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4.1k · Dec 2013
Motorcycle emptiness
Harriet Maguire Dec 2013
If you'd asked me on the way,
My shoulders burning,
Jeans wet,
I'd have said I was alive.
I held on for a grim death,
But it never came,
You held those corners
So well,
The back end slipping out.
You're a good kid.
Today was as good a day as any
To nearly die.
Harriet Maguire Jun 2014
We are the hokey cokey generation.
Drinking cheap wine,
playing scattergories and smoking joints.
Watching major league wars.
Kissing strangers,

*******, baking, roller skating.
2.5k · Jul 2014
Solar flare
Harriet Maguire Jul 2014
Like Pocahontas,
(But with saddle bags).
Center parting.
White jeans,
Grey staffy,
(Not hers, but still).
Great Western.
Whistles & high viz.
"Change back"
Waving from the back of a bus.
Short tempered,
In a **** dress.
Between the pair of them.
Sorry that was my father talkin'
"They might check it on the train?"
Velcro ****
Excuse me.
2.2k · Jul 2014
Child euthanasia
Harriet Maguire Jul 2014
A child lies dreaming of sheep,
the bitter ache of bone marrow,
Fields of tissue.
Dying at a faster rate,
than the galloping pace,
Of normal growth.
Parents begging
for miracles.
That don’t involve
the longest sleep.

When God only knows
what they wont wish.
With peering looks
The cruellest release.
Belgium begged the answer,
and gave them the gift
of aborting that which cannot
be imported.

In the 5th degree.
How their little ones death warrant
will be signed by the King.
As a childs voice,
begs for lego
and an end to the pain.

Immature souls
can only credit to those who,
In fits
(not dissimilar to those endured),
Of passion.
Brought their blood together,
in innocence
To suffer catheter,
Iron lung.

Who will administer the saline?
Death sentences spoken across
political halls.
Echoing in mausoleums.

Men who know nothing of the pain
a child accepts
as norm.

When the norm is terminal.
1.7k · Aug 2014
Harriet Maguire Aug 2014
A thistle, a burr.
Caught in my chest like some infection.
A deep welt,
Biting like open mouthed affection.
Some hell,

I’ll see you on the other side.

Come closer sweet love.
I'll breathe it into some confession.
Cup of tea?

Apology on tip of tongue.
Tied like some *** crime victim.
My hell,

There their.
Forget I said anything at all.
1.5k · Mar 2014
Fantasie Impromptu
Harriet Maguire Mar 2014
I will never understand
How counter culture
Became popular culture
Maybe it is consumerism
All that is purchased over counter
Becomes popular.
Is that how the bar ****** fly?
****** addict chic
Tramps backpack full circle
Camo pants retailing at
The price of a warhead
When did the fringes fold in?
How did the Outkast
Get number one?

