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17/F/USA    I tend to write spoken word poetry about many different topics.
Logun Alexander Johnson
14/M/Nowhere and everywhere.    Most of my poems have a darker side. I only post poems when I have time to post. You can read my poetry here, or ...
In the dark woods.    This is the blood I give so the moon will have something to shine on. All rights reserved.
Eisyah Roslan
F/Malaysia    Thank you
lydia inez melendez
26/F/Outer Space    Lydia Inez
elle jaxsun
26/Non-binary/🏜    insta @ellejaxsun
17/M    Too Old
julia rose
13/F    hi, uh that little angel in my profile picture is my dog and i love him a lot. i'm also a trainwreck but that's okay
20/F/Kent, United Kingdom    Welp
18/F/Maldives    for you & me --- the ones with the hearts beating in carols of sadness
Surbhi Dadhich
16/F/India    The deep crests and troughs of my heart led me to the electric signals down the brain where I found nothing unusual except your revelations ...
Pearl smoke
22/F/los Angeles    Blinded in love. Drowned in drugs. Toxic Life . Now Sober & recovering from a broken heart . 22 & I strive to move forward ...
Benji James
30/M/The Batcave    Hello, I am Benj. I mostly write lyrics. Sometimes I attempt other forms of poetry and writing. Always like to keep those creative juices flowing. ...
Deb Jones
F/California    I love writing. My writings are confessional poetry. I write them in one go and they do ramble. I rarely go back and edit one. ...
22/F/India    Hi, My poetry conveys the shifts and changes that people generally face in day to day life. Some let you think a little. They are ...
Eliot York
33/M/NM    Hello, hello. I mostly write about hepo, though I've added a few of mine below too. I like personal messages, and aim to respond to ...
Constance van Niekerk
South Africa
Guadalupe Meza
19/M/Florida    I am a very kind and caring person.
caroline royer
hazem al jaber
52/M/Jordan    welcome to my poem`s world ... it`s me ... and i write only what i feel ... Words of Love can be powerful motivators hazem ...
Meldon D'Souza
18/M/Bangalore    Writes on topics of utmost relevance with regard to the course of personal events that take/have taken place.

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