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Hannah Amara May 2013
I think looking back
that this is for the best,
Maybe you are bad for me,
Or am I bad for you?

And tell my something my dear,
Did you really beleive me
when I said it was fine?
Because that was not true.
But I have to let it be

Neverless I will not cry anymore, but
Darling I wasnt ever mad at you.
I was hurt. I am hurt.
But I cannot hold you anymore.
So let it be

But if your soul does not long for mine
As mine longs for you,
Then I cannot make you happy,
So let it be

You can make the choice to stay.
Or the choice to go.
Fate holds the answers,
So let it be

So my love
this is my goodbye
Perhaps we shall stay friends,
Or our paths will part ways.

Wherever destiny leads us,
*Let It Be.
This is an ode to my most recent heartbreak. They left me for a second time, but this time I am stronger, and I will not let this bring me down.
Hannah Amara May 2013
The moment right before you break.

The one where everything closes in.
Where time stops, just for a second.
And your breath catches in your throat.
And then it happens.

The first tear slips out.

While you rush away, hoping no one saw it.
To close the door, and put the headphones in, turning the volume up way too loud.
And you cry.
Softly at first, but slowly it becomes more violent.
Until your entire body is racked with sobs.
While your head and thoughts race.
With the reasons for these tears.

But you pull yourself together, and whipe your eyes.
Breathing deeply as you fix makeup.
And put a smile back on, one broken and bruised.
And push everything else away.
While opening the door to face the world **again.
Hannah Amara May 2013
Broken heart,
Tired eyes.
But a smile
is her demise.

It hides what lies within
while her cover grows even more thin.

And a tear falls down in the middle of class,
That cover now as useful
as shattered glass.

But she picks up the peices,
And puts them in her pocket.
Saving them for later,
When the *demons scream loudest
Hannah Amara May 2013
I can't imagine
The descision you face.
Choosing between two families.
Two sets of friends.
Two schools.
Something you love,
And someone.

I may try to understand
but I will never really know.
And in the end,
the choice is yours alone.
Four simple words, can change your life forever.
I want to stay
I want to go.
But tell me darling,
where are you truly happy?

— The End —