What do you do?
To keep 'cool'?
To stop the sunlight streaming in?
1.5k · Jan 2014
Clanging (word salad)
Harriet Maguire Jan 2014
I over thought
Rubbed a hole
In my mind
It all falls out
Like change
***** penny
Copper, supper?
The words come
But not how they
Lid open
I'm doing it again aren't I?
It makes me a better suet
**** I can  do this.
****, kiss, liss-
Thats what we shall call it.
When the words come
With piebald sides
And no one but me
Can keep up with what i meant.
I like it on the hinge
Scissors cutting
My hair needs a blim
Like the one in my coat sleeve
Thats it.
No wait I meant
I think?
And the hole
The exact shape
And molar,
Of my galloping
1.4k · Dec 2013
So Sister
Harriet Maguire Dec 2013
So sister
What do we have here,
The blood we share,
The milk we spilt,
The hairs we split.
Bickering and boiling
Me in the back
You in the front,
With that grey jelly babies t shirt on.
The taste of soap
I thought was chocolate
Stolen from your room.
Inexplicably cool
You were to me
At ages when it hurt to be
Jelousy and sibling rivalry
Could never get between.
The ‘us’ and ‘we’
That sisters are.
1.4k · Dec 2013
God is
Harriet Maguire Dec 2013
God is a blown out tire.
a hiccup when you meant to sneeze.
God is an astronaut.
A multi storey car park.
A culinder
a towing hitch.
God is a prosthesis.
God is an audiobook
a citronella tea light in June.
Are you getting it yet?
God is phone signal
mismatched cutlery.
A splinter
God is the washer left over
After assembling flat pack furniture
God is a for sale sign
Outside an old friends house.
A phone call at 4am
a pencil sharpener.
God is bottled water.
a cleared throat.
The tab on milk bottle tops.
God is backspace
God is "you're just in time".
Limescale at the bottom of your cup.
God is blinking
God is tripping over your feet
God is shot in game
God is "your gonna be ok"
1.3k · Apr 2016
The Crimson Wrong
Harriet Maguire Apr 2016
That sharp uptake of air, breath.
Shaken awake you wonder?
A draught?
Maybe, please?
As you panic search
For a clue.
A window open in the bathroom maybe?
Or maybe it was your imagination?
Or perhaps...
The crime drama clink and ****** of
Broken glass.
The familiar mechanics
Of your back door lock?
Fear grips you.
You lie full of breath and wait
And pray and wait
Pray and wait.
You strain ears into an artex ceiling.
You must have imagined it?
A tired minds trick!
That's all it was.
A different deep breath and
You resign yourself to sleep.
The dark eases as you do,
Your eyelids drawn curtains
To the waking world.
Your mind strolling casually
Stopping to smell poesy's,
Or think on tomorrow's breakfast,
Turning stones with a trainer toe.
Till your almost there...
And back it snaps you!
On red alert!
It wasn't a thief!
That last stone you turned
Wasn't a stone!
But a brick.
With the glistening still warm flesh
Of that frog you killed.
Aged 9.
A memory you wish was dead of night
Men stealing through your house.
Instead of truth.
The thought of that time when
You tripped or cried.
Or ****** stained your pale school skirt
And Izzy Flemming told the boys
You were ripe?

Quick they come!
Those forgotten scenes
Tucked away in the minds mass grave
Turfed over until just now,
With paparazzi flash bulb speed they come,
If only they would lie flat so you could sl-
That belch during mass too!
As every head seemingly swung,
To stare your Crimson cheeks down.
The chronology is wrong
But it was always wrong wasn't it?
Your Wrong
And for a second you wish
You were being burgled.
But you are...
Sort of.
Not by masked men in jack boots
But by memories you can't repress.
The pit of your stomach sits up in bed.
You let out a sigh,
An almost silent 'oh'
As your brain dregs up
The canal rusted bike frame
Of your inadequacy.
Sleep will escape you
And that artex ceiling will stare back.
It's paper mâché patterns
Have eyes now.
Every wrong you ever wronged,
And every right you took,
When you should have headed left,
Will blush in the dark.
As your brain, a hardened criminal
Uses your heart as a crow bar
To jimmy open the garage door,
Where all your failings are parked.
Still working on it...
1.1k · Feb 2014
Harriet Maguire Feb 2014
Jazz piano
The sound of hail
I can taste it.
My muscles ache with it

The dogs been sick
I don't know this
I just know
It's six o'clock somewhere
But not in here.
Death rattle
The same gravel noise
As the aspirin bottle.

I can smell her
Toast and marmalade
Hair red.
Like a nosebleed.

You devil.
You glorious devil.
1.1k · Dec 2013
The perfect girl.
Harriet Maguire Dec 2013
I dreamt you in a million sleeps
Id wake from you and in my dream lit
Would look down and what disappointment
You were not me
It was just dream
Where I walked upright, no shackles
No internal fight, no fear, no shame
It weighs me down almost but everyday.
I write drunk
But never edit sober
I can never bring myself to look upon
That perfect form
I wish I was
I wish I was
The woman in my dreams
Who speaks like rain
And listens.
Who sees through the eye of the storm
That I have tossed myself upon.
Let the wind rattle shutters
Cat *****, taup.
It would hurt less I’m sure
If i could not see the endless possibility.
The higher form.
Plato knew nothing of shadows
I know nothing of light.
872 · Sep 2014
Burnt tarmac
Harriet Maguire Sep 2014
Amalgamous plume of acrid smoke,
tendrils of gray,
With the same perfect snarl
as your upper lip,
Just up ahead,
You said.
A gaping hole,
My mouth caught by your eye.
Heavy lidded,
The edge of a pothole
Pointed out to me.
Burnt out reckage of an infermo
The likes of,
Dante had never witnessed.
That smile,
A cigarette burn
Sweet like a sloe.
You described in perfect detail,
the car fire that closed a road.
And 'A' car ride that rode my bones.
You *******.
You beautiful, beautiful ******* boy.

