You chipped away at the wall I put up until you made a gaping hole.

Then you left, so I filed it with cement.
Oct 2014 · 587
How do you explain the unexplainable?
How do you describe the indescribable?

What I'm trying to say is,
how do I talk about you?
Sep 2014 · 963
The Child, the Soldier
He was only 16,
                                                          ­      He wanted to join,
he was too young to die,
                                                         ­       he was old enough to fight,
the loss for his family,
                                                      ­          for the good of his country,
he had so much to live for,
                                                         ­       he had so much to die for,
that poor boy,*
                                                         ­       that good boy.
I was going to enter a poetry competition in my college but I backed out. It had to be about war or conflict and this was what i came up with.
Sep 2014 · 929
Rose-tinted glasses
Because I was always taught
That when you take your glasses off
You can no longer see the stars
Sometimes rose-tinted glasses aren't such a bad thing
Sep 2014 · 662
Why is it
that watching someone struggle and fall
can be more painful
than when you do?
Sep 2014 · 3.5k
Some people say I work too hard

I agree

I work too hard trying to keep my head above water
I work too hard trying to impress other people
I work too hard trying to suppress my emotions
I work too hard trying to 'stay strong' in the face of ridicule
I work too hard trying to keep my teachers happy

And honestly

I work too hard trying to act like I don't
Sometimes you just need to stop trying. Let people see your emotions. Tell your teachers they're being ridiculous. Stop trying to impress other people. You are the most important and sometimes working too hard can be your downfall.
Sep 2014 · 331
They say
"breathe through the pain"
but what if
that's what's causing it?
Keep breathing
Sep 2014 · 1.2k
Fuck you society
I ******* hate this world.

I hate how it tears apart everyone I love from the inside,
ripping us to shreds and blaming us for not being strong.
It tells us that we are wrong or broken or not good enough to ******* carry on.

But *******.
We haven’t failed.

Society has.
Sep 2014 · 1.5k
Leaves in the rain
When your atoms collided
Like leaves in the rain
Did they ever suspect that they’d create
Something so beautiful and happy and right?
Before though, they were strength and wisdom and might.

They've not changed or altered, only swapped places
To form something so perfect, nothing needs changing.
They've been stars and food and other people alike,
But when they formed you, it was nothing but right.

Your atoms collided in a beautiful way
To form your fingers, your toes, your face.

When I touch your face and to look into those eyes,
I just see more perfection residing inside.

So when I tell you I love you and that you’re perfect
Look at the leaves in the rain
And believe it.
Something a bit more cheery than the other two. Dedicated to anyone who thinks themselves as anything other than perfect.
Sep 2014 · 367
I scream and I cry and I lay down and die
But only in my head
I shout and I fight and I forget how to fly
But I cover it with a smile instead
Dedicated to anyone who can relate. I am so sorry
Sep 2014 · 678
Devoid of breath
I inhale as much as I can, until my lungs are full
and inhale again to fill the void.
I hold it there until my brain begs me to release, and I do.
I hold my head under water with only my mouth and nose free to breathe
And listen to my heart beat
and nothing else and then I hold my breath as long as I can until it hurts and my heart starts to panic,
my brain doesn't know what to do so it doesn't do anything.
Everything becomes quiet
And calm like the sea after a storm
or the sky before one
Then I breathe, but it feels like dying.

— The End —