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Hayley May 8
Even with you, I’m so ******* lonely
We don’t really talk much, you just want to hold me
I need so much more depth, much more connection
But it seems like you’re only interested in getting an *******
Is there anything left to experience or is this all we’ve got
Because I’m not having any fun, nothing’s being taught
Where is your wisdom, where is your love
Where are your feelings and what you’re thinking of
I just feel so far away but you insist this is right
We hardly ever talk from morning to night
We don’t really sit down and get to know each other
You never let me finish my story about having a half brother
What’s the point of this, is this even nice
I’m not heeding my soul, I’m just smoking my vice
Head in the sand and dirt in my ears
I’m not listening to my heart, I’m listening to my fears
A little ******, so the flow may be a little off, but I just needed to express these emotions in their rawest form.
Hayley Sep 2018
I get lost in my mind and the waves pull me down
I try to ask for help but I can’t make a sound
I don’t want to hurt others with the pain that I feel
But sometimes I need reassurance that this is all real
Does this plane exist, am I really here?
Am I straying from love and moving towards fear?
I want to be grounded with my mind in the sky
Yet lately I can’t feel my feet, I’m going too high
When I sit with myself, I feel so much pain
I try to work through it and not go insane
But I get lost in my mind...and the waves pull me down
I try to swim up, I’m not ready to drown...
Hayley May 2018
I wanted to explore your Universe
But all I got was a black hole
Hayley May 2018
This time I'm going to do the hermit thing right
Inner-work and self-love from morning to night  
Awareness of all my woes and insecurities  
Connecting with universal flows and obscurities
Going into my depths, no human interference
Focusing on my soul, not my appearance
Transmuting all my deep pain into sweet pleasure
While turning these dark coals into beautiful treasure
This focus and expansion is serving me well
Returning to my inner heaven, away from this hell
  Apr 2018 Hayley
i was trying to find a home in you,
but i realize the only way i ever will
is to build my own.
  Jan 2018 Hayley
Ambrial Dobbins
All I sense is sparks and lightening.
Instantly drawn, so far from frightening.
I dream of you and your speaking eyes.
Please Hold me close, no need to disguise.
I rinse my soul with your everlasting glow.
Living in moments, so easy and slow.
I melt in your warmth when you show your heart.
Please Don't shell up, I'll love every part.
I'll share your love to the highest degree.
Even if all I take from this is my dreams.
Hayley Jan 2018
The sunset reflecting onto the clouds
Fading into an empty darkness
Only to be relit when the moon rises

Showing me the nature of life
A colorful masterpiece;
Only for a moment is it dark
Until the sun
Finds another way to shine its light in the sky
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