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 Jun 2014 Harley Rae
Just one bat of her lashes, and every neuron in my brain was conspiring to steal her heart. So I became a thief. I become a lot of things in an instant, the way a chameleon changes colors. Her heart was reduced to a jewel, courting became a heist, and possession was just the *** afterwards. She was nothing more than a crime. A terrible thing that I committed.
Inspired by a night with an unavailable soul mate.
 Jun 2014 Harley Rae
i can't remember
what it's like to sleep in sheets
that don't smell like you

the day we went to the aquarium
was the day i decided to let myself fall
in love with you, and by 11:54 that
night i was practically suffocating
under the weight of words i did not
know how to say, so i simply took your
hands in mine and hoped that you
could read between the songs that i
whispered as you fell asleep.

we aren't much older
now, but wiser nonetheless,
and i have figured it out
you are beautiful
and i am not so scared and
i love you
• reflect any light that shines upon you
• chase after only the brightest star
• always keep the best parts of you hidden
• play with the ocean
• don't respond to hoots or wolf-whistles
• disappear completely at least once a month
© 2013 Jene'e Patitucci
 May 2013 Harley Rae
Rubber bands, rubber bands
pull them back and they burn my skin
but isn't it better
than digging in?
 May 2013 Harley Rae
Tim Knight
There is no road,
though Frost told us so
and it is cold tonight and
I have no place to go.

Home is but a ride away,
cigarette’s are in the ashtray, dried,
and I do not smoke them each day
not since my last try.

My bed is clean; white and tidy,
that’s the third time since Friday, I’ve planned
ahead this week but not taken it lightly,
they’ve left me lonesome and unmanned.
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be wary of the boy whose smile
doesn’t reach his eyes;
of the boy who touches your body
before he touches any other part of you;
of the boy who’d rather stay in
than take you out
and show you off.
don’t fall for the boy who swears
up and down that he’s changed,
that he’s going to put your first,
that those other girls don’t mean a thing.
stay away from the boy who doesn’t
write you love letters
and slip them into your bag,
the boy who doesn’t lay
beneath the starlit sky with you,
the boy who doesn’t compliment
you when you’re at your worst,
the boy who doesn’t keep you on your toes
because these are the kinds
of things you deserve, plus more,
and you’re way too young to feel
 May 2013 Harley Rae
Edward Coles
Her hair on her *******;
soft freckles are constellations
hanging in the sky
 May 2013 Harley Rae
Number One
i kissed you in a ditch
and you liked it
you tried to take me in the woods
i didn't like that

Number Two
you kissed me in front of two hundred people
and i liked it
i didn't let you **** me in your bed
you didn't like that

Number Three
you kissed me in your bed
and we liked it
number two found out
he didn't
Mouths are moving, words unheard.
I nod along and play my part.
Elsewhere I’m afloat at sea,
Hushed by waves and boundless stars.

I laugh at jokes and feign surprise,
Each as it’s required.
Elsewhere I’m atop a cliff,
Where land and stars coalesce, conspire.

Exchanging greetings, shaking hands,
I do as do I must.
Elsewhere I’m in front a fire,
Lover near as twigs combust.

I bear the weight of all the words,
From mouths so rarely closed.
Though elsewhere I’m at home, in bed,
Book agape and mind engrossed.

I only came for exercise,
To prove my social health.
And now it seems, the more I talk,
I lose touch with myself.
this poem took shape in my head while I was at a party, biding my time, waiting to go home.
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