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Sometimes we are afraid to know the truth because we want to believe the lies in our head.
Hansel Reyes Mar 23
I already foresee what scares me the most.
Hansel Reyes Feb 24
I can clearly see the red lights
But I step down on the gas anyway.
Hansel Reyes Feb 23
Why do I always see her on a pedestal?
Because maybe she's a work of art
The most beautiful in the gallery
Made by God
A heaven's masterpiece
So mesmerizing that everyone's lining up to see her
  Feb 12 Hansel Reyes
Ciel Noir
some people

cut themselves
with knives

burn themselves
with cigarettes

I am not obvious like that
I think instead of act

an inner dialogue
like chess

I set traps for myself
Hansel Reyes Jan 20
She can love someone back the way you love her.
Hansel Reyes Jan 15
Falling down into the dark abyss
Reaching my hands out
Cannot get out
Freedom is nearly impossible
When your thoughts are pulling you down
I need your help come see me now
I just need someone to talk this out.
Just wrote this to everyone who's suffering from depression, when you're depressed you don't control your thoughts. Your thoughts control you. Don't be afraid to seek help, talk with a friend.
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