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Your reputation is the player
But how can I know I'm in your game
You gave me stolen kisses
Yet how can I know they were mine to keep

Laying on the porch we found solace
But how can I know the peace was what you wanted
The stars spun above me in my drunken state
Yet how can I know if it was just the liquor

Out of all this uncertainty I know two things
I know the boy I came with didn't look at me like you did
And even if you are the player they say you are
I know that I want to be in your game
Simmer down
keep your head down low

breath it out
you're gonna be fine

it'll all
be over in a matter of time
The sweetness of the harp
plays forever in my mind
its soft and soothing notes
I cannot leave behind
each strum comes to my ears
and leaves footprints in my mind
I hope that only you
will be just as sweet and kind
When I wake to catch a sight
the sun fills my thoughts with fresh new light

The melancholic melody of winter is passed
and my new spring eyes are opened at last

Anew beginning comes when the sky greets the sun
this spring has gracefully come

Dark heavy clouds say their annual goodbyes
now I can open these new spring eyes
A knock on the door was all it took
to break my heart with just one look
you slowly walked wearing smile
and opened the door taking a while
she responded with a blush
the noise in the room came to a hush
she walked past you with a toying gaze
you watched her pass as if in a craze
the class 'ooed' and 'awed' with sweetened expressions
the girls thought he's such a gentleman
I couldn't bear to watch or listen for that matter
my heart was broken, beaten, and battered
I thought my feelings had left
now they've resurfaced with a painful heft
I hate it when the highs bring the lows
and each dive delivers a mightier blow
I am let down deeper I slowly drown
My mind is set in an invisible frown
Now I hide the suffocation inside
Because I need to be strong for the ride of the high.
feel it in your fists to your feet
the drum casting a shaking beat

your heart beats faster
faster that the beat of the drum and its caster

you imagine it's a dream
then realize it's all too real than it should seem

your hair swirls round your head
swings and whips till you see red

your feet lift from the ground
taking you farther away with this sound

the beat overtakes your soul
holding your body under it's control

you love this spell you're under
it makes you feel alive as your chest fills with thunder

but the beat fades and falls
and you wish the drum could hear your call

it slows to a soft thrum
and you wake up from dreaming of the drum
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