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  Sep 2015 Harley quinn
Sean Hastings
People nowadays are trying to find
Their Cinderella or their Juliet to go
To their Romeo or to find Rapunzel and
Have her let down her hair, or to find
Their Bella to accept them as the Beast
People are looking for these people but
I’m  not
The thing with fairy tales is….there  not  real
In the bright real world we live in fairy tales
Are made up, there’s no Cinderella, no Juliet
No Bella, the world is a cruel mean place that
People don’t see
That’s why I’m  not looking for them
I’m just looking for a girl who will hold the key
To my heart and treasure it like it was the key to
Their own happiness. Fairy tales don’t exist but
Maybe there can still be a happy  *ending
  Apr 2015 Harley quinn

She collected sea shells
I collected sand
She searched for the perfect one
I reached down my hand

I carried a bucket
A basket she did whirl
Mine was filled with tiny grains
Hers with mother of pearl

She came out each morning
Me, just late at night
She adored the sunrise
I loved the moon light

Then one day it happened
My alarm clock didn’t ring
I woke to a rising sun
It was the weirdest thing

I ran down to the shoreline
My bucket in my hand
It’s then I saw her gorgeous face
While I collected sand

I found a perfect seashell
And watched her eyes grow wide
She held out her basket
I placed the shell inside

Then she reached down before me
And gathered in her hand
I held out my bucket
She filled it up with sand

And now each day and evening
We walk along the shore
She told me that she loves me
And her I do adore

So if you see us out there
Strolling hand in hand
Know...she’s collecting sea shells
And I’m collecting sand
Just for fun........
  Apr 2015 Harley quinn
Cried out eyes
Haunted by dreams
Even when awake
Inside I scream

An echo through my mind
Tormented, I weep
The pain so excruciating
The secrets I keep

Darkness surrounds me
Taking my breath away
Somehow this life
Has lead me astray

My wrists bleed to just feel
The blood covers the floor
I have sewn them closed
Continuing to fight this war

Regrets have consumed me
My heart cries in vain
My mind is the enemy
Thirteen million miles from sane

This is the real me
I have hidden so deep
I have shed my skin
I struggled so hard to keep

Alone in the dark
Depression has eaten me alive
Anxiety its partner
I don't think I'll survive

Look past my facade
I am broken within
This cancer has forsaken me
I am too weakened to win
Harley quinn Apr 2015
If I was gone who would care
Would they notice I was no longer there ...
Harley quinn Mar 2015
What if you were my one and I let you go
I guess that's just something I will never know
Harley quinn Mar 2015
If I could turn back the clock I would
Not to erase what Iv done or who I'v become
Just to do something's I should have done
To grab that moment and experience things
I would risk the butterfly effect how bad could it be
but the clock only moves forward never back
It's a fact
so for now My dreams will be my way to change those days
To live them again and make more of them
With you always with you
I seem to be collecting hearts...

Some gained unintentionally,
But I worked hard for most,
A few are a bit warn now,
And I broke some too,

If I have yours and you'd like it back,
Just let me know, although,
There's no guarantee, as,
It may be yours that I'm currently using,

I don't mean to keep it from you,
But my heart was taken long ago,
I'm just trying to find one that fits,
So I can be happy again soon.
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