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Hayley May 2016
There's an apocalypse coming
And we get to choose which kind
Just listen to the meanings and open your mind
One means revealing
One means demise
Are we gonna keep stealing
Or are we going to open our eyes
We're killing the earth inside and out
Instead of trusting our hearts, we are living in doubt
We can love each other and change the path of the planet
We need to grow our own food, raw and organic
We can't just manufacture everything, process, and can it
Stop the GMOs, pesticides, and factory farming
What it's doing to the planet is absolutely alarming
They create lakes of blood and an earth of toxins
If you read the clock then
You'll see that it's time to change, this isn't how it's supposed to be
We should be living together in a sustainable community
One that helps, nurtures, and loves
One that plants trees and gardens and shrubs
It's time to bring about our utopia of the future
We need to get rid of the lies, the hate, and the torture
Wars, jealousy, and competition have to end
It's time for us to forgive, it's time to transcend
To our new world, our kingdom of heaven
Just read your clock its 11:11
Hayley Aug 2016
Everything feels fake
While I try to reintegrate
I'm so expanded and 3D is so contracted
I'm not even turned on, I'm not even attracted
The way people live, the way people see
3D thinking is a waste of my energy
I'm unenthused by the boredom of this plane
Everyone wants to be in control, everyone wants to stake claim
Stick with profound, stay away from profane
Chill like a tree, step away from the propane
Don't set fire to yourself and your path
Give people room to breathe, no one cares about your wrath
People are so preoccupied with looking like they're cool
But in reality they're nothing but a tool
Now don't get it confused
With something you can use
It's someone that will abuse
They don't care about your views
They only care for what they choose
Which is something where they win and you lose
What is this place with billions of minds
With trillions of thoughts that will be our demise
Self loathing, hatred spewing from one mouth to the next
There's rarely anything spiritual about modern day ***
There's no making love, just hurry up and ***
There's no facing problems, just drink beer and ***
How did I get here, is this really what I have to see
I know what my purpose is, to show people how to be
Not like a preacher, just hand them the key
I know the truth and I live by example
Come see me and I'll give you a sample
Some fall in love when they get a taste
The rest run away in all their haste
Thinking that they're better and smarter and cool
But running from truth just makes them a fool
There's a place and time for what I have to say
But it's not for everyone and it's not everyday
People who hear me are the ones who are supposed to receive
They have a greater purpose if they're able to believe
Knowing there's so much more than what we can see
Go beyond the physical, peak into 5D
Hayley May 2016
There's corruption here and all around the globe
At the hands of demons and a secret robe
A robe that covers the truth of ourselves
It's kept hidden on the Vatican's shelves
They don't want us to know who and what we are
If we did, they wouldn't have gotten so far
Sacred geometry
Free energy
How to manifest our reality
They control us with television and fear
Sending us subliminals hoping to smear
Our subconscious
Our love conscious
Replacing it with hate
They make us insecure while our egos inflate
Ego is hell if it's left unchecked
No one ever does it, that's why our planet is wrecked
Know thyself and you will see
What this planet can truly be
Beautiful and shared by you and me
The birds and the bees
The earth and the trees
It's here for us, to nurture and love
We need to be aware, not defile and shove
Chemicals in the dirt
Chemicals in our food
Can you hear the pain of the cow in the tune she mooed
She misses her baby that was heartlessly taken
She produces milk for humans but we are mistaken
It's not for us, not everything is
We can't smother and steal and make that our biz
We all deserve happiness and freedom to live
We shouldn't always take, we should always give
Our time and our energy to something big
Something that can benefit us all
Something that can make us stand tall
Something that's from our hearts
Not from our ego's survival smarts
We are smart in many other ways
That's why we need to nurture it before the end of days
Hayley Aug 2016
What's up with this planet, who's in charge here
Obviously ****** up people whose minds aren't clear
They're clouded with greed
They bribe people who lead
Deaf are their ears when we plead
Get out of our society, just leave
You're not welcome here
You make us hate and live in fear
It's hard to believe people still fall for your games
The world is blindly covered in your chains
We will free ourselves just you watch
We are raising the vibrations another notch
Maybe you should run while you still can
Before everyone finds out your sick twisted plan
Revolution will be lurking around the corner and in the dark
We need to inform everyone and ignite their spark
Our souls know something is horribly wrong
The caged bird sings the prettiest song
Look at the music and what people say
They're fed up with the planet and it's evil way
Life here is horribly unaligned
With Mother Earth and the divine
Don't be distracted just open your eyes
Get in tune with yourself, feel the vibrations rise
You'll change the world if you look within
Knowing thyself is how we win
Don't stop growing, you'll never be done
Love yourself and make your changes fun
See the silver lining, the light, the sun
Look at what's in front of you, don't just run
Feel awareness in every part of your soul
A loving world for all should be your goal
Happiness isn't far out of reach
Ignore false prophets and what they preach
Let your experiences and your higher self teach
Be a sustainer and not just a leach
I promise we can change the world if we try
Listen to what people are saying when they cry
We should come together with love and compassion
Quit self loathing and quit people bashin'
Lend each other our heart and our hand
Quit fighting over oil and this sacred land
The Earth is for all of us to share