East or west the hills rolled,
post fertile, air clung warm
You pointed out the whine
of faulty clutch,
Maybe brakes?
(I didn't care).
When I could have sworn
that sound was the wind,
Through the hole recently blown
in my soul.

Sometimes I remember wrong
This time I forgot.

Thank you.

You beautiful, beautiful ******* boy.
825 · Mar 2014
Ochre furrow
Harriet Maguire Mar 2014
Ochre furrow across the fattest part of her upper arm.
Lines akin to a cattle grid at the abattoir.
I only saw because she insisted on helping move the ****** sofa.
When pressed she uttered in off hand
“Think on it as a mindless act of vandalism”.
Broken window theory in reverse? I had to admire her.

She made perfect sense
For a crazy person.
801 · Apr 2014
Contemplating (gravity)
Harriet Maguire Apr 2014
It was a Wednesday
Glass rim halo
A go go
Simply red on some stereo
From another room
Remind me this is real.
To beg
Is not to steal.
No one dropping by tonight.
Thank ****
So i drop out
Before the sun.
Before the street lights
Come on.
Yeah? That was it!

Stone plink, porcelain
So much for gravity.
795 · Apr 2014
Prayers for rain
Harriet Maguire Apr 2014
Lying awake at night
Dreaming of the day
We wake bathed in sunlight
Instead of the ****
We forgot to take,
Before climbing in the shower.
Is this is it?
Is this is it for me?
All of us
Knowing it is us,
1st person perfect
Who will squirt windex?
(Not me, no no no)
At plate glass.
Soap ****/***.
Tears, maybe
But i doubt it.
I was never a morning person.
Barely time to brush teeth
When the day is too long
To cry in the shower.
(When it would help to)
So we howl at night,
To various crescent orbs.
We twitch under cotton
And hold pillows
Like lovers,
Who would undoubtedly,
About our habits
Dripping wet towels,
Coffee rings on ottomans,
(**** in the cubicle).
If we were really perfect,
Deserving of affection,
I wouldn't need a slash
Everytime i hear running water.
Sorry for being
781 · Dec 2013
Spin cycle wet dream
Harriet Maguire Dec 2013
I dreamt of a girl (woman)
I was not asleep.
Not a sin.
But a sinner.
Older than me
But not wiser.
Pressed in paisley pyjamas.
She kissed me,
I loved her,
She loved me
And in that I saw safety.

Bend double foetal,
My hair a nest
She caressed
And told me I
Would be ok...
While the washer
Across the floor.
754 · Dec 2013
Ode to a crossing light.
Harriet Maguire Dec 2013
Sodium arc light blinking,
I thought you were a moon.
Not pock faced,
Nor teasing slither,
(Like some half open eye)
Perfect you were.
By your halo, separate
From your support.
All cat whisker a-glow
The sky your edifice.
A back-drop of pink
And gold spilt.
The sun setting behind you;
You didn't care.
Still you shone.
Your light pathetic really
As the gennies fired up.
You made the gas tower
An amphitheatre,
The rats, long legged shrews.
You walked me home,
The night I chose to leave.
744 · Dec 2013
One way to go
Harriet Maguire Dec 2013
Another day another molar.
Beef patty-ing my inside cheek.
Another night another squalor.
Bad dreams not remembered
Other than by heavy sweat,
Similar to pancake batter.

Another day another pound
Of flesh I’ve gained from lying here.
Another sheet, another pillow,
Propped against ***** mattress me.
My cerebellum smoothing out,
Like crayola by the storage heater.
Another window opened wide.
A pale attempt to let in ozone,
Pea soup, bird song, pale onion sky.
The planes I hear but cannot see,
Will drop bombs on N.Korea
If only in Klonopin dreams.

