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Well the end is near
Or so they say
But I keep waking up every day
I put my hands
On my face
I think it's time I got out of this place

It's too hard
To go with the flow
I think I'll stand here and watch it roll
I'm tired yet
I'm wide awake
I'm much too young to never make mistakes

Where is the fantasy?
Can someone promise me
That I'll never grow old until I die?
Where is the promised land?
It must be gone again
Dropped in the sea like one big lie

I'm not alone
And I've checked
But I'm sipping wine by the bottleneck
Take me home
But not inside
If I can't open doors I might as well die

I took a pill
Let's take a ride
When reality fails just look inside
I don't like
What I see
But at least I can say I am always me
Far to beautiful to ever hide
Reflected in these tear filled eyes
Who am I to ever deny
The love I have for Alice

You lay still the day you were born
With the angel wings you adorned
In heaven they rejoice yet here I morn
Over the love I have for Alice

Inside of this mothers heart
Is where the memories of you are
With every beat it leaves a mark
Of the love I have for Alice

Eternal flame the sweetest fire
Burning true this hearts desire
Nothing for me is any higher, than
The love I have for Alice
Lilly read a poem I had posted "whispering alice" and said how touched she was by it as she was 8 months pregnant about 4 1/2 years ago and lost her baby Alice who was still born. I was so moved that I wrote her this poem...
so so dull
right up until
things collapse.

oh if only
it had been noted
at an earlier date.

alas perhaps we
can learn from this
or we could point fingers.
Shall I scare you will imagination
Teach you fear through hallucination
Every terror crawling in your skin
Pulse racing faster than anything
Horror chasing you in your mind
Even with no safe place to find
No where left to run, or to hide

Killing thoughts you never cried
In pages of macabre and mystery
New visions of forgotten history
Greeted in the books of the king
Copyright © Chris Smith 2016
I am your tree.
I will bloom only for you.
Just a touch of your lips and
I unfurl my buds in springtime.
Opening them into fresh
green leaves.
You touch my leaves
and my blossoms proliferate
all their fragrant beauty for you.
Then you leave me
my blossoms cascade
in the air like feathers
of gentle down.
Lost in the breezes of summer.
Then you return to me.
And I pour down my abundance
of sweet fruits for you
to savour.
Then all that is left
is my dark green tired leaves.
You come back to me
and touch me with your
I turn my leaves
gold and amber and red
a final display of my love.
But they fall to the ground
and I have nothing else
left to give you.
And I know you will
leave me once more.
Before the snows come
in this quiet room
i can only hear the rain knocking on my window
i can only feel the storm in my head
dark and it's getting darker
light won't ever shine
cold and it's getting colder
it's autumn in my heart
dying with every leaf
i haven't got the will to live
my body aches
millions of needles through my skin
my heart dies little by little
i embrace the pain
i'm holding my breath
i find joy when closer to death
i am drowning in tears
cutting in my flesh
the rain from my veins falling harder and harder
red on my legs
red from my wrists
an ocean of misery i'm falling in
i cannot swim
i'm drowning in a sleep
that i'd like to last forever.
Cigarette after cigarette
You smoke until you choke
Grinding **** and sparking bowls
Does it not get old?
I fell in love with a chimney
As wonderful as he may be
But I question how much more
I can take of this
Before brushing off the smoke
To leave
For Garrett Hedley
You never listened much to what she had to say
Don't act surprised now that it's over
Why do we always see the truth when it's much too late
Did you ever really know her

You should have listened to her heart
That if nothing else
Then you would have known
Exactly how she felt

You spent all that time looking into her eyes
And yet can't recall the color
Now you wonder what was on your mind
When you were together

You should have listened to her heart
As the heart will speak the truth
Then you would have known
Exactly what to do

You've been given lessons but have yet to learn
Back to the same old you come morning
Spent all the brownie points you have ever earned
As you were deaf and dumb to any warning

You should have listened to her heart
Perhaps you would not have been set loose
Then you would have known
Exactly what she needed from you
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