To create something beautiful with endless care
It's not all about you, it's all about us
Now come join me on my hippie bus
Hayley May 2016
What does your soul say through your eyes
Do they show your truth or do they show your lies
Are you really happy with yourself and your path
Or is something in the way, is it holding you back
How do you know what you feel is right
Is it when you feel less of the dark and more of the light
Is there a happy medium, like what Buddha taught
Is everything an illusion, or is that just one thought
How do we know what we really feel
How do what know what is truly real
Our souls create reality and there are so many different kinds
How many universes are we projecting with our minds
We are each a deep expression of the  universe and the divine
But if that's the case why do so many of us whine
Why can't we find the power that's within
Why do we sell ourselves short, why do we see things as sin
Karma isn't even what people think it is
They mistake it for the law of attraction, what goes around comes around, but that's not it
Karma comes at the end of life and it tallies our deeds
It's kind of like judgment day, but it's our soul it feeds
Tell me what I did, was I as good as I thought
Did I learn everything I needed to, was I righteously taught
I know I learned lessons and I know I hurt souls
But I didn't do it on purpose, I just played many roles
I taught people lessons and they taught me mine
In life we have to learn quick, we don't have much time
Our lives are short, but they sure feel long
Is loving everyone deeply right or is it wrong
The emptiness in us, it comes and it goes
Sometimes we feel dull, sometimes we glow
It's hard to be consistent when things always change
Just adapt when we need to and transcend our ways
Late night questioning
Hayley Aug 2016
Being normal is so overrated
Everyone's in pain everyone is jaded
The realm of creativity
Is the place to be
Flowing and feeling the energy
Dispense your sixth sense
Onto humanity
If your third eye is blind
You have to open your mind
To the channels we have inside
That connect with the universe and combine
Our thoughts and our words into something divine
I promise normalcy is a sickness
Do you feel your aura?
If there's a thickness
Then you need to clean it out
Speak with a whisper, there's no need to shout
It clogs your soul
And you need to know
How to let go
Of whats not really you
Deprogram yourself, become brand new
Wipe off what society has done  
Face your problems, don't just run
Step out of the shadows and into the sun
Feel yourself and close your eyes
Feel your energy and become more wise
Free yourself for just a moment of your time
Just sit still, stop trying to climb
This present moment is all that is real
No past, no future, no time, no wheel
When I say everything is an illusion it's not an exaggeration
We create what we want with our imagination
If that's the truth, what reality are you making
Are you being true to yourself or are you just faking
The paranormal is more real than what we see
Not believing institutional lies is the key
Be true to who you are
Show off your love and show off your scars
Your clothes are worthless and so are your cars
The realest you is made of pure light
And it flickers and dims when you're trying to fight
No need to resist
Put down your fist
Open yourself to what's all around
Pull yourself up off the ground
Nothing is against you but your own self
Become the books on the library shelf
Full of perspective, depth, and knowledge
Don't be programmed by a government run college
Think for yourself and don't stop growing
Expand as big as the galaxy and don't stop flowing
You're the micro of the macro, which is the universe
Save the world, but take care of you first
You can't save anything when you're drowning in doubt
Your soul knows something is wrong that's why it's trying to shout
It's telling you that what you're doing needs change
Don't you realize you're feeling a little bit strange?
Take accountability for your co-creation
What you're seeing right now is of your own manifestation
You're not a victim, you're actually in charge
If you don't like how you're feeling then open your arms
Give yourself a hug and stop all the hate
Love is always the answer, it's not a debate
Love yourself, the world, and everything around
528 hertz is the life changing sound
The vibration which is the frequency of love
Feel it, embody it, wear it like a glove
Magic happens when you're totally in tune
Come sit with me beneath the moon
We will make a new intention and set it in motion
Make waves of change in this consciousness ocean
Find love within and stay unique
This society wants to mold you and make you weak
Protest them by knowing your soul
That's the most potent power you'll ever hold
Hayley Sep 2016
That loneliness deep in my soul
It's hurting my heart
Trying to take hold
I love the warmth
Please don't go cold
Stay young at heart
Please don't grow old
Keep your spark
Don't become jaded
Stay out of the dark
You're Illuminated
Hayley Sep 2018
I get lost in my mind and the waves pull me down
I try to ask for help but I can’t make a sound
I don’t want to hurt others with the pain that I feel
But sometimes I need reassurance that this is all real
Does this plane exist, am I really here?
Am I straying from love and moving towards fear?
I want to be grounded with my mind in the sky
Yet lately I can’t feel my feet, I’m going too high
When I sit with myself, I feel so much pain
I try to work through it and not go insane
But I get lost in my mind...and the waves pull me down
I try to swim up, I’m not ready to drown...
Hayley Sep 2017
My fire is dimming
My heart is heavy with pain
Seeing the sad state of the world
Is putting out my flame
I had hope for positive change
The path seemed so clear
But now all I see is misguided hate
And a planet in fear
Everything is crumbling
Yet people are convinced it's not
Everyone needs humbling
But no one wants to be taught
It hurts me to see
How many people are choosing hate
There is a wrong side here
But it's becoming too late
Life as we know it is about ready to end
Just remember you had a choice
To not let evil win
Hayley Sep 2017
I try to hide
That I lost my light
It's still inside
Just not in my eyes

