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Hannah Sabine Jan 2015
Artorias of the Abyss,
wish he would bless me with a kiss,
but with his two-handed sword
the man's doing back-flips.

Ciaran's porcelain mask is posing a poll,
she just wants her lovers soul,
I'd consider handing it over,
but I prefer my scythe to take her toll.
Hannah Sabine Jan 2015
"I hope you're saving those"

Dare me to,
I want to split my
of language between my sides.
And when he pulls my heart from the right of me
and stares at all the ****** pieces
of what is left of my body,
I will say
"oh my god.
'It's been so good, my god, this love has been so good."
His eyes are the only christmas lights
I deserve to see all year long,
up against the midnight black of the coffee he drinks,
his blue eyes against the rose of my wine.
And when I finally
feel the splash of his lips
the splash of his lips against mine
(melting me like a sugar cube)
I may feel the tug of red strings
between my heart his,
and in a sweet symphony and unsaid morse code,
"this has been what I've always needed,"
dots and dashes,
"this has been what I'm waiting for."
so much influence
Hannah Sabine Jan 2015
I feel the need to use the word broken again.
Because I hope he breaks me
like a stallion,
but I don't think he could love me
when I'm broken in.
fall out boy what
Hannah Sabine Jun 2013
after four months together,
is this even a
step forward?
Hannah Sabine Jun 2013
you trace my freckles
in your nights sky.
Hannah Sabine May 2013
dude's drunk
i'm lady law
bearing the balance
my wayward man will
find me feasable
unbearably unstandable.
Hannah Sabine May 2013
for my birthday,
i want death in the worst way.
As of May 5th, I am officially legal in my country. everyone have a drink in my honor. Love and thoughts going out to all of you.
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