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6.7k · Oct 2018
Hanna Alayne Oct 2018
I want to dive into your thoughts
and never come up
for air
sinking deeper
and deeper
until I drown in all the lines
you've wanted to write
but never have
can we get coffee sometime?
928 · Oct 2018
Frozen in Time
Hanna Alayne Oct 2018
My recollections of the past
have merely become faded photographs

Birthday parties with pink balloons
funerals held in a floral print room

boxes upon boxes of forgotten times
now resurrected, consuming my mind

would these memories exist if not seen in print?
would my mind conjure up something different?

Would I look at this life through a lens of curved glass
if not for the help of a photograph
Take pictures people. You'll want the memories later.
599 · Oct 2018
Hanna Alayne Oct 2018
Summer is
fading to Autumn
where leaves and acorns fall

just as I have done for you
you were an unexpected gift
357 · Oct 2018
Hanna Alayne Oct 2018
Now that you know all of me
I hope you're not afraid
I'm a wreck, a mess, a basketcase
evil and pain-
I recognize their face
I seek not your pity
or sympathetic eyes
I just need you to love me
and tell me no lies
I was so afraid to let you in, but you welcomed my brokenness with open arms. Thank you.
177 · Jan 2019
Don’t fall
Hanna Alayne Jan 2019
She dances along
The edges of calamity
Loosely grasping
At the remnants
Of her sanity
i expect disaster but,
I accept disaster
150 · Oct 2018
Hanna Alayne Oct 2018

the fear of loving you
the fear of losing you

but I will not let
the waves of fear
engulf my ship

I will dive into the
depths of your embrace
and let the storm in your eyes
carry me out to sea

-I will not need a life vest this time
Fear does nothing but hold you back. Jump, then fall.
140 · Oct 2018
Summer Nights
Hanna Alayne Oct 2018
laying in silence
staring at the dark
Freckled sky

it's nights like this
where I'm reminded
that it's possible
to feel both empty
and whole
at the same **** time
Hold me tonight, will you?
138 · Nov 2018
Our Melody
Hanna Alayne Nov 2018
i want to write a song for you

one whose rhythm dances on the page
like the way we dance in my kitchen,
drinking tea on lazy weekends

one that fills your head with sweet vibrations
like the way "I love you" sounds
when you whisper it to me at night

one whose lyrics paint beautiful pictures
like the way we talk about our future-
a stunning image not yet developed

this song I write for you
may take some time to compose
my writing skills aren't great, you see
but at least our love
makes for a beautiful melody
They’ll play our song for years to come
132 · Oct 2018
Hanna Alayne Oct 2018
Stop using ideas of the future
to escape the present

live in the now, darling

— The End —