My heart is heavy
Along with my soul
This lifestyle of mine
Has taken a toll

I'm always sick
Trying to stay cool
But it just doesn't stick
And I'm being a fool

I'm mostly sad
At odds with my spirit
My intuition says go
But I pretend not to hear it
Hayley May 2016
We are happiness we are pain
We are the sunshine and the rain
We are here to remove the stain
Of the elite
The ideal defeat
Without violence without harm
Let's do it with love let's do it with charm
We have to get the people to listen
We have to show them what is bliss and
How to achieve it
How to receive it
How to believe it
And pass it on
In poems, in speech, in art, in song
We are given these gifts
To cause a rift
In reality
So people can see
That they're living a lie
That they're willing to die
There's a more beautiful way
There's something powerful to say
We have to show them how to make it stay
So we don't have to learn this lesson again
That we are God, the universe and it's beneath our skin
We hold the answers and the truth;

We have to be brave we have to be loud
But be as gentle and adaptable as a cloud
We can't fly away
Until we teach people the way
We're here to ascend
Whether it's by ourselves or with a friend
It's written in the stars and only some can read it
We bring it to earth and then we seed it
Plant it in the ground and make it grow
Have it show
Everyone what they need to know
Hayley Jan 2018
The sunset reflecting onto the clouds
Fading into an empty darkness
Only to be relit when the moon rises