These are my concerns.
714 · May 2014
Jam, junk, Jerusalem.
Harriet Maguire May 2014
That wallpaper
Like pretty death.
Fleur des lis
‘flower lily’
Death by proxy.

We cant do this,
Whilst the welts still burn.
Jam red.
No amount of neck


Will roll down the waistband.
To show you Jerusalem,
Knee high.
694 · Sep 2014
Manic High
Harriet Maguire Sep 2014
Oil spots on driveways,
Soap ****,
Mirrors reflecting empty rooms,
Summer lilac.

Blue tac,
dog *****.
Pictures of John Travolta.
Shadows with sharp edges,

Swirl like
Artex ceilings,

at ten below.
Men in the corners

A train striding through a field.
Here I am.


“I think I’ll take a walk”
688 · Dec 2013
The other voices
Harriet Maguire Dec 2013
Upward inflection,
Like she wanted to know
If I was home,
If I could hear,
Testing water
Reading meter?
Middle aged,
Long hands,
Cheap coat,
Good shoes.
To the right,
Lintel high.
Scared witless.
**** ****
**** ****.
It’s ok.

It’s all in my head.
The other voices.
672 · Jan 2014
Hypocritic oath
Harriet Maguire Jan 2014
I will steal no more glimpses
Of your eyes,
Or the shape of your mouth.
Or imagine how our faces
Would look
On our first born.
I won't burn in the pit
Of my stomach
Every time your phone beeps
And its her (again)
4 years is a long time.
When I haven't known you a year.
I won't share your bed
Or turn over
Dehydrated, unable to spit a tanner
And watch you sleep.
I will not kiss your for’ed
Or sing ’74-75’
In the hope you'll share my love
Of that song.
It's all fun and games to you.
I can't see the humour in it
But only because
I don't want you anyway,
I'm just ******
Because you don't want me either.
It's silly really,
These metaphors.
When it all comes down to
Me, and hypocrisy.
668 · Dec 2013
Lying, sitting, standing
Harriet Maguire Dec 2013
Lying, sitting, standing.
None of which are comfortable.
Ache, after ache, after ache.
I stand, I sit.
In an attempt to comfort it.

Oh my lovely young bones.
To old to grow to naive to know.
Of arthritis, porosis.
It seems to fit.
That I should feel so unlit.
In bed, or chair, or crouch.
I know the strain is only from
Another position kept to long.
I know I know
I need to move again, to show.

It’s less about my bones.
And more or less about my head.
648 · Apr 2014
Carrick bend
Harriet Maguire Apr 2014
To drown on land,
Seems such a waste,
When I could be swimming,
Skimming stones, building
Golden sand retreats for the over 50's?
I am the cormorant slick with oil,
Capable of flight,
Apart from the sticky residue
Of some paraben past.

Awash, but not cleansed
By saline tears.
630 · Sep 2014
The price and currency
Harriet Maguire Sep 2014
Here we are.
Knees bruised
from prayer.
A market,
In the temple.
A kiss.
In a volvo.
We will make it though.
617 · Jan 2014
Secret ballot
Harriet Maguire Jan 2014
If all things pass into the night
Where does that leave us?
At the start or the end?
Me with your t shirt inside out
On the 7.37 train out of some backwater
Don't frown.
I don't get it either.
I’m not sorry.
I am your teiy follit
You are a spoilt paper.
& I won't apologise for anything.
586 · Dec 2013
Harriet Maguire Dec 2013
I know you know
I know that you know I know
So why pretend?
To pretend to pretend.
Don't apologise.
You'll be sorry for the ’sorry’s’
You've lied.
In the back of that taxi,
Back from the night that never happened
The night that should have been day?
Did I know about that too?
You did.
So that’s two.

I'm gonna chalk a line

Under you.
567 · Jul 2014
Stranger still
Harriet Maguire Jul 2014
Me all grit and salt sting,
fresh nettle rash,
ripped t-shirt.

Beer can crackle.
New freckle.
(like half ripe loganberries).
& wet eyes,
from staring at the sun.
Drying in the corners.

You, stranger,
Rib cage wide,
tobacco brown.
On some striped towel,
Washed too many times.
A saline drip tray,
for a frame
I can only see
if I squint long enough
at the corner of my sunglasses.
Harriet Maguire Sep 2014
The sky lit up for us.
The Devil is beating his (common law) wife.

