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harley jane Nov 2020
Just as I come to accept my worth
And the beauty within myself
I look into the mirror
And I am haunted by their cruel words

The smile I worked hard to create, fades
As I walk away from the mirror I ask

Why am I not good enough for them?
Seasonal depression is hitting hard, so I came back to what I do best... writing
harley jane Mar 2020
People always ask me
Why I write sad

It is simply because
If I wrote
Happy ending
I would have a novel

A novel of sunshine
And rainbows

But life is not all sunshine
And rainbows

Life can be painful
And scary
But that is okay
It is what makes you alive

Feelings of not knowing
if you
will make it through the day
Means that you are alive
But you will,
Make it through
I promise

If life was all sunshine
And rainbows
We would not be able to learn

We would look like robots
Robots that society
Puts on one setting
And lets run
Until the battery gives out.
harley jane Jan 2020
Running around blind
Trying to find holy gates
Waiting for a sign
In hopes that He lets me in
Until then, I run blindly.
harley jane Jan 2020
Fun while it lasted
Left me calm and collected
Goodbye winter break.
harley jane Jan 2020
Her golden locks of blonde hair
Were once brunette

Her baby blue eyes that sparkle like diamonds in the sun
Were once a shade of mocha brown

He glanced at her natural beauty
And decided it wasn't enough

So she quickly made arrangements
And the new her was born.
I wrote this about a woman who change her appearance for the "love of her life"
harley jane Jan 2020
Happy New Year!

I glance over at him
And he stares back at me
In the moment
We realize that

Seven years of loving each other
Was worth everything
Pain and patience
Happiness and sadness

We believe in each other
We know that what we have
Is truly extraordinary
And that we are in it for the long run

I look into those emerald eyes
He looks into my doe-brown eyes
The entire world comes to a stop
And our lips lock to our new year.
Just a little poem for my boyfriend. Hes been by my side for a long time even through my darkest times. And yes, we were 12 when we started dating. I hope everyone has a safe and happy new year :)
harley jane Dec 2019
December 13, 2018

all lowercase
My mother never texted me in school
And when she did, it was straight to the point

"call me"
all lowercase
something must be really wrong
she would've pulled me out if it was too serious, right?

my fingertips feel like rocks
as i force them to dial her number
the phone only rang once
when I heard her sniffle

At first, her words were inaudible
I was frantic trying to figure out the code
and just when i found the signal spot
Her words broke me in two

"Cory died, honey"
I stopped dead in my tracks
in front of the guidance counselors office
A single tear down my cheek

I hoped, no, I prayed it was a dream
and in that moment reality hit me
Like a truck racing at full speed
And I walk into her office

In a broken sentence,
I told the secretary it was urgent
And when she wouldn't give up
I yelled as if it was all I could do

I watched my mother's car pull into the school parking lot
And when I entered, it was silent
the kind of silence that deafens you
And i think of him

He wasn't my brother by blood
He was my brother because he treated me like family
More than my own family ever has
There isn't a day that goes by where I don't think of him

I like to think
that even when i am alone
he is always here
watching over me.
This poem is all over the place but I needed to write. Today has just been kind of hard with this flashbulb memory.
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