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Harmony Mooney Jun 2014
Me, I am a radish peeling your skin. Hey. I know I just wanted to tell you what my thoughts were about your eyelashes and this turned into something much bigger than that. Maybe I should have filtered all of my existence into a cheese grater rather than your purple ****** heart beats. Baby. These are our bodies. How did we get here, to this place of ultimate intimacy from that palace? I shred my garden with twin fangs and you’ve got no fangs. I’m writing this down as fast as I can here we go.
Your eyes are castles piercing my supple brow. Blu grains are cinnamon and Gandalf kissed my younger years into this big weird heartache. Who am I? Your eyes are the destination.
Me, I am you in your glue. You are me by the sea. Seaweed said we’d whet our whiskers for the fancy first thirst. I’m craving something old and new. I am craving you. And here it is: a story for you my blu muse. Newest goose.
Today the lady went to the market and bought four apples. Then she walked around the town for four hours. When she got to the river she cried and threw the apples into the water.
Gulp. The fish friend said thank you so much. This is the end.
Harmony Mooney Jun 2014
Sanctuary frilly
Meeting twice a month
In the womb of mad mountain
Get the words out of your mouth

Sedentary sanctuary
Seek the sun
In a burnt out vehicle
Set the sun in the moon’s pink music

I am searing selling you
To delusions delicate and
Dour dowry scares me
Skeletons can wear lace

The place is feasting buttercups
Running lups and lips
Effusive hiccups take sips
A draining dream reaps

Cup tumbles towards Saturn
It’s hotter there than
Four giraffe candlesticks
Take the wick
Harmony Mooney Jun 2014
they took to decorate
teakettle and vintage
they took a soft
wide field of
cucumbers to
fill their mouths
on picnic daisy
all of the people
with vibrant locks
of hair
make my skin
and heartaches fuller
why are you eating mouthfuls of dirt?
Harmony Mooney Jun 2014
this swiveling is freaky
sneaky cloud girl
this shovel could **** me
sneaky heart stops
you sneak around me
sniffing my sneakers
Harmony Mooney Jun 2014
Apparently I can't go to a bar without writing poetry
The beauty for the enthusiasm
Wow this life is my story
Wow the music is so.loud
It tasted like Cotton candy
If. I didn't taste it
We're all in line for love
Boom boom
Bang bang
We gotta be intoxicated enough to mate
Because it seems we're scared
Of our utmost insides
And its everyone that's scared
We gotta be intoxicated to mate
Am I a single Lady if I love everything
yeah i was on my phone writing poetry while you were all grinding your faces off
Harmony Mooney May 2014
Firing sprite of a bubbling freak
Turn around
Turn to me
Darling you’re rosemary
Boiling up through me
Darling you’re making my
Bones rattle
You’re making me older
Than I’ve ever been
I don’t think I know
How to love

Yawn quickly before I tattle
Steal me to the pines
And crackling earthy things
You are wearing nothing
But socks on your feet
And you are softer than
The quilt they were making me
Harmony Mooney May 2014
i am just now blossoming and my knees are trembling tendrils
make me a wicked flower
make me blessed
i find you succulent beneath my sheets
and your scent is intoxicating
i am a wildflower
my bookends are brittle and i made them from clay
just let me say- you are made from something
a little brighter than me
i am just now blossoming
ill fold you in my arms
while i am distant
making the rings around the planets
into my playthings
as i run
my knees are trembling tendrils
youre the softest kind of branch
ill collect you in my essence
breathe in and out
and at last
im making pastel things into
as i expand
make me a wicked flower
im dying to be alive
make me blessed
im trying to be alive
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