Showing me the nature of life
A colorful masterpiece;
Only for a moment is it dark
Until the sun
Finds another way to shine its light in the sky
Hayley Sep 2016
Come with me down the rabbit hole
It does look scary
But it'll awaken your soul
Knowing the truth is worth all the pain
Keep ahold of yourself and you won't go insane
Every problem we face DOES have a solution
There is a way to have a peaceful revolution
Keep your heart present and don't get lost
Choosing hate over love comes with a cost
Right action, compassion, and empathy we need
Not fear, propaganda, judgment, and greed
Hayley May 2016
Magic is real
But only if you feel
The divine energy
That connects you and me
Come and see
Sit beneath the magic tree
I'll teach you what you need to know
What you reap is what you sow
What you put out there is what you get back
So put out something beautiful, not something whack
What you say creates your day
What you feel makes a deal
With your eyes and what you see
Know your triggers and you'll be free
From things you've been taught, that aren't really you
Meditate deeply so you know what's true
We control our reality and this whole world
With our attitudes, our traumas, and all that swirled
Into a torus that ***** in and pushes out
Do you know what I'm saying, do you know what I'm talking about?
Look into quantum physics and free energy
Once you know that you'll know the right way to be
Hayley Jan 2018
I take back my heart
You don't deserve something that you are so careless with
Hayley May 2018
I wanted to explore your Universe
But all I got was a black hole
Hayley Dec 2016
Where the hell is humanity
All I see is insanity
Focusing on wars and vanity
Speaking up gets people mad at me
Nothing on this planet is flattering
People starving and freezing; teeth are chattering
Police taking blankets from the homeless
Even in the places where snow is
People are so violent and shameless
Is there even a way to tame this
Or do our efforts further inflame this
It's time to collectively claim this
Look at all the problems that we make
By blindly following the side we take

Politics and money are one in the same
Why must we think life is all about fame
We have so much more that we can do
Like question why the sky isn't blue
What are those lines that expand all day long  
Is questioning their safety so ******* wrong

Everything on this planet is basically toxic
And people wonder why we're all so sick
Plastic, chemicals, metals, and poisonous water
Feeding processed foods to your son and your daughter
When the aquifers are empty, what will you think
You're going to rely on toxic water and oil to drink?

I swear to God you need to look around
In the sky, at the world, and what's underground

Did you know that bees are life and so is clean food
If the elite continues to rule, we're all ******* *******
False flags, terrorism, furthering their plan
For a one world government, that rules all the land
We're already slaves, but it will get so much worse
If we continue to forget that we all come first
Nobody should get left behind or feel like they're stuck
Let's show each other love and actually give a ****

Selfishness and narcissism run rampant in our world
Walking around like we own the place, our lips slightly furled
Looking into each other's eyes but there's not much there
I see shallow complacency, that infamous fluoride stare

The world is going down, unless we turn it around
Look at Syria, Palestine, and all areas that surround
Fear, violence, and terrorism is life
No husband is safe, no child, no wife
They're eating the grass
And rotten food from the trash
Starving and freezing throughout the winter
They can't even leave their towns, they're stuck in the center
They've been targeted by rulers of this sick twisted place
The banksters are evil they're not of our race

How can they be so far removed from the rest of the planet
If anything benefits us they make sure to ban it
LSD, mushrooms, cannabis, and DMT Anything good for cancer: B17 and CBD
Essential oils are what's next on their list
I swear if they take my lavender I'll be so ******* ******

Alternative energy is more than suppressed
The need for clean energy should be more vocally addressed
But when it is, someone intervenes and hides great inventions
Laws and patents are created to stop our intentions
For a clean world and a safe place
The elite couldn't care less about the lives that they waste
They build on the dark side of the moon or possibly Mars
They're preparing themselves a new world, while they **** up ours

