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Scarlett Feb 5
would it make you feel better if i was gone?
you say i wouldn’t do anything for you but i’d be willing to do this
this isn’t me begging for attention its a serious question
Scarlett Feb 3
i love you
everything about you.
your laugh
how easy it is to make you break character
your hair
your eyes
oh your eyes are so gorgeous
your body is warm and comfortable
your sense of humor is great
new yorks hottest club is my deep love for you
i know im young and you have kids
i know you have a girlfriend and have already been divorced once
but it would mean to world to me if you gave me a chance, bill.

i love you.
even if you catch a case, it will be worth it.
Scarlett Jan 31
ryan if you gave me strep i am suing
you will be hearing from my lawyers
Scarlett Jan 27
Ben Platt deserved at least a nomination for this album dude
Scarlett Jan 26
please watch harold and maude i cannot stop thinking about it oh my gosh and harold is lowkey gorgeous endmdn
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