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hannah way Feb 2019
Your love is something
soft, tender
it's so familiar
I'm reminded of it
when I breathe,
My own body
rising and falling
a nod to you, my love.

Do you remember
when we were one?
hannah way Jul 2018
I find myself collecting my past in fist-fulls
wondering why it was all so easy to forget;
how all these memories
managed to burrow beneath
my clumpy brain and remain there,
unharmed yet harmful.
I envy you
silly boy, and your consistent emptiness--
How is it that you are free from your past
while mine begs for forgiveness?
hannah way Dec 2017
i hope you're happy

though i can't imagine you are
with a heart like that
hannah way Jun 2017
you are a brilliant display
of the human condition

and the way i love you will
continue to evolve
hannah way May 2017
the opal that embraces
my finger is coupled
by the delicate softness
of your lilac skin
and as i press into you
and pick your silky brain
i manage to uncover more
about myself—
how is it that you
connect my insecurities
and create constellations
out of them
displaying maps across
a milky twilight
directing sailors to discover
unimaginable beauty
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