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Hank Helman Oct 2020
I like a woman who stays up late at night,
Darkness more than a simple lack of light,
And in the hour when desires ignite,
We repeat our sweet afternoon delight,
Full now we can't take even one more bite.
Bass playing in the background, tap tap tap.
Hank Helman Sep 2020
I like a girl who orders pie at noon.
Deep dish apple,warm with a macaroon,
Strong coffee with one fork,one spoon,
No rush today take the afternoon,
Of course the finish was delicious
And over way too soon.
Meant to be sung with a beat...
Hank Helman Sep 2020
He must.
Still the supercilious fear,
Ignite your courage.
Kiss her.
Right now

Lean over.
Lean in.
Lean the **** in.
And tremble as you begin.

She wants you.
A gentle gravity.
The pull.
Of you to her.
It's real.
Isn't it.

The carnivorous nature of desire.

Devour, taste, tongue and task
Lips, hands, zippers, clasps,
Bed springs groan, grunts and gasps.
Slippery, silken, smooth and fast.


Wax and  wander on lust's libation
Through a maze of tumescent conversation
It begins to feel like compensation,
Until she dresses without hesitation,
An intimacy exchanged, turns to alienation.
***. It brings us closer than anything else.
Hank Helman Sep 2020
I tried to think today and couldn't.
First time.
I sat in my chair and waited.

I can't believe evil has won.
But it has.

Catastrophe capitalism,
Unhinged greed,
Psychotic fear of one another,
Violence as both question and answer,
Self above all,
Love shriveled and unwound.

Last time **** went down like this,
It caused a world war.

Where do you think you will be,
When the bomb goes off.
He is insane.
Hank Helman Aug 2020
Is that what we call,
The dead-dull expression on your face.
When I arrive
To take you
For a windy walk.

Am I your disease.

No symptoms to suggest our love
Thus no cure.
We are now online forever. Love will change. Not better. Not worse. Just different.
Hank Helman Jul 2020
We ate apples until midnight.

Carrie bought a gadget.

It hollows out the core,
While at the same time
Infusing the castrated fruit
With up to 4 ounces of
The liquid of our choice.


After two apples each,
We lay down side by side.

On the lawn chairs
That were parallel parked at the far end of the screened-in porch.

Turned off all the lights,
And felt sad.
Drunk sad.

I told Carrie I was glad my mother was dead.
I was. I am.

Carrie told me she stole five thousand from her aunt.
The woman who raised her after her mother
Abandoned her,
In a Goodwill stroller
Outside the bakery.
The waft of fresh baked bread is still her favourite smell.

It was all the money she had. The aunt.

How do we atone for all this evil **** we do,
Carrie asked me just before dawn.

We'd smoked a joint.
And the sizzle came quick
The wind died a sudden death,
The trees went hush quiet
And it was if God himself was waiting to hear the answer.

Do the next right thing, I said,
And closed my eyes

The Frozen philosophy, Carrie replied. She smiled.

Carrie put her hands behind her head and
I kissed her.
We teased,
*** or sleep, drunk or ******.
I felt her up a bit.

Eventually our arms padlocked around each other.
Puzzle pieces joined together,
Until the crows objected
And started to bark.

The morning sun slapped us
Adding assault to insult,
The heat had a punch,
The temperature rose straight up and mean.

Finally the hornets
Morning fresh, buzzed out of their nest,
And wigged through the air,
Like tiny drones
And chased us indoors.
Can we ever repent. Or should our sins be tattooed on our backs. For all to see.
Hank Helman Jul 2020
It took all my life to find you,
Never once did I give up,
Despite hints of hesitation,
Adventures churned into mix and up.

I kiss your lips, such a gentle mist
Fragile shower of taste and  triste,
To hug you whole, turns time upside down,
Our life together almost lost now found.
Love is simple. Allow it.
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