I only feel solace when I look into space....
Why must it be so hard to save the human race?
Hayley May 2018
This time I'm going to do the hermit thing right
Inner-work and self-love from morning to night  
Awareness of all my woes and insecurities  
Connecting with universal flows and obscurities
Going into my depths, no human interference
Focusing on my soul, not my appearance
Transmuting all my deep pain into sweet pleasure
While turning these dark coals into beautiful treasure
This focus and expansion is serving me well
Returning to my inner heaven, away from this hell
Hayley Aug 2016
Days feel hollow
Months get swallowed
Time is moving fast
I don't know how much time has passed
24 has turned into sixteen
I hardly have time to fix me
One day turns to 8
I try to be on time but I'm always late
Time slips right by
No matter how hard I try
The grip is not as tight
We're turning into light
Vibrating at a higher speed
Our physical bodies we'll no longer need
The shift is coming faster and stronger
I just wish my days felt a few hours longer..
Yet it is a sign of the changing times
Let's unbuckle our seatbelts and enjoy the ride
As the shift continues, time is speeding up. 24 hour days now feel like 16. If you feel like you're losing time it is due to this phenomenon.
Hayley May 2016
If we feel depressed
Let's build a nest
So we don't regress
Into a deep, dark mess
Souls should be free and not obsess
Clear our minds and give it a rest
Don't live life like there's always a test
Remember everyday that we are blessed
Remember our quest
We're not like the rest
Our souls aren't pressed
Our home is not the southwest
We can go somewhere green somewhere with zest
Don't let your soul die because of a pest
It's may be hot here and it may not be best
But we're here right now lets live in the yes
Hayley May 2016
The heat is rising, the summer is coming
Right now it seems nice because nature is humming
But I know what's lurking around the corner, I know its game
It goes from 90 to 111, Valley Of The Sun is its name
They say it's a dry heat, making it seem better
But it's not, I crave something cooler and wetter
I see your lightning and hear your tune
The temperature drops and the winds get strong
It's a little bit dangerous, but I hope it lasts long
Wash away the heat and hide the sun that's beating
I'm so sick from this intensity, I keep overheating
The oven is hot and bakes you alive
Why are there 6 million people here and how do we thrive!
Phoenix summers are literal hell. It's May and it's 90 degrees with a breeze and it feels great. But right around the corner, in early June, it'll predictably be 108. Every time we just start having fun and enjoying the weather, it ends and cooks us alive. BUT there is some reprieve. The monsoon drops the temperature 10 degrees or more and brings rain, high winds, thunder, and lightening. It's always a spectacular show, sometimes it damages things or floods, but it's usually not too bad.
Hayley Jun 2016
Psychedelic souls
Connecting together, making a flow
Sharing what we know
Creating an awakened show
Gather round and watch the smiles glow
Talk to people and help them grow
Give them something to believe in
Help them stop the constant grievin
People need a break
This world can be hard to take
Show them how happiness feels
Show them that its deeply real
Access the love and higher vibrations
Teach them creativity and concentration
Be the change you wish to see
We have the same purpose, you and me
This worlds a trip and we should treat it as much
Teach people to heal with a gentle touch
Energy flowing through our bodies and all around
Manifest with imagination, art, and sound
Create what we want to exist in 3D
Connecting with higher dimensions is the key
You have everything you need inside
Don't hurt your brain looking far and wide
The collective consciousness is overflowing inspiration
For the world it's an invitation
To express what you see
Keeping your mind open and free
Heal yourself and your energy
Take some supplements and drink some tea
Create a world we don't have to flee
Decalcify your third eye and join me
Embody the expansiveness you can be
They're not coincidences they're synchronicity
Everything is connected here and beyond
Your own body is the magic wand
A conduit of energy and the divine
Anyone can understand what I'm saying if they open their mind
Hayley May 2016
God and the devil are of the same
But they operate on a different plane
One is creation
One is destruction
One is livin in the now
One is always rushin
Rushin to destroy
Rushing to deploy
The troops to other nations
Lowering the vibration
Embodying God takes dedication
We choose which wolf we feed
That of love or that of greed
We need to come up with a plan and quick
We all need to love each other and stop being a ****
We need to learn to be humans and souls
Fill the void and fill the holes
With spirit, with friendship, and acceptance
These are the words of truth, let's make them our dance

— The End —