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hannah way May 2021
When you don't say good night
I lie next to you
aching for the sound of your voice

You feel so far away
yet in this moment
my skin is touching yours
hannah way Dec 2020
It's tuesday afternoon
I've been lying in bed
held here
by the thought
of you
hannah way Dec 2020
The thing about us—
Not a lot has to be said
For a lot to be felt
h.w. I'm telling you
hannah way Nov 2020
You used to make me dizzy
pulling me along like a sticky tide
I would dream of you holding me
whispering little secrets
back and forth
I'd cross my fingers
humming affirmations to myself
Praying I'd get the chance
to be your girl
h.w. roughest draft
hannah way Nov 2020
Foolish to suggest forever
when things are just
getting started
hannah way Oct 2020
a mere flicker

my time with you
may be limited

but your touch
will be softly eetched
in my mind
as long as I'll remember
hannah way Oct 2020
i'm learning what
it means
to enact good karma

noticing the
cycles beginning
instead of ending

and with it
i'm understanding
the power of my

and my actions
i'm sorry i didn't say sorry
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