break to escape my anxiety - you saw it
I broke down over my failures - you saw it
I stood alone not being able to converse  - you saw it

You only believed what you saw.
Hence, I wasn't surprised when you saw me as a failure
Parents just seem to see the worst things that you do sometimes
Jun 2017 · 326
Harsha ravi Jun 2017
They say be your own kind of beautiful
But what if I am not
What if the person who said so had the courage only because they were beautiful.
Whereas I am not
" Oh my God you look so pretty," they say to my friend. Not to me.
Because I am not.
" What is on the inside is what matters," she said.
Then why do I still get left behind?
Because I am not
"Your heart is beautiful," he said.
But what if I want to be beautiful on the outside too.
But I can't
Because I am not
I am nowhere near. So far. Far away from beautiful.
Can't build confidence. I can only build walls to conceal. Conceal emotions and ugliness.
Because I am not beautiful at all.
We can not always live in our dream world where life is nothing but perfect. Because when reality hits you hard this is what that happens.
Jun 2017 · 223
She Shouldn't
Harsha ravi Jun 2017
She couldn’t fight when her father didn’t want her home
She couldn’t fight when her mother told her not to roam
She couldn’t fight when they “married” her off to another man
She couldn’t fight when he left her to pursue his lifelong plan
She couldn’t fight when she held her crying 1 year old
She promised herself to be bold
She stood up to the world, the world that said she couldn’t
She fell back down when they said a she shouldn’t
Jun 2017 · 269
Harsha ravi Jun 2017
Why did I choose not to do it?
I could have taken the easy way out.
I could have lied and faked a smile.
We could have gone anywhere together.
But I didn't want to go anywhere I wanted to go somewhere.
Maybe that's why I didn't do it.
I didn't apologise.
I did not want to be there, that somewhere, no.
I didn't want to be there with you.
Again broken af. words just flow when you can't feel anymore amirite.
Jun 2017 · 938
Harsha ravi Jun 2017
Was it easy to let go?
Was it easy to leave me drowning on my own?
Did you not feel anything?
Did you not feel like you were suffocating?
Because I did
Every step I took  it got harder to breathe
Easier at the same time too
Did you feel that as well?
I am sure you didn't
Maybe that is why you left me behind
Behind to fight for us alone
I took 5 mins to write this. I guess heartbreaks makes you think fast.
Dec 2016 · 344
We'll play hide and seek
Harsha ravi Dec 2016
“We’ll play hide and seek” he said
The only thing that she most dread
He hid as usual
This game was brutal
She searched for awhile
Knowing this is going to be her lifestyle
She couldn’t find him this time
This game should be a crime
She didn’t understand what happened this time round
She didn’t understand he didn’t want to be found
Harsha ravi Dec 2016
She can’t walk alone
Her skin could not be shown
Her knowledge is useless
Her success is fruitless
Her earnings are not well off
She cannot trough
Her legs should not be spread
She shall not lie in any men’s bed
She better be home by six
If not she would be considered as ******* *****
Her opinion never mattered
Her dignity should never be scattered
Her thoughts and body should be innocent and pure
She shall not be dressed well otherwise she has someone to lure
Yet she smiles to herself as she wanders the dark alley
79th street valley
Her fingers intertwined with hers
Dollar bills over flowing her purse
She lies sprawled on the dead street her hands pulling at her risen skirt
Tugging at her girlfriend’s shirt
She munches on the Coney dog famous in Michigan
Leans over and whispers “at least there is 1 rule I have not broken”
Dec 2016 · 681
Give a little time to me
Harsha ravi Dec 2016
Give a little time to me
I will sort it out
Give a little time to me
I will turn around
Give a little time to me
I will make it out
Give a little time to me
It’ll choke down
Give a little time to me
I’ll get about
Just hold on now
I’ll be there
Maybe not as soon
I’ll find my way.

— The End —