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Hannah Jul 14
I’m like the update reminder on my computer
remind me in an hour...
remind me tonight..
remind me tomorrow...
what happens when I update
will I perform better
or just be slower than before
is the update really worth the risk?
Hannah Jul 14
Hello Depression. It's nice to finally meet you. You've been apart of me for awhile, but I'm just now finding out about you. Depression you make me feel like I'm drowning. Like I'm drowning in a lake with a sheet of ice above me. I'm under the ice. I see people walk by. I'm banging on the ice but it's just not breaking. I'm screaming but the more I scream the more water fills my lungs. I'm desperate for someone anyone to notice I'm struggling. I want someone to notice and to react. I want someone to be scared to lose me. I want someone to break the ice. To reach down and grab me and help me breathe again. I want to breath again. I want someone to be my reason to breathe. Breathe.

— The End —