While we smoke
surrounded by burnt ozone,
Like so many street lights,

I know the stars shine,
behind the swollen eye lids of clouds.
Fit to burst.
545 · Dec 2013
The birthday party
Harriet Maguire Dec 2013
Years from now you won’t remember
Your face a cherub halo glow,
6 candles for all your years.
I know more than one person (2)
Who wished for you.
At 6 you made more sense
than the 100 other years
In the room with you.
If we all said our wishes aloud
Just maybe, they'd come true
With a little more frequency.
Than once a year.
I know you will (we all do)
But never stop stopping to ask,
Questions like you did that day.
Only you are only you,
And we can't wish for anymore than that.
539 · Apr 2015
Earthed to ground
Harriet Maguire Apr 2015
You came home a comet,
lighting up our shared house.
I missed you like madness
whilst you went fortnight mad.

I knew from there on in,
just where we were going.
No second guessing us!
We are anyone's best guess.

We are technicolor,
bright blues, piebald teal
chrome fins flashing space.
In the gaps between stars.

I wanted to say it
"we are magic earthed to ground"
But I waited for you,
and it was worth the weight.
537 · Feb 2014
Sky as a kite
Harriet Maguire Feb 2014
I writhe against mattress.
My heart
A bird trapped
Beneath bedsheet.
My breast a pillow
For gravity.
I live between here
And reality.
Days lost
To dust motes
And patterns in
Bone china.
I am,
I am.
Come at me,
Green with envy.
Blue blooded.
Blood sport.
I win
Because I don’t need
Chemical interference
Mental indifference
Plane of conscience,
I know acid burns,
And coca cola
Spilt across synapse.
Who needs drugs
When you feel like this.
Breathing in.
I win.
I always win.
I ride the wave
And wash upon
Golden sand me.
The only
Is ****
That always floats
I’ll worry about
At next low
I love
Being alive
Its hard to write
But it means nothing
I feel
Nothing more.
Right now,
I am
In the eyes
Of God
I know,
But no one is
Right now
Than kite
Harriet Maguire Dec 2014
Shrapnel bickering,
Over pizza and door answering
Beatles the new year in

BBC 2 poetry.
My cheeks flushed high
I'm under this year;

Deleted history

Haiku laughter tracks,

                                     born slippy.
535 · Feb 2014
An object in motion
Harriet Maguire Feb 2014
I do nothing at high velocity
I sit here at 8 minute mile pace
The light speed at which
I sleep is laughable
150 million km from the sun
And even if i started now
I’d be lucky to reach the shower
Before lunch.
I have the audacity to presume
That the open heavens
(Pathetic fallacy in reverse)
Pin me to this bed raft
I am dry docked
With only dreams
Of dead voles and Peter pan
For company.
I promise today will be different
As I lift another drink,
& play the same song on repeat.
I couldn't break wind,
Let alone the herringbone
Of self righteous *******.
My speed is registered
not in mph but mg .
Washed down,
Washed out.
Like **** floating on high tide.
(Even dead fish make it)
I will be here if you need me.
But where will you be?
While I drift.
Live a life for me,
522 · Dec 2013
Harriet Maguire Dec 2013
Watching midnight mass,
At something bigger than myself.
It's alright.
Just don't listen to the words.
Don't listen.
Cloaks rolled in blood?
Mighty God,
Prince of Peace.
Just hold me so I might sleep.
512 · Sep 2014
Paralysis by analysis
Harriet Maguire Sep 2014
Soft as the breath of 'babes',
The strain in your traps.
A series of unfortunate coincidences.
Our lips stick,
Fly paper for the hairy black
of monkeys.

You apologise,

They get lost on me.
(Not the monkeys)

God help us no.

The “sorry” ’s.

Never apologise,
Never explain.
507 · Dec 2013
Harriet Maguire Dec 2013
Once again you've gone to bed
On an argument
And left my poor mother
On the sofa.
Like she should give thanks
That she is a dog
Allowed on the furniture.
I sometimes wonder
If you're on something?
You married her
Some 30 years ago
And still on birthdays
You're on her case?
You're on thin ice
If you hadn't noticed.
She’s stronger than you now
Her back a rod.
From so many nights in a chair
With the television on.
487 · Dec 2013
Pete Townsend
Harriet Maguire Dec 2013
White horses.
Couldn't drag me away.
Not with all the green snakes they have.
Lurking in their bellies.
No written word or painted scene.
No Who.
Or Stone.
Or Radio head.
Can save me from this madness.
476 · Apr 2014
Forgetting proper names
Harriet Maguire Apr 2014
Good Friday gooseflesh,
Black tea, breeze.
The psychopathology
Of everyday life.
467 · Feb 24
Feint blue lines
a red margin.
So crushingly lonely too.
It's not what I ever want for you.
For me to copy overleaf
wet with blue holes.
But oh God do I want for you.
So many nights I prayed
and now you're here.
The nib drags at the paper.
My copy book was right
and I pray some more
that you won't
for my poor handwriting.
422 · Apr 2014
Harriet Maguire Apr 2014
What i taste,
Might be lager
And acid reflux.
But I'm pretty sure its you,
Flicking ash.
Over the side
Of my single bed.
For want,
Of an ashtray
386 · Feb 2014
I am an apple
Harriet Maguire Feb 2014
Bruised arc of purple
(Just below my ear)
Mottled pattern
Of rotten flesh.
By gin and inhibition.
He was pleasant
Leaving beads of dew
Like it was dawn
Not the dead night .
I don't expect much now
The gentle wound
Of open mouthed kisses
Will fade.
Re-absorbed by my core.
I will harbour a worm
And my seeds
Will be doubt (mostly)
And self loathing.
And then I will be
Another fruit.
379 · Dec 2014
Sleep perhaps
Harriet Maguire Dec 2014

No one believes me
when I say it glows.

The dark swarms.
With dreams I've lived,

I cry to return.
Cheek on cotton,
Fidget, cramp,
Fight for breath
Sleep perhaps
A chance to rest.

I will dream it to be so.
344 · Jan 2015
Harriet Maguire Jan 2015
Our eyes catch fire,
Yours from the centre,

Mine from the corners.
A cutting blade never dulled by use.
Obtuse, but fair he comes for us all.
Fall forward on his scythe,
Wife brother friend, any other
Lover, mortal men know not.

Crucially, sparingly, cruelly, dumb.
Some by ladder fall, aneurism, stroke!
Choking, smoking, cancer growing
Sowing our fragrant folly!
Calmly toast to death himself!

Here here!

His skull and black cloaked hand remind us,
cuss-ing rib trapped hearts chest high,
Why the moments fleeting?
Greeting all we know as life,
The gift that must stop giving.
Like Atlas in alabaster dresses
With high collars you girls,
Hold up the almost dark.
Lanterns full of gold,
Carnation, Lily, Lily, rose.
As the sun sets eternal
You stand and will stand,
Seven and lost
In light and fragrant dew.
Your sisters nape exposed,
The same colour
As pale paper.
Juxtaposed by
Black stocking-ed feet,
In meadow grass.
Attempt at an Ekphrastic poem, inspired by John Singer Sargent 1885-6 'Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose'
201 · Mar 3
27 more
and I'll be 54.

Two of me
might just be,
But three I'm not so sure.
147 · Feb 18
Dog and Goat perform the wool rite,
A deluge of silver flashing forward.
South wind where best perch to weather?
Lie me basking in your splendour!

Cast around the hill back footed,
Sky clad before spent beech leaves.
New greens are flashing here and there,
A Frost that whitens morning air.

Storms blow to cleanse Her of her dying,
Him of sins inside Spring flowers.
Dance for it is time to plant new seed,
Luperci pressed in chick ****!

Exalt in stirrings deep as marrow,
Have dandelions mark the passing.
Though limbs of Oak hold up pale plaster,
The Summer comes in Springs soon after.
139 · Feb 7
Beep beep
I play chicken with the radio.
My crop suddenly stung
clucking in my
high throat no longer
stretched taught by laughter,
Or kisses bent back over shoulders.
No parting tongue

You're not coming back.

I should be glad (should)
but instead,
I play chicken with the radio.

Every love song now a car,
                            Speeding through,
My right of way.
My green light.

Beep beep.
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